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Chapter 3: The Next Day and Mating Again

The next morning when Pandy woke up, she was met by the faint scent of strawberries from the lube the creatures had secreted when they had mated the night before. She smiled and stretched her tense muscles out before pushing her covers off and getting out of bed. As usual, Ghostie and Marshmallow weren't awake since it was so early. Ghostie looked so cute all snuggled up in his favorite tiny blanket on the top bunk, and Marshmallow was curled up in a fluffy pink wad in the corner of her box. Stepping over to the aquarium on her dresser, Pandy smiled when the creatures inside darted toward her, two of them bumping their ends on the glass.

"You guys happy to see me? Yeah, I had a good time last night, too." Pandy said, lightly tapping on the glass.

She then picked up the container of minced garlic and sprinkled some across the top of the water. The creatures darted to the top and eagerly started nibbling on their breakfast. After feeding her new pets, Pandy went through her usual morning routine of relieving herself, brushing her teeth, and picking out an outfit to wear to school. After she had done this, she walked into the kitchen where her mom was fixing breakfast.

"Morning, sweetie." Ms. Borden said, "Did you sleep good last night?"

"Yeah, I'm good." Pandy said, sitting down at the bar, "What's for breakfast?"

"Waffles!" Ms. Borden answered.

Pandy's mouth watered at the thought of having her mom's delicious waffles for breakfast. When the soft, golden-brown waffles were done, she smeared them with crunchy peanut butter and marshmallow cream and took a big bite out of one. Her taste buds screamed out in pleasure and she savored the taste of her delicious breakfast.

After she and her mom finished their breakfast, she grabbed her backpack and the two of them headed out to the car. They made their usual drive to Northwood, which was about thirty miles away, and Ms. Borden dropped Pandy off at school. Pandy walked quickly to her locker to pick up a text book she had left there the day before. The second she turned around, she saw Neely sprinting toward her through the crowd of kids.

"Eager about something?" Pandy asked when Neely reached her.

"Yes! Did you do it with your creatures last night?" Neely asked, lowering her voice after the first word.

"Yeah, I did." Pandy answered.

"OMG, give me details!" Neely said excitedly.

"Not here. I'll tell your later." Pandy said.

"Aw, come on; I've been dying to know what happened ever since your mom picked you up from my house yesterday." Neely whined.

"Later!" Pandy whispered.

"Define 'later'?" Neely asked.

"At your house after your mom picks us up." Pandy answered as she closed her locker.

Just as she closed her locker, the first bell of the day rang loudly, echoing throughout the hallways. Pandy whizzed through Language class as usual, then trotted through math class, then scooted her way through Mr. Graye's science class. By this time, it was lunch time, and she and Neely made their way to the cafeteria. They went through the long line of kids, and the lunch ladies helped their plates. Pandy made sure she avoided the large pot of thick, greenish-brown liquid that looked like it was about to have a human hand pop out of it. That pot had been setting there every day ever since she had entered high school, and she had no idea what it was, nor did she have any desire to know. She held her breath as she walked past the pot of steaming liquid and went straight to the yummy-looking mixed veggies.

After Pandy and Neely finished getting their lunch they went to their usual table and sat down opposite each other.

"So….you gonna tell me what happened with your creatures last night?" Neely asked as Pandy opened her small carton of chocolate milk.

"Were you not paying attention out in the hall?" Pandy asked, "I said later. I don't want anyone to eavesdrop on us."

"Eh! I'm dying for some details!" Neely whined again, making Pandy giggle.

"You'll get your details later." the auburn-haired girl said as she took a bite of her mixed veggies.

The two girls chatted back and forth as they usually did until the bell rang, signaling that lunch was over. After lunch, they had three other classes including PE (during which, Pandy felt so sexy sprinting around in her tight short shorts and comfy t-shirt). Neely's mom picked them up around their usual time and they eagerly climbed into the backseat of Ms. Harris' car, chunking their backpacks into the floor around their feet. They both put in their ear buds and turned on their MP3 players and listened to their favorite music the whole ride back to Neely's house.

When they pulled into the driveway, the two girls got out of the car and headed straight for Neely's room, as always.

"I'll fix you girls some milk and cookies in a little bit." Ms. Harris said as Pandy and Neely walked down the hallway.

"Alright. Thanks." Neely called as she closed the door behind them.

Pandy barely had time to set down her backpack and take her shoes off before Neely spoke up again.

"Okay, it's after school, we're at my house, and the door is shut. Details. Now." she said eagerly as she sat down next to Pandy on the small love seat.

"Okay, okay. Keep your pants on." Pandy said, tucking one foot underneath her and turning to face Neely, "Well, I got Ghostie to sleep on the top bunk so I had the bottom all to myself. I waited a little bit and the creatures finally got out of the aquarium and they slithered into bed with me."

"Oh, awesome! Were you excited?" Neely asked.

"Yeah, and I was really nervous, too." Pandy answered, "They got under my covers and I spread my legs for them and they got started. They went slow to start with, just like you said, and it was so awesome."

"Did they do double penetration on you?" Neely asked.

"Yep. It sorta hurt at first, but I relaxed and it was awesome. And two of them slithered up to my face and I sucked them. It made me feel so sexy, and the orgasm was amazing." Pandy explained.

Neely squealed and pulled her into a hug.

"I'm so glad you had such a good time!" she said.

Just as they pulled away from the hug, there was a knock at the door. A second later, Ms. Harris opened the door a bit and poked her head in.

"The cookies are ready, girls." she said.

They were up in a second and they rushed to the kitchen where a plate of piping-hot cookies set on the table. Usually, Ms, Harris made her cookies from scratch, but when she needed some on short notice, she got some ready-made ones out of the freezer and heated them up in the microwave.

As Pandy and Neely got themselves some cookies on two small plates, Ms. Harris went and got the milk out of the refrigerator and poured two tall glasses. After thanking her, Pandy and Neely both went back to Neely's room to enjoy their cookies and watch a movie or two.

Later on that afternoon, Pandy's mom picked her up, as always, and they drove the short distance home. Pandy was greeted eagerly by Ghostie and Marshmallow, who were bouncing all over her feet as she walked to her room to put her backpack down. She quickly said hi to her creatures and fed them again before returning to the kitchen where her mom was taking off her shoes. They had Pandy's favorite flavor of Hamburger Helper and a salad for supper, and they sat in the living room and watched World's Dumbest while they ate. A little while after dinner, Pandy went to her room to do her homework while Ghostie and Marshmallow sat in the floor and doodled with crayons in a sketch pad Pandy had got for them some time back.

Pandy wasn't in the mood to mate with her creatures again that night because she was a bit sore from the previous night, but it was a different story a couple nights later…..

On Friday night after her mom, Ghostie, and Marshmallow had gone to bed, Pandy lay in her bed and she was rather horny and was anxiously awaiting her creatures. Ghostie and Marshmallow were having a little 'sleepover' in Marshmallow's box, so she had the bed all to herself. Deciding to be a little more adventurous tonight, she had pushed her covers back and lay there in nothing but her favorite sleep shirt. When she heard the creatures crawl out of the aquarium and land on the floor, she got even more excited. A couple moments later, she peeked over the corner of the bed and saw the aroused blue tentacles slithering toward her. They slithered up onto the bed, and one of them nudged its head against her hip. At first, she didn't know why it was doing this, but after it poked her a few more times, she got the message.

Pandy rolled over onto her stomach, which seemed to make the creatures more excited. All of them eagerly slithered all over her thighs and hips, each one trying to be the first to get inside her. She smiled at this and spread her legs apart. One of the creatures instantly pushed itself into her wet pussy, making her moan softly. The tentacle instantly started thrusting into her, exploring her every curve and contour inside. Not long after this, a second one started teasing its head at her asshole, just like the last time. The creature spread some of its lubrication around before it began gently pushing its head against her tight orifice. It continued pushing and teasing until she opened up and it could slip its head inside her. She gasped and tightened her grip on the sheet beneath her as she got used to the feeling of the tentacle stretching her ass. The creature slowly pushed its way inside her, stopping when it couldn't go any further. Using its own lubrication, it started slowly thrusting, speeding up when Pandy loosened up.

The auburn-haired girl was really enjoying this once again. She almost forgot about there being more tentacles…..that is, until another one decided to join in. When the third tentacle got between her legs, she had half-expected it to join the one in her pussy, but instead, it started teasing and pushing alongside the one in her ass. Despite what Neely had told her, she thought that the tentacle was just toying with her. She was proved very wrong when it pushed its head forcefully into her ass along with the one already in there. Pandy felt a sharp pain shoot through her down there, and she reached back to try and pull the tentacle out, but it was too slippery. Her hand slipped and slid up and down the tentacle's lithe body as it continued to push its way inside her. The pain was excruciating, but there wasn't anything she could do but take it and wait for her body to relax.

When she finally did relax a few minutes later, it felt really good, and the three tentacles thrust rapidly inside her, occasionally twisting around and making the sensations more intense. Pandy gasped and squirmed in pleasure, instinctively spreading her legs wider. This allowed a fourth tentacle the opportunity to get down there and push its way into her wet pussy along with the other one. Now, she had four eager tentacles mating with her, and it felt amazing! She never thought it was possible to feel as filled as she did now.

As the four tentacles thrust inside her, Pandy's thought drifted to the one remaining tentacle not having any fun. Glancing to the side, she saw the creature nudging at her hip, looking as if it wanted some attention, which she knew it did. She reached back and ran her finger along its slippery exterior to get its attention. It instantly darted up to her face and she smiled at it. Wrapping his hand around the tentacle, she guided it into her mouth and started bobbing her head as if she were giving oral sex. The tentacle squirmed a little in her mouth, and she moaned at the intense sensations pulsing through her.

With two tentacles in each of her holes, thrusting and twisting around inside her, it didn't take too much longer for her to come. She pulled the tentacle out of her mouth and turned her face into her pillow to muffle the loud moans and whimpers she made as the powerful orgasm ripped through her body. She clenched her muscles tightly around the four tentacles inside her, and her whole body went rigid for a few seconds. When the amazing sensations started ebbing away and her body went limp, the four tentacles continued pounding themselves inside her until they, too, came a couple moments later. The fifth tentacle coaxed itself back into her mouth, gave a few shallow thrusts, then came and released an almost-flavorless fluid in her mouth. When it pulled out, Pandy swallowed the fluid. She gasped when the other four tentacles wriggled out of her, making a squishy-wet sound as they did. They then slithered slowly out of the bed and back over to their aquarium.

After Pandy caught her breath, she wiped a bit of the tentacle's lubrication from her lips and turned over onto her back. Her intense orgasm had left her feeling weak and a little sleepy. She had that same sexy feeling she had had the first time the creatures had mated with her. She was really wet between her legs, and she felt her asshole still stretched out and recovering from having two tentacles inside it. Sighing heavily, Pandy stretched, then pulled the covers over her and turned over on her left side, soon falling into a blissful sleep…..