Hello readers, it is nice to 'meet' you. I doubt you really bother to know about my personal details, but I'll give you them anyway. Born name: Shichiro Matsumoto. Age 19, naturally straight, brown hair, normal school boy haircut. Oh yes, and I'm exactly 1.8m. I live as an undercover agent for a company related to the FBI, recruited for special purposes... Because of my special ability. I can swap souls with anyone... Including you. I don't have to know who you are, nor do I have to see you. So long you know my name; you can become my vessel for soul swapping any time.

I bet that you're thinking, 'This child is crazy. He must be hallucinating!'

Then this is for you: I am pretty much free to roam about in any part of the world, in anyone's body. I do not need a visa to stay in a country for more than 2weeks, nor do I need to go through the emigration and get my passport stamped to go overseas.

So... Beware!