I wonder what they mean by "glory days"
'cause I feel like I've lived too long and I haven't
had a taste of common happiness, something
to remember me by.
Everybody else was discovering themselves and I'm
pretty sure I know I'm different, but I can't
seem to tell you that it's not like you think.

When she talked about granting wishes
and holding hands under napkins and unicorns,
I laughed like I wasn't the jealous one.
Her friends are new and I regret forgetting
all the others from the old days, because clearly
they're my best bet.

So much shit is underneath us now, but I like to
think about people who make me feel guilty
and ribbons and borrowed sweatshirts
and umbrellas with cats on them
and you splashing in the puddles.
I wore the rainbow with pride only because you two
were the only people with me and you
always think I'm joking.

I can't wait until I miss the bad parts of these days
and remember the pinkie fingers and hoping for snow,
but more than that I can't wait to
feel you again.