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Kelrick stared up at the bumblebees buzzing about their hive in a frenzy. He palmed a stone in his hand, ready to strike. He licked his lips, already tasting the delicious honey within. "This is going to blow up in our face," Sin warned.

"I know exactly what I'm doing!" Kelrick hissed back, and leapt up. He flung the stone at the hive, and the round object crashed to the ground. "I told you!"

Sin slapped a hand to his face. "And now they see you. Great."

The Hellhound gulped. "I think I made them angry."

"Well, that's rather obvious."

The fire demon glanced over his shoulder at Sin. "We better run." He started sprinting as the bees began to swarm around them. Sin cried out as a bee stung his exposed arm.

"Hey! I didn't throw the rock!"

Evidently, the bees didn't care, because he received two more stings. The young man barreled off after Kelrick, cursing under his breath. He vaulted over a fallen tree and called ahead. "The lake! We'll lose them at the lake!"

Kelrick whirled around. "Why? I can just blast them!" Fire crackled down his arms, and pooled in his hands.

"No!" Sin shouted. "You'll burn the entire forest down!" Sin plowed into the Hellhound and knocked him off-balance, dispelling the magic. "Come on, we can just get to the lake!"

Kelrick growled. "I'm going to have to get wet, aren't I?"

"It's your fault." Sin's breath came in short puffs as he tried to outrace the swarm of angry bees. Kelrick darted behind him. "Just a little more…"

The two broke out of the cover of the trees, and raced down the length of grass to the lakeshore. "Pull a quick right!" Kelrick shouted.

"No kidding?" Sin shifted his weight and sprang to the side, hurtling towards the dock. They ran the last few meters and dove into the water. Sin grabbed onto the deck pylons, keeping himself underwater. He opened his eyes slowly, and saw the blurry, dark form of Kelrick nearby.

Once his lungs seemed about to burst, and then shot up to the surface, sucking in deep breaths. He nudged Kelrick with his foot and hauled himself up onto the dock. "They're gone. We lost them."

Kelrick jumped up, and shook himself out like a dog. "Stupid bees… They shouldn't even be able to fly."

"What are you talking about?"

Kelrick sat down next to Sin. "Well, see, bees are built in such a way, with these little tiny wings. They shouldn't be able to lift off the ground."

"So how do they do it? Magic?"

"Ha! No, I don't think bees can use magic. No one really knows. I guess there has to be a way."

"But how? There just can't be way! It has to be some strange magic!"

"Now there's the problem with you humans. With you, it's either magic or science." Kelrick chortled. "If your science can't explain it, then it says there's nothing to explain. And your magic is even worse! The sorcerers won't tell anyone how it works!"

Sin leaned back on his elbows. "Well, they don't have to. Most people can't use it anyway. I only know about it because Harrison made me."



"Hummingbirds too. They're all wrong."

Sin rolled his eyes. "Are you even following your own conversation?"

The Hellhound snorted. "'Course I am. I'm just saying, hummingbirds are as weird as bees."

"And how so?"

"Well, you know how they can fly backwards? According to Anjaru, that should be impossible."

"I've seen Anjaru fly backwards."

Kelrick scoffed. "No, you've seen him turn around double quick. Have you ever seen him fly exactly backwards?"

"Well, no. I guess not."

"Something about the way the air moves, and how you move through it, you shouldn't be able to fly backwards like hummingbirds do. Some stuff only the engineers and scholars in the Capitol can figure out."

Sin rolled forward, staring into the depths of the lake. "Well, someone better go tell the hummingbirds. And the bees, while they're at it."

"Well, it won't be me!" Kelrick cried. "I've gotten stung enough today!"

"That's your own damn fault, you baby!" Sin shoved Kelrick with his shoulder. The Hellhound grinned, and shoved him back. The two wrestled until they tumbled off the dock and flopped back into the water.

"Oh, come on!" Sin moaned as they climbed out. "I just dried off!"

Kelrick shook himself off like a dog. "You started it."

"Go back and get that honey you so desperately wanted," Sin muttered. He glanced back towards the cabin. "I'm going to go get some dry clothes."

Kelrick sighed and turned back to the lake, watching the ducks paddling across. "You know, I could probably catch one of those for din—"

Sin leaned over and shoved the Hellhound into the lake, and bolted away, laughing like a maniac. Kelrick fell in, coughing and spluttering. His curses lost a certain degree of sting, since Kelrick's uncontrolled laughter made them completely unintelligible.