Their voices soared together, the music barely keeping up as they sang. The rain began to fall, softly at first but speeding up gentle, the wind playing with the rain drops as they fell, making them dance on their way towards the earth.
Standing, still as statues, faces turned up towards the sky, stood two figures. They were the singers.
One was tall, willowy, with hair the colour of night, and the figure seemed to shimmer as the rain fell, blending in and out of sight while still standing completely still. With eyes the colour of the deepest night, eyes that seemed to sparkle as if someone had placed stars there.
The figure seemed neither male nor female, but you'd never stop to wonder of this. It was simply because of the way the person stood, the way the figure never swayed, but you would only notice the stillness of it if you stood and stared for long enough. But the figure never stayed long enough for you to notice. The second figure was also tall, maybe not as tall as the first, but still tall. This one's hair was the colour of a bright summer's day, eyes like melted gold, and this one swayed gentle, almost as if to dance with the rain as it fell.
The music that surrounded the voices was coming from the earth itself, everything adding its own voice to make this beautiful sound.

But the two figures voices seemed to soar above all the rest.

This was the changing of the Seasons and the figures were the Mother and Father of all things.

They were calling out to their daughter, Summer, to take their power and to begin her time as the ruler of the Seasons.