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Heaven on Wheels: Book 1

An Unseen Crescent City novel

A novel by:

Willa Fate Field


Real dreams are in the average teen heart. Real heartbreak is apart a teen's life. You need faith in magic, in love, to make it through the harsh years of your life when you're finding who you are. You need friends to laugh with, and when you're dumb, they are there to smack some sense into you.—Author Unknown




I never thought that fairy-tales were real, and if you'd ask me a few months ago that if I believed in them, Angels, Demons, or anything like that. You'd get the same answer that everyone who asked me that got, "No, because if they were, I'd be rescued by now by my Prince Charming." Because well, my life was far from a fairy-tale, maybe Cinderella but there is a happy ending with a prince, and I thought I'd never ever get my 'happily ever after.' And as for Angels and Demons go…..

I thought I was living with the Devil himself, so I wasn't worried about hell-workers walking along side with me at school or on the sidewalk; I was worried about my father, who beat me on a weekly bases. Demons were nothing compared to him, or so I thought….

And ANGELS, oh I thought they were just something that the Christians made up to get people behave right because '….they are watching over you, and they see everything you do." I mean, who says things like that? I never thought an angel was there with me, I never believed in the big guy upstairs. Can't say that you blame me, now can you? I thought not.

Nope. I was a good natural teenage girl who, unlike many of you girls my age, didn't believe in fairy-tales, Angels, or Demons. I believed in love, but those things so unreal to me…

Until now…..My fairy tale came true…with the less expected person…..

I just entered a new whole world, a world that fairy tales come alive. And oddly I don't want to leave…



The News


She wheels away from him with a single tear on her lovely cheek. She had to, there was no other way, and she does not fit in into his world anymore. Avery Bieber and Chase Snaw were the best of friends until his status of the prince of the school gotten in their way. I'm sorry Chase I'm sorry, Avery thought as she wheeled away, sobs shook her body.

He falls to his knees, watching the only one he ever loved leave him because his cool friends had won the battle; they convinced her that she wasn't good enough for him and his world:

Neverness, the thing was, SHE was everything to him; his best friend, his tutor of life, HIS WORLD. Without her, he was….nothing; his leadership was nothing without her by his side. She belonged with him. By his side, laughing and joking, happy and safe. In his arms, she belonged, and where Chase could protect her from the dangers she face on a daily bases. Where he could love her so deeply…


That memory stuck with him all summer long; this summer was unbearable, he still had friends yes but he thought about her everyday and what she had to go though, poor beautiful Avery; she was strong and so sweet, why did she have to go though this? Chase could not understand it, why could God let him hurt her like that?

Now Chase was standing on the back porch looking up the blue cloudless sky—which was very rare for Crescent City—with his hazel chocolate eyes closed, her beautiful face was again smiling at him once more, he almost smiled but it was too painful.

She was so beautiful:

Her strawberry blond hair framed her face—which was heart-shaped—and falls to the middle of her back, curly. Her blue eyes shined a violet color in the sunlight, her skin was milky white, and her smile oh god her smile, it could lit up a dark room. She was truly special, and nobody including Avery; expect him, his sister, Sabrina, her mother, and her brother saw that.

He sighed and opened his eyes, letting her image fade, this summer has finally come to an end, and Chase would see what damage Chief Adam Bieber, Avery's father, did to his daughter.

Chase scowled with his hands balled into fists, how he could just hit her like that in furious Chase. Avery looked terrible once with a black-eye.

He blocked that image and slowly walked to the glass back door of his farmhouse, kicking dirt and hands in his pockets. What happens next is unbelievable; it was a dream come true—or a fairytale.


First Person—Anabel Wader—


"We have to tell him soon, otherwise he won't be able to protect her." I said matter-of-factly, my ember eyes locked on the teenage boy walking inside, Amber sighed and rested a tanned hand on my shoulder.

"Don't you think I know that? I just don't know how to. I mean, Chase has protected Avery for so long without his powers, I didn't expect her to say 'I can't be your friend anymore, Chase, I don't fit in your world anymore.' I expected Chase to confess that day." She explained, shaking her head making her brown hair fly.

I looked at her, confused:

"What do you mean confess?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows, but she just grinned, her violet eyes beamed.

"Why Anabel, I thought you knew. They're meant for together."

Slowly her grin widen, my jaw dropped, my eyes fell on Chase once more; "Seriously? He's the ONE?" My tone sounded utterly shocked, I shook my head making my red curls bobbled: "I had no idea…" I whispered, slowly my own grin spread across my plump lips.

Amy smiled and walked away, her white gown flown behind her, "I want you to guide him Ana, and you're the best Elder guardian here. You are gentle and you understand this better than anyone here," She paused to wave her hand towards the young man below us. "He's too important to lose, don't screw this up." She ordered me.

I smiled sweetly and said:

"I won't, you can relax I'll make you proud as usual."

I let out a bark of laughter as I turned to leave, I could feel Amber roll her eyes at me.

A few minutes later, I stood in front of the Snaw family farmhouse wearing: skinny jeans, a t-shirt that falls off my shoulders and my red hair in a side-ponytail.

A smile teased the counters of my mouth as I walked to the front door, and on the first knock Chase answered.

He was better-looking than I had expected, his skin was creamy caramel with a mix of chocolate, and with really grassy green spots in them, his eyes reminded me of a sandy beach, and his mouth was thin, it was smiling, mine returned it.

"Hi, may I help you?" He asked polity.

"Not me. But maybe you can help Avery." I said, smiling, that faded his smile as soon as I said it.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm Anabel Wader; I'm here to talk you about Avery, and what you really are." My smile faded as well, my face took a serious look replacing it, he blinked and stepped aside:

"Please come in." He said softly, I nodded and stepped into the house. Let the explaining begin…

Two hours later, while sitting in the big living room and the sun peeking through the front window, Chase Snaw learned the truth.

"I'm an angel? They're real?" He asked, wide-eyed, I nodded; at that he swallowed hard,

"Am I a guardian angel?" He asked coolly, it seemed he was catching up.

"Yes, you protect one person only."

"And that's the princess of our kind, who is Avery."

"Yes." Quick learner.

"She doesn't know. That's where I'm stuck, if she doesn't know and I can't tell her, how am I supposed to protect her?" He asked, cocking his head to one side, his autumn hair falling lazily into his eyes, I picked my bag up and begun digging though it.

I finally found what I was looking for.

"By using this." It was an ascent mask; angels had used it for decades; protecting their humans from afar, in secret.

Chase looked at it then at me with a ghost of a smile, "I'm her Phantom of the Opera, that's her favorite novel." I smiled at him sadly.

"We'll tell her soon," A grin slowly formed on my face, "Eric." I teased; he laughed at my joke then hugged the mask to his board chest with his eyes closed:

"Thank you for this chance, Ana, you don't know how long I had waited for something like this, well maybe not like this, but close." He said, grinning, I giggled a little at that. I stood stretching.

"I'll be here tomorrow to teach you how to use your powers, you should learn use the mask by tomorrow. It's very easy to figure out how, so we have about a week before school starts, easy as pie." I explained, smiling wide as I bent over to get my bag.

"I must be crazy; I believe I'm an angel." Chase murmured under his breath, I laughed softly:

"You're not crazy, Chase. Trust me, angels are all round us, you just never know whose one." I winked and walked to the door.

Once I was outside; I looked around to make sure everyone was safe inside and wouldn't see me, closed my eyes, leaped up and down three times, and when I opened my eyes, I was once again wearing my baby blue gown and my hair down, clouds flowing passed me,

"Well?" Amber raised an eyebrow, "How did it go?" She asked hopeful, I smiled proudly.

"He understood it perfectly," I begun, smiling: "I didn't tell exactly everything, like they are meant to be; I figured that you can explain that little detail. But everything else he took in without a problem. I think he will be easy to train." I explained, she grinned brightly.

"Excellent." Amber's eyes slowly lay on the empty thorn across the floor:

"Soon his daughter will return and will know no more pain she so bravely pushed though, she will learn that she is loved by her real father, God. I can't wait." She swooned getting teary eyed, I nodded in agreement.

Long had we watched over Avery, I grew fond of her; it hurt to watch Adam treat her like that. Sally wasn't supposed to fall in love with him in the first place; the boss picked Leo Summers to love and care for her and Avery until she was of age. But sadly that wasn't the case, but now we would fix that.


Third Person—Chase Snaw—


Chase ran his thumb over the edges of the mask, tracing the marks. An angel, the guy who played football and acted all tough is an angel, he chuckled softly:

But Avery; oh now that is so easy to believe, her kind-heartiness and her looks made her the perfect person to be an angel, and damn a princess:

Chase leaned back and closed his eyes before letting out a sigh of happiness; now he could protect her, his little sweet angel, from any danger she would face.

Only—for awhile—he will have remade in darkness under a mask, never showing her who her protector is, but it was only for a short time and besides he missed her, looking at her, staring at her beauty, and mostly her voice. This way, he can admire her and hear her beautiful voice from afar, even if he couldn't hold her, it'll do.

Suddenly a gentle hand was on his shoulder, when he opened his eyes; they met the sea blue eyes of his sister:

"Hey Chase I'm going to see Aver, report back how she is doing?" Sabrina asked.

She usually asked this, she and him agreed that Sabrina would report if Adam hurt her badly, Chase couldn't do anything before but maybe now he can, he nodded and smiled giving her his thanks. She returned the smile and left.

After Sabrina left, Chase stood and walked to his room. His room was simple: A couple of football awards on his dresser and a lot of photos of him and Avery from ages six to now seventeen and of his family. Looking over the pictures, a smile graced his lips, remembering the times they had shared.

As he took a big breath, Chase locked his door then he walked over to his wall-mirror and put the mask on. He gaped at his refection, now he was dressed in a white suit with a black under-shirt, snow white wings stretched out either side of him, and the mask which was a whole-face mask before was now hiding the top-half of his face.

Chase stared at it for what seemed like forever, and then tore the mask off.

His wings were gone and a t-shirt and faded blue jeans replaced the suit, he stared down at the mask then glanced back up at the mirror with a slow grin forming on his face.

"This time, Avery, you can't push me away. I'm here forever to protect you and watch over you." He whispered huskily into the silence as he fell back onto his bed feeling so…so…giddy and powerful.

This is his second chance to love her right and he wouldn't screw it up. And she isn't escaping him again, even if he had to lock her in the basement. He grinned.