Chapter 6

Eric watched as she washed her hands, and dried them.

"Come on lets go out in the living room we can talk this out". Amy walked past him she wanted to make a run for it, but she knew he would catch her. She also knew if she screamed he would kill her she could see it in his eyes, and it made her sick. She sat on the couch, and Eric sat beside her. He grabbed the photo album she kept on the coffee table, and opened it.

"Do you still have my pictures in here Amy"?

She didn't answer so he was flipping through the pages, and she felt tears come to her eyes, when he stopped, and ripped out a picture from the album.

"This is that guy from the club what is his name"?

"Billy he is my friend"

"Really see how he has his arm around you looks like he is more than just a friend "

"He is a friend it was a innocent photo it was taken at a party, I have not dated anyone since our breakup. We are no longer together, it is over, and what your doing tonight will not change anything, I hate you Eric"

"Hate me wow after everything I did for you"

"What did you do you made my life hell, I tried to make this work, I don't love you Eric, please go, and I will keep what happened tonight between us I swear"

Eric got up pacing , and Amy knew she was making him angry but this had to stop. Amy finally got up, and Eric pushed her back.

"I'm not going anywhere, I'm not letting you go, you think you can use a guy, and throw him away like a piece of garbage, it isn't happening"

"I didn't use you, I tried to love you but you need help Eric. You are jealous you want to own the person your dating you smother the life out of them. You told me about your last girlfriend did you do this to her too"?

"She was trash , she used me too, and she will never hurt anyone else"

Amy couldn't catch her breath she yelled, "Did you hurt her Eric what do you mean"?

"Shut up your driving me crazy, I came here thinking we could have a lovely evening. You go all crazy on me, and ruin everything, and now you won't shut the hell up"

"OK I will be quiet"

Amy sat back, and Eric walked over sitting on a chair staring at her.

"Did you sleep with Billy Amy"?

"I said I didn't sleep with him he is a wonderful friend"

"Liar you did I know it that place made you into trash. We were fine until you started dancing at the club, and your friends started putting ideas into your head, and all of a sudden I was not good enough for you. I'm better than you, I deserve someone better than you, I deserve your respect , and love"

Amy whispered, "You are right you deserve better than me, I am not the person for you, and I never will be"

Eric jumped up, and grabbed her pulling her up, and grabbed her face. "You think I will allow you to be with anyone else Amy, I will never let you go"

"Please stop this"

"No I'm just getting started you love playing games, well I have some fun stuff planned for us tonight"

Amy pulled away from him, and she ran for the door, she screamed but he grabbed her putting his hand over her mouth, and he whispered, "Do you want me to break your neck just keep struggling, and our fun ends now".

Amy stopped struggling but she prayed someone heard her screams.