They say that long ago, in the Age of the Gods, there was a magnificent golden forest that belonged to Alfaa. They say that the leaves and fruits of the trees were made out of pure sunlight and that the streams and rivers were made out of liquid sunshine. The animals that lived in the forest were the most beautiful in the world. The birds' feathers shone in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow and wolves' coats sparkled like silver. All the animals needed to survive were the blessed fruit that grew on the golden trees so the animals were able to live in perfect harmony with one another.

The only rule that Alfaa gave them was to not eat off of a special tree. The fruits that grew on this tree were the finest in the entire forest, and Alfaa often gave them to his sisters as gifts. All of the animals obeyed this law not out of respect for Alfaa, but for fear of what he might do to them.

One day, a bird named Ahjar was preening his feathers in the canopy of the forest. Ahjar fancied himself to be the most beautiful bird in the entire forest; perhaps even the most beautiful out of all the animals. His feathers had a gorgeous iridescent quality and they were as smooth and sleek as could be. He spent most of his time preening his feathers to make sure that they remained as beautiful as possible. There were many hens vying for his attention, but he considered them to be much too ugly to be in his company, and he did not want the hideous browns and greys of their feathers to rub off on his.

So he lived his life in solitude, but he was happy. One day, however, a sleek black raven named Linja came to Ahjar. Linja reckoned that he was at least ten times as beautiful as Ahjar. This made Ahjar furious. Linja boasted that Alfaa had promised the most beautiful creature in the entire forest a single fruit from the forbidden tree.

"Alfaa will most certainly strike down any creature who tries to eat the fruit without his permission. If you truly are the most beautiful, then you will not be struck down," Linja said. Ahjar quickly agreed to his challenge, confident that he would win the contest. Little did Ahjar know, Linja was a servant of Inkwiet, the goddess of discord. She was angry with Alfaa for having refused her love, so she was determined to bring chaos to his most holy place.

The next day, Ahjar approached the forbidden tree. It was almost too brilliant to look upon, and its fruit were rumored to taste like nothing else in the world. Ahjar approached the tree nervously. When Alfaa did not strike him down, he cautiously picked one of the fruits and took a bite out of it. He began to laugh and cry at the same time. His mind was overwhelmed by the divine fruit. So brilliant was its flavor that it drove him to the edge of madness. All the while Linja watched on, waiting for Alfaa to strike down the traitorous bird that had broken his only law.

Ahjar would have gone over the edge of madness had it not been for Alfaa. The god was not angry. He took the fruit away from Ahjar and gave the bird back his right mind.

"Dear Ahjar," he said chidingly. "I have only given you a single law to live by, and yet you have broken it. This fruit was not meant for mortals. Only the gods may eat it. Do you understand?"

"Yes my lord," Ahjar said, kneeling before the king of the gods.

"Tell me Ahjar: why did you disobey my law?" the god asked.

"Because my lord, I only desired to prove to you that I am the most beautiful creature in all the forest."

"Oh, my child, there is no need for you to prove yourself to me or anyone else. Do not eat from this tree again or I will not save you from its affects. Do you understand?"

"Yes my lord," Ahjar replied.

But Ahjar could not stay away from the fruit for long. He needed to have another taste; to feel the feeling of pure euphoria that the fruit had give him. That must have been what it felt like to be a god. And he needed it.

So he returned to the tree and stole another fruit from it. This time, he travelled far away from the tree before eating the fruit so that Alfaa might not see him. When he ate the fruit, Alfaa did not notice. But the feeling wasn't as intense as it had been before. So he stole another fruit and ate it as well. Every day he had to steal more and more fruit from the tree to get the same feeling. And every day he became less beautiful. His feathers became dull and began to fall out, and his once sparkling eyes became dull and listless.

One day, there was no more fruit left on the tree. Ahjar searched every inch of the tree, but he could find none. He began to feel sick. All of his feathers had fallen out by then, and the other animals laughed at him. He grew angry at them and even began to hate them. Whenever another animal laughed at him, Ahjar would throw a rock at them. One day he threw a rock at a fox so hard that it slew the creature where it stood. It was the first creature to ever be deliberately slain by another creature in the golden forest of Alfaa.

The god felt a great sadness within him as he watched the animals in his beloved forest. The animals that sided with Ahjar began to bicker with the animals that sided against him. The bickering grew into fighting, which bred violence. The animals began to kill each other in cold blood, and they laughed as they spilled each other's blood.

Meanwhile, Ahjar grew more and more sick with each passing day while the burning need for the sacred fruit only grew more intense. He died all alone in his tree amidst the feathers that he had once taken so much pride in while the animals he had once called friend danced in rivers of blood.

Alfaa, heartbroken over the fall of his beloved forest, burned it to the ground and scattered the golden ashes across the land. They say he watches over the place where the forest used to stand more than any other to make sure that nothing ever grows there again.