motions in sequence

slow blue dawning

of an age of another kind, another mind

your eyes tip, sands of time, hourglass thought process

dance with me, waltz

heavy hearts and heavy lovers

full of dim recesses

black cherry scented

tastes of ocean water that

break the atmosphere

splash the stars, acidic rain

glistening porch light

stalking up the driveway

knocking, once, twice,

thrice, four times,

"come in, come in,"

ragged land

how thoughtful, you are

offering a drink, bourbon

or maybe scotch

liquors line these ancient hallways

holding my breath

you smell like


not a dream,

day old stubble

midnight rain

lover's quarrel down the street,

and we laugh like hyenas thinking

god we're lucky

but we're not,

in fact,

we're just

lonely souls and

far too old, so come, come in

dance with me and we'll

waltz to our graves.