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Chapter 2- Mystery Guy PoV

"Muahaha!" I laughed when I got out of that room. I was now in the hallway of my mansion in Puerto Rico. It was so good being rich, I thought as my grin grew to both of my ears.

I took the hood off of my oversized robe and just noticed my maids and waiters staring at me, "Get back to work!" I snapped at them. They soon went back to what they were supposed to be doing before they were wasting precious time staring at me. The waiters continued bringing in trays of food to the rooms of the poor people that I brought into my home so I could "help" them (my publicist's idea) . My maids went back to cleaning the rooms that very dirty homeless people have contaminated with their stench and dirt that they have brought into my household, they have absolutely no cleaning habits!

"HELP ME!" My prisoner Carissa, yelled from the opposite side of the metal door. I had to lock her up in my safe, which was more like a room to keep out all of the homeless people from stealing my riches.

"Shut up, Carissa! No one will help you!" I yelled. She ignored me and just kept on screaming and banging on the door.

"Hey you!" I yelled to a waiter who seemed to be a hefty man who was about 5'8.

"Yes sir?" The hefty man asked me.

"Guard this door and whatever screams at you from behind the door just don't let it out or I'll do what I promised I would do in the contract that you signed." I threatened him.

"OK," He said very frightened.

Now I had to run to my lab and get her food for her to eat combined with the potion that I had conceived during my junior year of high school.

Finally, I'm here in my lab! I just had to put my fingerprints on my finger scanner that was placed conveniently on my right. When I pressed my finger to the scanner the door automatically slid open to my magnificent laboratory that I had designed myself. When I came in a the scent of newly formulated components came right to my nose, I just love that smell. To my right is a small library that contains the books that I have published about science, and notes that I have recorded in the past years. I don't need that, I need to go to my hidden laboratory in my laboratory. The laboratory is hidden in the bathroom that I could find when I go straight down the long hallway.

The walls of the hallway contain pictures of me achieving something, such as my Nobel Prize of Chemistry and Physics. I won the Nobel Prizes when I was only a Sophomore and a Junior in highschool. Winning those things made my parents proud and they actually noticed me for once instead of "helping the needy" or "having alone time after a long day of work!" They both never had time for me, their only child!

"1...2...3...4...5..." I told myself, "6...7...8...9...10..." By the time I got to 10 I was at the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and locked it. I lifted the rug that laid in the middle of the tiled bathroom floor and placed it on top of the toilet. I crouched down and stared at a tile that used to be underneath the rug.

Then I heard my computer's voice, "Password, please," It told me.

"The square root of 624 is 24.979992" I responded.

"Welcome back sir," My computer responded. The tile that I stared at and tiles that surrounded it

"Thank you," I told the computer politely as I walked down the long flight of stairs to my hidden laboratory, "Computer, I'm kinda in a hurry, can you get the components for the 'tea'?"

"Yes sir, I'll even make it for you," She said.

"Thank you, that would be a big help!" I said surprised. Computer doesn't really does nice things for me. Why is she starting now?

A half a minute passed by and the "tea" was ready for me to take, "Thank you Computer," I told Computer graciously.

I took the "soup with me up the flight of stairs to the bathroom. I went back to the room were I kept Carissa. Wait, I thought. She might think that I put something in this food.

"Hey," I said pointing at a maid who looked so tiny and helpless.

"Y-yes s-sir?" She asked me trembling.

"Get me food," I ordered her.

"What-t k-kind would y-you l-like?"

"Any kind just get something here in under a minute!" I screamed at her.

"Yes sir," She said. She power walked to the kitchen which was on the other side of the building.

She came back a minute later with a tray of food in her hands. From what I could tell she had on the tray a steak, mashed potatoes, and peas.

"Here you go sir," She said giving me the tray to me seeming more relaxed than before.

"It's not for me, give it to the person that's in the room over there," I said pointing at the room that the waiter was still guarding.

"OK sir," She said and started walking over there. I went with her with the tea in-hand.

"Go in, and take this with you," I told her gesturing her to take the "tea" with her. I put the hood over my head and face just in case she would accidentally catch my eye. I opened the door for her. Instinctively, the waiter held the door slightly opened to guard and hold the door for the maid.

"Here you go," The maid told Carissa while giving her the food. Carissa graciously took the tray. The maid was so frightened that she soon went back to the door. The guard closed the door quickly when she came back into the hallway.

"Good job," I congratulated her while patting her head. She gave me a quick smile.

Now my only obstacle was to have Carissa eat the food that was given to her.