Chapter 1 about me

The phone call no guy wants to get, the news no parent wants to hear, the worst incident friends have to deal with, just so happened to come from me.

I'll just start from the beginning, my names Aden, Aden Barrett (prounounced Ba-Ray) to be exact, and it's been that way for the pas t 16 years. Now if you ask me it sounds like a stripper name .Well my parents are just that creative .I'm not the only one either, I have an older brother ,his name is Asher, and not just Asher but Asher Meadow, I just call him ash. I'm the daughter of Lauren and Daniel Cassidy. They're "show people", well, were. In their younger years (about 17) they were in a TV show by the name of "wars in the state of teen". They met and fell in love on set and in the show, after the 8th season one of the characters got pregnant and when word got to the press the show was put to an end. Ten years later my brother was born and then a year and a half later there was me, and they're big time directors or something, nothing important.

Just so you can get an image of me I'm of caramel complexion ,about 5'7, medium length dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. My brother is probably my male counterpart just taller and minus the hair, and he is like super overprotective.

But anyway let's start off in the place most stories like this begins, high school, early-January to be exact. I walked down the hallway greeting my friends and trying not to trip over my own two feet. Of course in high school you walk past everything from the kids no one wants to be around, the kids everyone wants to be around and then those kids like me. I have plenty of friends, just not thousands.

I walked into my first class, English, which is also my second favorite class. I sit down in my seat and start my day.

"Hey Ade, Aden, psst" I turn my head to where the voice comes from, its non-other than my best friend Mija, It's pronounced Mia but her parents are just as creative as mine. Now I can only tell you that I've known this girl forever.

"What". I hissed, she smiles at me and slides a slip of paper my way. I already knew what it was.




Another fact about her is that she is the exact definition of a party girl, if you looked in the dictionary and found the word "party" it would be a picture of her standing on a table surrounded by people.

I look over at her. She has a wide grin on her face, she knew she had gotten me, I've had this huge crush on this guy, Eric fisher, since like freshmen year, and we are juniors by the way. I pull an unsure shrug at her. She in return puts a huge pout on and folds her hands together as if she were begging. I look at her and give in, I nod then laugh a little, and she always manages to pull me into stuff like this.

"OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHH" Mija almost screamed as we walked to our next classes. I simply listened to her babble. To tell the truth I'm not really a party person. Sure I go to them, but, I'm kinda...shy.

The only a reason she wanted me to go was because she's dating Max. She had been trying to hook me up with Eric for the longest time, but every time I get around him I'd just babble,so this was probably one of her latest plans to 'get Aden a bue '.

We parted ways and went to our next classes, I had acting. We mainly had been running improv scenes. Whenever it was my turn I tried to steer away from serious scenes. I've never been very good with a dramatic scene. I guess it's because, nothing dramatic has really happened to me.

The school day eventually ended and I was off to find my brother. Even though we both had our licenses, he had the car. I found him in the parking lot, along with three of his friends. THIS MEANT TROUBLE. I walked up to the car casually and tried to slide into the passenger seat without being seen. This failed.

"Hey, hey, hey, It's Aden" a familiar voice called. I turned around slowly; it was John, one of my brother's obnoxious friends. I know for a fact that he's liked me since I was a freshman, God, is he annoying. He made his way over to me. I tried to run, but he caught me around my waste and lifted me off the ground and started spinning me around.

"JOHN PUT ME DOWN" i yelled at him, I was fighting for dear life. I could hear my brother and the other two imbeciles laughing. I knew that if I said one thing it would end it all. Now I've mentioned how protective my brother is right? This is where It come in handy. I put on a pained expression. "Owww, john stop, it hurts, you're hurting me" I whined as I felt the fake tears come rolling down. The laughter ceased.

"Hey man, put HER DOWN" I heard my brother get angry. John stopped spinning and put me down slowly. He saw my expression and the tears. The look on his face was priceless, pure terror.

"Oh my god, Aden, i-I'm sorry, I didn't" he babbled broken apologies. He then turned to my brother.
"Ash man, i-I wasn't trying to hurt her" he continued "I was just playin' around" he said. Ash waved him off.

"Ade, you okay" he asked and raised an eyebrow in concern. I sniffed and nodded innocently. "Okay, give me a second and we can go home" he said before returning to his friends. I slid into the car and watched them in the rear view mirror. There was a new guy in the usual group. I had seen him around the school before; he was the new kid, from Chicago I think. He was cute, I won't lie. Light skinned, tall, dresses well, and a nice smile behind some luscious lips. I shook the thought; he was some random kid I didn't know.

The boys finished their conversation and parted ways. The new boy got in his own car and drove off. Ash got into the car and started it. We lived kinda far from the school, so we talked a lot. That's probably why we were so close.

We had been having a conversation about the party that was on Friday, he wasn't going because of work, but I had no choice. He wanted me to go and have fun. I broke the conversation.

"Soo, bro, umm whose the new guy in your group" I asked casually. He seemed to know who I was talking about.

"Oh that's Darian, he's new to California, he's a pretty cool dude, and he's a junior like you are" he said easily. "I invited him over Saturday to play ball with the guys." He didn't say much so I had to push him

"Andddd?"I urged. He looked at me questionably. I pulled back; I hope he didn't think I liked him or something.

"So Ade, how's that Eric mission going" he grinned. Oh I hated when he did stuff like that. Yeah I tell him everything and he gives me advice, but he still is a brother. I shut my mouth the rest of the ride home.

When we pulled into the driveway, to our surprise both our parents were home, I guess they wanted to play house.

"Welcome home sweeties" my mom smiled ,giving me and my brother a kiss, she sent us upstairs to do our homework. She mentioned a surprise or something.

By about 7 I was done with homework, and was now lounging in my room, listening to music, and reading. My mother called us downstairs. She sat us down at the table and explained to us how she and daddy hit it big on their latest movie. She smiled and led us towards the door.

"So, since we have some fun money, and you both are doing so well in school, we thought this would be perfect." She smiled and opened the door. The first thing we saw was my father in a new sports car, shiny red.

"Asher honey, you get this car, and Aden, you'll be getting Asher's car, anything you want changed daddy will get it done." she continued.

"No, Problem" me and ash said in unison. Ash nearly killed himself trying to check out his new car. My dad stepped out the car with a brown and blue circular box.

"And honey we felt that since you have such a great handle on responsibility ,you were ready for this." my dad said. I went to open the box, "it took your mom some talking into ,but she agreed".

Inside the box was a sleeping boxer puppy, it was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life. I picked him up out the box gently and held him like a baby.

"Oh my god he's perfect" I squealed. The puppy yawned and opened his eyes, they were so sparkly. " I know just what to call you, your name is diamond" I laughed. Ash joined us as we petted the puppy in my arms.

"Hey he's cute, I'll trade ya Ade" he laughed. I shot him a glare,

"Not a chance" I laughed. You know sometimes I really loved how awesome my family was. Not just for the gifts, but the relationships we had.


So I hope you liked my first story the idea came to me a while back when we were discussing acing exercises in my theatre class, mainly we were to try and make our friends believe we had done something out of character in real lifeā€¦ long story I got an A+.. sooo review and tell me what you think =3