You told me you want to live in a log cabin in the middle of the woods. I think North Carolina is where you should build it.

You said it would be square-shaped with two bedrooms, a fireplace, a bedroom on the main floor and a loft as the master.

"Would you have a roommate?" I asked.

He shrugged taking a drag off his cig, "I don't know."

I nodded, my arms locked around my knees.

"I want a dog too." He laughed.

I looked up to him, "What kind?"

"A huntin' dog." He murmured in a strange accent.

I laughed.

He pats his ears, "The one with the droopy ears."

"A Basset Hound?" I ask.

"Yeah! Something like that." He laughs, flicking his ashes.

I think you should name it Sawyer.

"I want a big garden too." He spreads his hands and arms wide smiling. "Mainly to grow Marijuana." He chuckles.

I laugh too, tucking my knees closer to my chest, its cold out.

I watch him watch the sky.

I watch him smoke his cig.

I watch him lead me to his room.

I lay on the bed with him,

listen to him mock his Art History book.

I watch him watch me.

I watch him take my heart, along with my clothes,


He watches me. "What?" I ask.

"You're so cute." He speaks, kissing my forehead.