Carissa's PoV

Where am I? Why am I laying on the ground? What is this liquid-y substance on my hands and all over me? I can't see anything! Maybe if I try this...

-clap clap-

Now I can see! The liquid-y substance that's on my hands and all over my new pair of jeans and my hands is... BLOOD! When I look for any hints of what the blood is there is nothing. The only thing that I saw were the white walls that enclosed me from the world outside.

I went to touch the walls and they were wet. It must have been painted right before I got here. What day is it anyway? Let me just check my watch which always tells me what Now a teenager boy (I assumed he was a teenager boy because he is the height of my boyfriend, which is like 4 inches taller than me) came in through a door that I just noticed was there due to his presence in the room.

"Hello Carissa," He said. He was wearing a black oversized with a black hood. His voice was very low, I think it was a voice changer that he was using, a lot of people are using those things these days!

"Who are you? I know who you are, you're.. the GRIM REAPER! Please don't take me with you! I'm too young to die!" I screamed. He was laughing. "Why are you laughing?"

"I'm laughing because I'm not the Grim Reaper!" He replied.

"Who are you if you're not the Grim Reaper?" I questioned him?

"I don't want to tell you yet, I want to show you something." He said simultaneously taking out a remote. He pressed a couple of buttons on the remote and a flat screen television came out, automatically to Channel 7 News.

A woman in a red blazer with a white button up shirt was reporting, I didn't recognize her. I checked the lower right corner and it was 6:17. Isn't my dad supposed to be reporting? The 6 o'clock show was his shift. Where was he? The teen was focused on the TV. I reached for my cell phone that I always kept in my right back pocket. I dug my hand in the pocket, it wasn't there.

"If you're looking for your phone it isn't there," The teen told me.

"Where is it? What did you do to it?"

"I didn't touch it, when I brought you here you didn't have it with you. I checked everywhere on you, I guess you left it somewhere on accident."

"Fine, I don't believe you though..." I said defiantly. I continued to watch the TV.

"13 people have died Friday evening, if you have a missing loved one that have been missing since yesterday, then you are urged to call the number on your screen," she said as the number of the police HQ of Flat, Alaska. "Back to you guys in the studio,"

"Thank you Dianne," Suzanne said, "Isn't it odd that the 13 murders happened on Friday the 13th?" she questioned Jeff.

"It is in fact very weird! Well..." Jeff continued going onto another news report about an elderly woman who was cured of her very bad arthritis that she could not move and was bedridden, but had been healed after her bathing in the grotto of Massabielle, Lourdes, France. The teen had been fascinated about this story and kept it on, he was so focused on the television set that I made it to the door and he caught me trying to open the door. The stupid door wouldn't budge.

"It isn't worth trying to open it. It's my new invention, the door knob will only open to my fingerprints." He said without even turning around to make eye contact with me.

"Fine, but I can find out a way to escape! I have a higher IQ than Albert Einstein! I will make a deal with you though, if you answer a few of my questions then I will not try to escape this unbearable box you call a room."

"OK, throw some at me."

"Is this blood mine or the people that were on the news?" I said showing him the blood that was on my hands.

"Use logic, why would I show you the news report?"

"OK, Mr. Grumpy... So did I do that?"


"I have tons of other questions for you, but for now can you just answer this one question?"

"Fine, hit me,"

"Who are you?" He answered my question by taking off his hood. "The answer to that question is to be hidden until further notice." He said leaving for the door.

"Wait! We had a deal!" I yelled from behind him. I tried to run after him, but chains, that appeared out of nowhere, held my wrists to the bed that was placed on the ground where the TV used to be. It was like magic...