A/N: The "Sin Extras" are non-canonical short dialogues between characters in the story, "Sin". Anything that happens here is completely standalone, and does not reflect the happenings of the main story. It is simply a way for me to play around with the characters a little, and see how they would interact in certain situations.

If these are the kinds of things that make you cringe, pass them by. The main story can be read without these to supplement them, and you aren't missing anything plot-wise. However, within you will find many moments that will tug your heartstrings, hopefully many laughs, and perhaps the most awkward conversation in the history of the spoken word.

In the story's timeline, all of these extras take place in the month-long interlude between chapters 21 and 23. If you will recall, chapter 22 showed the other various characters in the other parts of the kingdom. The extras show what Sin and Co. were doing in that time.

Also, contrary to what any titles may make you think, the rating on these is mostly PG. There will be nothing here that is not suitable for younger readers, though I don't think it will become an issue.

So without further ado, here is the first Sin extra; Sin and Thalia Discuss Sex.

"Why don't you just mate with Lisana already?" Thalia asked as she and Sin tramped through the woods.

Sin nearly choked on the piece of apple he was about to swallow. After a few moments of coughing, and then another instant trying to recover his breath and force the blush on his face down, he turned to the Ice Maiden. "Uh… Thalia, it doesn't really work that way with humans. There's… well, I guess you'd call it rituals… that have to be performed first, and even then, it's not very polite to bring up in public."

"Why not?" Thalia asked, stretching out on a log. "I saw women in Castle Town who mated for money."

"Th-Those were prostitutes, I think. Um, they're not very polite to bring up either…"

"Well, they seemed popular enough."

Sin faked another coughing fit to try and change the subject. But Thalia wouldn't budge from the topic. She stared at him with her unnerving electric blue eyes, almost unblinking.

"You still haven't answered my question. Why don't you just mate with Lisana? I doubt she would object."

Red flooded Sin's face again. "Thalia, I really don't think…"

"Well, by human standards, you've hit your majority. In demon cultures, you could already have chosen a mate. Or two. Or however many, depending on what was acceptable by your clan."

Sin sat down on a boulder opposite the demon. "With humans, most people aren't that flippant about it. They try to find someone they like first, before most people even start thinking about… mating."

"Well," Thalia said, setting up a question. "Who do you like more? Men or women?"

Sin was a little taken aback, but Thalia was completely serious. He figured it merited a serious answer. "Women."

"Okay then. Just find a woman you like. I suppose it doesn't have to be Lisana. There must be a few pretty girls in Darkrest. And then just get it over with." Thalia sat back, satisfied with her solution.

Sin took a deep breath. "Thalia… I think if I wanted to do… uh, that, I'd look for a little more commitment than just carnal pleasure. Someone I like being around, and someone I could be around for a long time."

"I like being around you. And we'll be around each other a long time."

"What?" Sin shook his head. No, Thalia, that's… that's not how it works. I mean, you're centuries older than me. It's just… I like you, too. I do. But I don't like you like that, see?"


"Well, wouldn't you rather be with another demon, your own age?"

Thalia shrugged. Sin sighed. "People you like sexually aren't really like people you just generally like. It's a different feeling, for the most part. I don't think you like me like that."

She chewed her bottom lip, obviously thinking deeply. "Why not? How do you know? Maybe I do."

"Light, Thalia!" Sin scratched the back of his head, his mind racing for a way out of this. "It would just be a little weird, don't you think?"

"I don't know. Maybe." She looked up at the trees swaying above their heads. "I don't get it."

"What part of weird don't you get? You've known me since I was a baby! Doesn't that strike you as a litt—"

"I mean the different kinds of like. I suppose I just haven't liked enough people… or demons… to know the difference." She glanced at him expectantly, and then dug around in her basket for an apple. Sin heard the clattering of silver weapons and the clink of an ivory comb before selecting a particularly ripe red one.

"Uh, well, it's when you can't stop thinking about someone. Or stop looking at them. Or you want to do… other things…" He threw up his arms. "No, no, that's all wrong. I mean, yeah, I guess you could… mate with someone, and feel like that. But if you love someone, you just want to be with them. Not mating with them or anything, just… with them. In case they need you, because you would feel terrible if you couldn't do anything to help them. They should be your best friend."

Thalia raised an eyebrow, and Sin flopped backwards, staring at the upside-down trees from the other side of the boulder, obstinately trying to not look at Thalia. "Damn it, Thalia! You should talk to Lisana about this stuff! Isn't that what girls talk about anyway?"

"I wouldn't know," Thalia replied softly. Then, a little teasingly, "You like her that way, don't you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Sin rolled over onto his belly, and began counting the ants marching up the side of the boulder. "Why would you say such a thing?"

"You look at her. A lot. And you look at her differently than you look at other people. I only just thought of it when you talked about the different kinds of liking people."

Sin wobbled, lost count, and then tried to balance himself. "Damn it, Thalia, you're really something else, you know that?" He was careful not to give a definitive answer.

"You do…" Thalia said insistently.

Sin heaved himself up, and crossed his arm. "Look, don't go mentioning any of this to Lisana, all right? Any of it."

Thalia shrugged and took another bite of her apple. "All right."

"Great. Thanks."

They passed a minute in a rather awkward silence, or at least, it was awkward for Sin. He wasn't really sure if Thalia even comprehended awkwardness. She certainly caused enough it…

Finally, Thalia brushed her hands on her dress. "I don't think I like anyone like that right now."

"Hey, that's fine too. Maybe there'll be someone down the line. You've got plenty of time, right? I mean, you are immortal."

"Though sometimes it's nice to have someone." She straightened. "I can't get pregnant. When you and Lisana have a baby, I want to see it."

Sin noted that she said 'when', not 'if'. Then, he started seriously considering the possible repercussions of letting Thalia handle a baby, his or otherwise. Well, he supposed if either he and Lisana were there, or preferably both, the Ice Maiden could at least see this highly hypothetical infant.

Wait a minute… Thalia was the Ice Maiden

As if reading his thoughts, Thalia stood up. "I guess we both have plenty of time. I'd just like to try it sometime." She picked up her basket. "Come on, Sin. I want to go pick some more apples."

They set off, neither daring to speak to the other. After a tense five minutes, Thalia finally glanced over. "Sin… thank you."

Sin swallowed. Thalia never, ever said thank you. In fact, he couldn't ever remember saying it to anyone. Before he thought up a proper reply, Thalia had called out from a sizable distance away.

Sin smiled, and ran to catch up.