It was a quiet day, nothing disturbed my peaceful walk around the school campus. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that it was a Friday afternoon and every other kid had something better to do on a day like this than to spend it loitering around a place they dread every morning. No one could have ruin my good mood today; I was certain of that fact. Maybe things would have turned out slightly better if I hadn't suddenly decided to walk back to the front gate of the school. I suppose it wasn't such a bewildering thing to behold, but I had suddenly felt my chest twang with disgust and repulsion. My brain screamed at me to get the hell out of there but my feet had other plans; it was firmly planted to the ground as if like stone. I suppose I should have been honored somehow, being able to witness one of Dominic's conquests firsthand.

Leaning against the gate with her lips firmly pressed against Dominic's was Bridget. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if they were an actual item or something of the like, but Dominic was a sophomore notoriously known for stealing first kisses from freshmen girls. A disgusting player, that's what he is. Bridget was only one of his many victims.

They eventually pulled away, Bridget furiously blushing with a dazed smile on her face. For a moment there, I wanted to march over and smack her senseless; to be able to scream at her for shaming every single feminist out there would have been such a wonderful reality. It was then, while I was in the middle of my fantasy of wringing Dominic's neck, that Bridget decided to whisper something to him. I don't know what she said to him, probably something like there's some creeper staring at us, but Dominic slowly turned his head around with an amused expression. He gave me a friendly wave and then pecked Bridget on the forehead, walking her out of the school grounds.

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do after seeing that little show, but at that moment I really did want to punch a wall. I hate Dominic. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. He's never said a single word to me; I'm not even sure whether or not he knows my name. All that, however, doesn't matter, for everything he's done at this school has always ended up affecting me in some way. God knows how many times I've had to suffer every morning, hearing the airheads in my school drone on and on about how hot he is or how great of a kisser he is. I'm quite shocked he hadn't gotten mono yet, if I was to be honest.


"Rose, what are you doing here?" A swish of blonde hair momentarily blinded me as it whacked me in the face and suddenly, bright blue eyes locked onto my dull, brown ones. It was about a week after I accidentally witnessed Dominic and Bridget together and currently, I was hiding in the janitor's supply room while all the other students enjoyed what the cafeteria ladies passed off as edible lunch. "You're acting strange and it's embarrassing me."

I disregarded what my friend Lilly had said, choosing instead to hand her a post-it note with a large, red X messily scrawled on.

"Lock onto target," Lilly muttered to herself, laughing half-heartily. "So this is the infamous X that's gotten all the freshmen girls falling head over heals. Consider yourself lucky, Rose, you get to have a taste of paradise." She chuckled once more and handed the post-it note back to me. "I'm going to go get some lunch now, have fun in the supply room," she said with a roll of her eyes, obviously wondering why in the world she was friends with me in the first place.

"Oh, I will." I let out a sigh as my best friend slammed the door behind her on the way out, leaving me in the dark with a mop for company.

This was idiotic; why am I even hiding in the first place? It was just a stroke of bad luck to have caught Dominic's attention. I crumpled the post-it note in my hand, cursing it for my situation. You know what? This whole idea is ridiculous. What kind of idiot thinks that sticking an X on his next target's locker makes him desirable? Oh wait, Dominic does. It was quite a shocker, walking to my locker this morning to find a whole crowd of angry girls surrounding it and pointing at the post-it stuck onto it, whispering, "What a waste, I can't believe he'd aim for her." Yeah, uh, thanks, because I am perfectly deaf. Thanks to Dominic, I'm now in hiding from psycho fan girls desperate for his attention.

Briiiiing. The bell rang and I froze, because at the precise moment, I could hear the loud clanking of heels hitting the cement with each step. "Yeah, he's going for Rose next. Disgusting. Just wait 'till I see her, things aren't going to be pretty."

I held my breath and counted to ten, waiting for the girl and her friends to walk on by before I ran out and walked briskly to my classroom. I've been hearing things like that all morning and throughout the day. Frankly, I didn't think it was fair at all. I supposed I've already made an enemy out of half of the girls in my year before this incident, and so the very notion of Dominic kissing me was just as repulsive to them as it was to me. I was glad my next class was piano. It was the only one out of all six to contain a minimum amount of giggling idiots from Dominic's circle of followers.

Soon, a series of keys were being pressed in specific orders to play out a fine melody on the grand piano, a way that our teacher used to capture our attention at the beginning of class. For that one hour only, I let my thoughts drift and sway as fingers began to dance among the black and white keys around the room.


Except for when the occasional insults were thrown at me, I had begun to forget all about being target. That is, until halfway on my walk back home after school. Walking up to me was Dominic, his eyes twinkling mischievously. I had to admit, I did see what the girls saw in him, physically. To not would be an extreme case of ignorance. His hair was a cute (oh sue me) mess due to all the times he had run a hand through it, his eyes a pretty shade of brown. He was a head taller than me and his body proportions were filled out quite nicely. However, I assume that all the other girls had mentally enhanced his features somehow, because I honestly didn't see what the big fuss over him was about. Plenty of other guys shared the same good looks he had at our school. I suppose I was one of the few girls who were immune to him.

"What is it that you want?" I asked with a sigh. "Did you come here to collect your kiss? Because you can screw off," I said in irritation. Like I said, it was thanks to this guy that I am now the enemy of all hormone-driven crazy girls.

"Not yet, Rose." Oh, so he did know my name. "Not yet," he repeated. "You're nothing like those girls before. Haven't you realized it yet? You're my last victim. Let me say this again in a way perhaps you'd understand: You are the boss level, Rose. I promise to you, you will not only willingly give me your first kiss, but I'll make you fall in love with me too." With that, he smirked and walked away, leaving me standing there wide eyed and confused.

Was he crazy? Was he sane at all? Because there is no way in hell that I, Rosalie Chevalier, will ever fall in love with him, let alone let his filthy lips touch mine.