A Night she will never forget

Amy Hughes was a talented, and very successful dancer. She loved her job, she worked at a famous night club. She was finally a star that she dreamed she always would be, she was never more happy, she lived alone, she had a penthouse in Manhattan. Her Boss Billy was really kind to her, he never overstepped his boundaries, she loved him like a Father. Her Dad died when she was very young, she always dreamed about what he was really like. She was to young to remember what happened. Her Mother never told her anything about her Father. She would always say it was best that her Father was a thing of the past. Amy couldn't understand that, but she knew pressing her Mother was not a good thing. Her Mom was a great lady, but she was always busy with her own life, that was why Amy moved out of her Mom's place, and moved to New York. Her Mom was not happy that she became a dancer but Amy loved it, and that was her future. She knew it may not last forever but as long as it did she was happy. She had a boyfriend, but broke up with him a few weeks back, he was becoming very possessive, and she couldn't handle it. He thought ever man that walked into the Club was hitting on her. She laughed they were most of the time, but he should have trusted her, she never gave him any reason not to. Amy finished her act, and was getting ready to leave the club. Billy came over, and offered to walk her to her car, but she hated putting him out so she declined his offer. He said goodnight, Amy said goodbye to some of the other girls at the Club, and left. She had to walk a 1/2 block to her car. It was midnight, she was a little nervous, she regretted not taking Billy up on his offer. She walked fast looking around like she normally did to make sure no one was following her. She hated being paranoid but she was most of the time. She could see her car she felt herself almost running to it now. She got to the car, and opened the door, and got inside locking the doors. She whispered, "God Amy next time let Billy walk you".

Ashley started the car, and was driving home. She got to the building, and drove into the underground. She parked her car close to the elevator, and got out walking over to it. She pushed the button, she was nervous, she was willing the elevator to open. She looked around, her eyes were playing tricks on her she could have sworn, she saw someone but she kept looking, and it was obvious she was just scared. She whispered, "Hurry up please" The door opened, a couple came out saying hi to her, as she got in. She pushed her floor, and she smiled, she was always happy when she got home. She had her house keys out, she got off the elevator, and was walking down the hall when she saw her Ex boyfriend sitting on the floor by her door.

"Eric what are you doing"?

"What does it look like I'm waiting for you"

"I know that but why, I'm really tired, I'm not letting you in"

"Amy why are you such a Witch"?

"Eric I don't want to fight, we already went through this remember. We both decided we are not good for each other"

"Yeah I think you decided, I have a feeling I was not included in that decision"

"Fine I ended it, you are to needy, and demanding, and if I'm going to be honest scary"

"Scary that is priceless, have I ever hurt you"?

"Not physically but mentally, you almost got me fired"

"Because you were talking with guys at the Club behind my back"

"They work there Eric, I never once cheated on you"

Amy turned when Mrs. Adams opened her door, and came out. "Amy Hughes, do you have any idea what time it is"?

"I'm sorry Mrs. Adams, we will be quiet"

"Take your boyfriend inside have consideration for others"

"I will, I'm so sorry" Mrs. Adams gave her a dirty look, and went inside. Amy didn't feel comfortable, but she walked over opening her door, letting Eric in.