12/24/11: So it's Christmas Eve. Sigh. How many more Christmases must I spend here in Borimerica? I mean America. Well, it is boring here! YES! A British bird in my garden! British birds ARE much better than Borimerican birds! I should add more stuff to my shrine, but what?

And how many more days must I spend here in Borimerica? Too depressed to know… Sigh. I think her name was Judy, a lady in my art class said I should just go! AND SHE'S RIGHT!(!) Oh well.

I like to pretend to live there. Like any Borimerican birds become British birds, such as chickadees becoming any of the tits w/out crests, American crow becomes any of the black corvids, etc. I even changed the clock on my laptop to UTC! (And now my alarm clock!)

I really want that Sonic & Mario game for the Wii, since I don't get to go to London :( (angry face in case it doesn't work). I'M STILL JEALOUS!(!) Oh yeah, even the word Oxford still fuels my jealousy, seeing how I'll never be able to live there. In fact, I doubt I'll be able to get out of Borimerica. I guess I'll play around with Google Earth and pretend to be there.