Purity can easily be stained

Whether from heartbreak or pain

The white innocence can be turned to a black corrupt soul

It will change ones mindset and goals

Clear emotions can be used

To mistrust someone and become abused

Such a simple task to destroy

All it will be is a simple toy

Fragile and small

But watch what happens when stumbles and falls

Nothing can be truly pure

A small little bit of darkness is in its cure

It has to have a balance of yin and yang

Dark and light combined to make a gang

Good and evil work hand in hand

It all depends on where you stand?

Tell me young one who is yet to be tainted

What picture will the colors have painted?

The value of the moments

Will be the payment

Angels and demons fight for your spirit

But they will cause a riot

So defend yourself from the dark

And make your mark

Pure one, you must try

And try not to submit to the cries

Pure one stay pure

For you are the last to endure