Scene 2

Noah is sitting on the floor cradling Sam's dead body. Noah is crying. Darius is off to one side of the stage, half hidden in shadows but still visible. Only Noah can see Darius. Josh isoff stage

Noah: I'm so sorry, please, Sam, please wake up…

Darius: He won't wake up, you know that. I know you can you feel his blood running through your veins. There's nothing you can do.

Noah: Why would you do this? What did Sam ever do?

Darius: You know why, Noah. You thought you were stronger than me and I need to show you that you were not only incorrect but that you have to learn respect for me.

Noah: But, this?

Darius: Yes, you know that I don't stand for insolence. Oh, and please stop with the screaming you wouldn't want Joshua coming in here would you?

Noah's eyes widen, he looks terrified

Noah: He'll kill me, he'll kill me…

Darius: Mhmm…So if I were you I would get rid of the body, start-

Noah: Wait a minute!

Darius: Did you just interrupt me?

Noah goes into his pocket and takes out an object; he keeps it covered in his hand

Noah: You need me; you can't get blood without me…

Darius: Why can't I see your thoughts? You're blocking me! You know that won't last for long you're already getting tired

Noah: So…if somehow you couldn't you use me for blood? What would happen?

Darius: Whatever you are thinking it won't work, Noah.

Noah moves his hand, showing that the object in his hand is a Stanley knife

Noah: So what would you do if I died…?

Noah puts the knife to his stomach

Darius: NO!

Noah stabs his stomach, blood seeps through his shirt. Darius starts screaming and clutching his head. Josh enters at the side of the stage

Josh: What's going on in here…NOAH!

Josh runs over and kneels beside Noah; he tries to stop the blood flow. Darius glares at Josh, then he starts to mutter under his breath. Josh screams and grabs his head. Josh collapses. When Josh gets back up his eyes are red. Noah looks terrified and very pale.

Noah: This can't be possible! It takes a long time to get a good mind connection, this can't be happening! No! Josh, Josh…look at me. It's me, it's Noah. You're better than this Joshua. C'mon Josh, fight him off!

Josh stares at Noah's throat. Noah is still pleading but he is getting very weak and is close to dying. Josh's voice becomes lower and melodic

Josh: Young Noah, your plan of self-sacrifice could have worked but you have forgotten something. Although it takes a long time to build up a good mind connection with someone, I have been in close contact with Joshua for ten years and his mind is very similar to yours. The jump was easy, far too easy…

Noah: No…Josh…please…

Josh leans his head down towards Noah. Josh sinks his teeth into Noah's neck. Noah dies.