Spring awaken as the call came from across the Seasons, making her wake for her time as ruler. The power that had flowed through so many before her lifted her up and carried her to the place of power, her long brown hair flowing out behind her as she gentle landed in the clearing, her eyes sparkling with joy as she jumped, the power making her float gentle through the cold Spring air, her laughter flowing out as she began her time as ruler of the Seasons.
The snow began to melt, flowing back into the earth, the greenest of grass bursting through the remaining snow, the trees signing and shaking off the snow, waiting for their leaves to unfurl, bright spots of green against the new Spring skies. The sun rose in the distances, making its lazy way across the blue skies, taking away the last of the snow, leaving only fresh green grass behind. Spring jumped up and laughed as the first flowers began to bloom, daisy, roses and daffodils popping up everywhere as she landed, wriggling her toes in the fresh Spring grass. She laughed again, a light bell sounds, the very core of winter and her laughed swept through the clearing, taking with it all the lingering cold of winter, bring the fresh smell of the Spring. The youngest season went about her work, making each pound unfreeze, unfurling every left, melting eye handful of snow, preparing for the end of the Seasons.

Eventually the power sang out again and she knew it was time, letting her young carefree laughter call out across all for Seasons, catching up the Summer, Autumn and Winter and bring them into the Spring.

All four stood, completely in harmony and, as one, they started to throw the power back out in the voices, calling for the Mother and Father of all things, calling them to the ending of the Seasons, to take back their power and rule once again as the rulers of the Seasons.