All The Haters Hate

All the haters hate

And the words they say,

Stick in my head

Ain't gonna go away

The words they say,

May hurt me so

But I just got to, got to let them go

I don't wanna go back to giving in

I don't wanna be weak

I don't want them to win

But it's hard, I don't know where to begin

I ain't tough, I ain't hard and they believe they should win

Maybe one day I'll get my chance

At happiness and it will last

I'm like a book,

Always judged by my covers

What you don't see is I'm like all the others

My pages rip

They rip apart from the cover

Trust me, you won't get another

Have you seen the strands of my emotions?

At a glance,

Do the scars on my arms mean nothing?

I've had a bad life

Like the rough edges of a sharp knife

You think you know me

You think you own me

Have you ever realised that I'm always a bit lonely?

I stick out from the crowd, screaming out loud

Hoping someone will recognise me

Take away the pain; I've had enough of this tough game

All the haters hate

Hate that I'm here

Here in this world

Taking up an empty space, an empty spaceā€¦.that can easily be replaced

Words that they say, stuck in my head

Ain't gonna go away

Ain't gonna try to fight it with all my might

They think what they're doing is right

But I'm me,

This is who I am and who I always will be