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A New Beginning to A New Story:


Weeks passed and the teens lived happily, getting on with their lives as normally as possible for a group of teenage magical beings. But now the time for Myra to meet her real father and her friends meet the man that changed their lives forever:

The six young adults walked along each other in silence, three wore beautiful pure white dresses and the others were in solid black suits. No one knew what to say, too nervous to speak. The four royals were soon meeting the one who brought this fate onto them.

The seconds that passes, every single one, only adds more fear in the Angel princess's heart, she almost crushes the hand she is holding onto with every beat of her heart, "What if he doesn't like me?" She whispers into the quiet, causing her friends' heads to snap up, and confusion written nearly across their faces.

"Your father?" Anabel questions, which was answers with a quick nod. This brought grins to their faces, only one thought ran through their minds: She is too cute for words

"Of course he will, sweetie, I'm sure he was watching out for you as we grew, otherwise Leo wouldn't be your dad—well, I mean your Earth dad—and he wouldn't be with your mom, loving her." Chase said, lifting her small hand to his lips just when Amber walked in, smiling at the beautiful princess as her tanned hand waved her forward.

Before going to the older woman, Avery squeezed her boyfriend's hand one more and then wheeled to Amber, feeling more and more nervous by the minute.

They walked until the reached a double door, which was bordered with bright white roses and on it were pictures of angels; the bigger one covered the middle with the wings stretched over the top, as if it were protecting the others. Avery turned her head to the woman beside her.

"You're the head of Guardians, right?" She asked, smiling shyly. Amber stared at the younger Angel for what seemed forever before nodding slowly.

"Yes, my princess, I'm your right-handed person."

"Ah, I see. We will be working together a lot then. Should I go in now?"

Amber smiled as her head cocked towards the big door, telling the younger woman to go. She breathed deeply, mustering all of the courage in her petite body, and grabbed the controler tightly as the head Guardian opened one side of the door, she wheeled into a large room with a smile.

The room was breathtaking; there were no walls along the edges nor a ceiling above, just so much sunshine on the hardwood floor, and three thrones set on a high perform; one thorn looked like it was made for a female, maybe it was hers. Avery slowly made her way to the large chairs, reaching out when a voice startled her behind.

"Hello, Myra." She whipped around to see a handsome young man leaning against a far wall, he looked only a few years older than Avery, but there was something about him that looked very familiar to her. She smiled widely, finally realizing who was staring proudly at her".

"Daddy…." She whispered as happy tears flowed easily down her flushed cheeks, wheeling to the grinning man whose arms were open wide.

Once she was in his arms, his hands stroked her soft, short hair, oh why did she cut it? He had loved the long hair on her.

"Yes, baby…..oh my goodness have you grown." The girl giggled slightly and pulled back to smile at the handsome man.

"I hope I made you proud, father." He chuckled as he caressed her cheek tenderly

"Ah my sweet child, you made me burst with pride. I watched as you formed in the strong young woman you are. But you gave poor Eugene a run, did you? That worried me." Avery blushed and muttered 'sorry.' This caused God to laugh harder. That meeting started a good relationship, not as strong as hers and Leo's relationship, but they were close.

After that meeting, she continued to go to Heaven for lessons, while doing so, the father and daughter pair got closer.


The blonde smiled at her father as she wheeled into the room, wearing a baby blue dress and a ribbon in her hair.

"Hi papa, what are you doing?" Avery put her books down on the floor and fully reached the table her father was standing at, looking over papers. He finally realized she was there and widely smiled, grabbing a paper off the table.

"Just the girl I wanted to see, I need the C.C.A's help on something."

"Ok, what is it?"

"Not it, baby, who." God grinned wider, causing his daughter feel very wary, who?

"Ok…who's it?" Avery questioned, quirking an eyebrow. The man chuckled as he lifted the paper to her eyes.

It held two names and species, when she read them, Avery gasped loudly:

"Edward Xawer, Fae prince, and Madisyn Isabella Sawyer, Pixie princess. I don't mind help them, papa, but why are we?"

"For many reasons, baby, but mostly because we are Angel royalty, we must help our people." The young woman smiled at her father, nodding, then returned her blue eyes to the paper.

"I made a promise to them, anyways…"

smiled proudly, bursting with happiness at the wonderful job her Earth parents had done. She had grew into the woman he knew she was fated to be:

Understanding, brave, strong, sweet, a fighter, a friend.

Heaven on Wheels…