If there was any doubt

This moment it is erased

I have climbed mountains

Seen the world below me

Witnessed the Lord's

Most indescribably beautiful creations

I have looked at valleys

At oceans

I have seen forests

I have seen the serene wild

I have thought to myself

How could anyone not believe in God

There is no way that something

This beautiful

This magnificent

This wonderful

Could have just randomly happened

I have seen fields that seem to go on forever

Geysers that shoot from the earth

And fascinate the senses

I have watched a wall of rain

Seen the storm come toward me

As the sun still hit my face

I have seen the most extraordinary things in this world

And yet

It's this moment

This single moment

That the doubts are bashed and broken

As I watch this baby

This perfect creature

I know she can't be some spawn of evolution

It is like looking at heaven

The birth of a child

It is the greatest miracle I have ever witnessed


I mean nothing

Can compare