and a

spinning globe, map of the stars,

dark and everything we've ever known

is dark, the dark and puppetry and

allegory of the cave, one could say,

you're our obelisk, a godlike tower full of marble,

marbles, you may have lost them, daddy,

a thoughtless act of thoughtcrime, dedications page

a warning, an illusion, allusion, thousands of references this

could use an appendix, appendices, appendectomy,

eradicate, EXTERMINATE, exhuming the corpse, but we're in

denial, denial, two whole rivers running through our veins,

saltwater melting your skin, sun in your eyes,

our eyes, we live on a beach full of rocks and ruckus with

black sand like volcanic snow, coat my town in ash,

let us drown, suffocate, we won't be seen again,

excavate our remains, deathly scent of rotting corpses,

thoughtless, stream-of-consciousness, a dark path full of

horse bones, horoscope says

we'll all fall ill today, so what do you say,