Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :D:D:D

So this is obviously a Nathan/Mason story, set after the ending of StOJ. We were gonna do a really long thing full of Claude/Seth and the like, and you were gonna get to meet a number of our other characters but I got bored XD If you're lucky, Abby might finish it by herself, or I could help if we get back into it…Anyway, though. I hope you like it!

Abby says have a safe and happy holiday season!~ :D And also, that we're sorry for the shortness ^-^;

We did it in like two hours or so…


Nathan sighed, running a hand through his hair as he approached the house after band practice.
His dark blond hair fell in his eyes as he opened the door. He blinked, purring softly as he was immediately surrounded by the scent of fresh oranges.
"Mason..? Are you home?"

His twin brother, and lover, made a soft noise, obviously in their living room.
When the older twin appeared in the doorway, still surrounded by the scent of oranges, he found his brother completely naked, his more intimate parts painted bright orange-obviously scented body paint.
He grinned at Nathan, purring loudly as he stood from his place by their tree, where he'd been placing Nathan's Christmas present.
"Hey, Nate."

Nathan stood there for a few minutes, completely frozen, until his astonishingly indecent arousal brought him back to reality, and he blushed as he looked at Mason.
"U-Um...h-hi, Mas..." He stuttered, purring loudly and blushing brighter.

Mason grinned at him again, looking around.
"Do you like it? I figured that oranges would be the best choice of scents and it was an easy paint to buy..." he winked, trailing a finger down the orange paint-trail that started at his lips, trailed down his neck, branched off at his collarbone to both his nipples, then connecting at his navel again and completely covering his member.
And did it go all the way to his entrance?
Holy fuck, it did.
"It's edible too." His brother smirked.

Nathan shuddered, slowly bringing himself to move again. He blinked, slowly smirking and crossing the room to his lover.
"'Fucking love it," he purred, tilting Mason's head up and kissing him deeply.

Mason whimpered, purring loudly as he kissed back passionately, hands going to undo Nathan's shirt, pushing it off of his shoulders as he pressed his bared chest to Nathan's undershirt, whining at the rough material against his soft skin but not complaining.

Nathan purred, deepening the kiss as his hands went to Mason's hips and pulled the other boy closer.
"God, I love you, Mason..."

Mason blushed, smirking and whispering his reply against Nathan's lips, shivering as his hands went to Nathan's pants, unbuttoning them and pushing them down as far as he could get them to go.
"Mmm, Nathan..." he whispered, shivering as he pressed closer.
"Fuck me in front of the fire and the tree?" He whispered, rubbing his crotch against Nathan's boxer-clad his, whining softly.
"'ev-even got orange scented-and-flavored lube for us...and orange condoms if you want to use them.."

Nathan shuddered, quickly finishing getting his clothes off.
"Yes. God, yes." He answered, kissing him again.

Mason laughed softly, purring, "Is that a yes on the fucking or a yes on the condoms?"

The older twin purred, nuzzling him gently, "Both?"

"Mmm, okay..." His brother whispered, kissing his neck gently.

Nathan grinned, purring loudly as he trailed his hands over his brother's body.
"Mm, God, Mason...You know it's only Christmas Eve, hm?"

"Mmm, I know..." he smirked, "Mmm, your real present is tomorrow; when I let you fuck me with the orange-scented toys I bought..." he whispered into Nathan's ear, slowly licking his shoulder.

Nathan shuddered, "S-Sounds fun..."

"It will be..." Mason smirked, licking his ear, "But tonight, you're enjoying orange-flavored me, so..." he smirked slightly, looking up at him happily and dropping to his knees, nuzzling his member.

Nathan shivered, purring as he looked at him.

Mason smirked again, not answering as he leaned forward, slowly licking Nathan from base to tip, and sucking on the head of his brother's cock lightly.

The older male moaned softly, his hands going to pet Mason's hair lightly as he tried to keep his balance.

"Mmm, Nathan...I love you..." Mason smiled, looking up at him.
"I-I love you, too..." Nathan purred, "Merry Christmas, Mas..."

"Merry Christmas, Nathan." Mason whispered, smirking as he leaned forward to begin the best blow-job Nathan had ever received.