Disappeared into Fat Air

Jen, Suzie and Carmen finally managed their way out of the exhausting labyrinth of gigantic ships which continued to zigzag around the area. As the trio got around the carriers at last, they all turned around to look at the ships going forward to their destination. They all looked at the destruction made by the stampeding ships and realized that it was a miracle they got out safely. Several of the trees were leaning forward making weird-looking tunnels of ivy and wood. Paths were nevertheless made.

Jen sighed in exhaustion. "I take it all that is for John?" she looked at Carmen.

"They don't want to kill John. Laterus and her people just wish to exploit him." Carmen answered.

"If that's true, John is in great danger." Suzie said sounding worried.

Carmen then stepped forward. "Not for long."

"What do you mean?" Jen muttered clutching her chest with one hand as she struggled to get her breathing back on track. The running was not something she enjoyed.

"In about thirty-three seconds, Laterus's forces will be of no challenge to us." Carmen responded.

Jen rolled her eyes and began to get skeptical."Well I'm sure Laterus will go ape after that but until then, we need answers right now." she then turned to Carmen, who was mere inches away from her face and declared boldly. "Who or what are you?"

"Jen, now is not the time for your unique interrogation methods." Suzie warned her.

"We can't just wing it and go along with anything she says." Jen declared and looked back at Carmen demanding an explanation.

Carmen sighed and rolled her eyes. She looked as if she did not have time which is true as Suzie realized her urgency. Nevertheless she spoke. "I'm part of a resistance force on Mars."

Suzie actually did a double take. "I wasn't aware that resistance forces were still active even after the war on Earth months ago."

"Just because a war was over doesn't mean war in general, stops." Carmen said.

Suzie and Jen motioned for her to continue.

"I was killed by one of the domintradox during the war." Carmen said carefully.

"Say again?" Jen said with her eyes wide open.

Carmen nodded. "I wasn't sure how I came back. I had amnesia and it took a while for my memories and powers to resurface. But one of my friends told me how they were still monitoring extraterestrial threats."

"Why did Mars leave us in the dark?"

"I don't know. Believe me I wish Earth was informed of our re-activation. Because lately I have a feeling that what is about to happen will be worse than the Domintradox war."

"What about Laterus?" Suzie said.

"What about her?" Carmen shrugged as if the topic was of no interest.

"Well-" Jen started but never finished her sentence as huge explosions erupted ahead. With the exception of Carmen, Jen and Suzie turned to look as one by one, every freighter exploded. Both of them stood utterly surprised by the sudden destruction.

"OK? How did you do that?" Jen gasped.

"I don't know if this is good or bad." Suzie managed to say.

"Uhh!" Carmen cried as she put a hand to her forehead. She had crouched down on the ground and began to breathe heavily.

"What is it?"

"What's wrong?" They asked her.

"Something is happening to John!" Carmen gasped.

Up ahead a giant wall of glowing, yellow light glowed brightly. It was impossible to miss such a powerful form of energy. John continued to gaze at the blinding light ahead. The light was breathtaking. It glowed with the force of a hundred suns and yet amazingly he didn't blink. John's adrenaline was spiking now. He felt like he had been running a mile and hence, his breathing elevated greatly. Sweat poured down his face.

Images poured into his mind so fast, second by second. A memory of a child playing with a red ball outside on his yard, a boy playing baseball, a boy graduating from school, a boy trying to ask a girl out, only to be rejected. His life was flashing through his very eyes. John whimpered as he felt he was being overloaded by something. He felt as if he was taking something that was too much for his mind and body to handle.

It was then that he knew something had been destroyed inside him. John's own confidence which he had treated as an entity, was gone. Now he was scared. He had no idea why his innocence and his emotions returned to him, but whatever reason, he wished he was back home.

John tried to hang on to the moment. He tried so hard for his subconscious not to go away. For that, he kept holding onto the memory. Ironically, the memories made him stay functional. Holding on to those memories made him think as to what was happening now. 'My memories are keeping here." He realized. John knew he was in a void but he treated his own construct as a tool, a home rather.

His body was not responding but his mind was. For that, he couldn't turn away from the light that was making him so uncomfortable. Because he was getting sick meant that he was not capable of handling whatever it was that he was getting. Because of this, he tried in vain to call for help but nothing came out of his mouth. John realized he had to find a way using his mind and his mind only as to how to get out of the situation he was in.

Deep down, John always knew that power in general, was something only for the wise. John had yet to be a character with that particular attribute.

He had to go with an option. John looked at the light with intensity as if he was angry with it. In his mind, he called to the force. "I'm not worthy of this power! Neither is this woman next to me! Please, stop whatever it is you're giving me! Stop!" In his mind, he was wishing that light would diminish entirely. John felt that the force was meaningless. Hence, he thought it was worthless receiving such so-called power.

Lying beside a tree that had a dent on the front side of it, lay a certain violet figure on the ground. Her body was in an unconscious state. The faerie Leela then opened her eyes with a gasp. Suddenly her entire body began to shake and had glowed bright purple. She knew what it meant. John was calling for her. Faster than lightning, she sped off as soon as she rose. As she sped, she couldn't help but be glad that her powers had returned. Leela gave a half-smile as she ran. "Perhaps John does regard me somewhat."

Heading toward a cavern of strange origin based on its formation, Leela headed inside immediately with no regard nor interest for whatever the décor of the cavern offered. Carefully she stepped forward to a chamber where a bright light was lit. Using her knowledge of the great power, she looked away from it. Leela knew if she were to look at it, she would get hypnotize. As she theorized before, there had been a possibility that John may not be well suited for the great power. "He's not adapting to the changes. His mind and body right now is rejecting the power. For that, the great energy is going back and forth until it finds John willing to accept it."

She knew that John was not willing to accept the power. He had reject it on the theory that he might find it overwhelming and clearly it was for him. "I had to make him fat so that he could accept the entity...perhaps it was a mistake." she realized. From behind a large rock inside the cavern, Leela thought long and hard what to do.

Leela was greatly attuned to John since the moment she had entered his life. She was determined to have him and that meant saving him as well. She thought quickly as to how she was to remove an unmoving John from that center. The answer was thought of and immediately she began to act.

Going through an abyss of memories that she knew well of now, Leela tapped into John's subconscious and explored his realm to find the one place where thinking becomes acting. "I'm going to have to move John myself but not before I do one thing…"

Vesuvia who stood right next to John began to feel general discomfort but not to the extent of John. She was seething in pain as if she were having a severe headache.

Even though she was in John's mind, Leela's intentions were having quite an effect and she was about to deliver the final blow when …

Vesuvia was knocked to her left side and began to stare in confusion as John was raised in the air by a thin wave from the glowing white energy. The thin wave had wrapped around him. The light began to glow brighter and brighter until John disappeared completely. The glowing force whined down and disappeared.

This sudden act made Leela confused and surprised. She thought John had been disintegrated. Gasping in shock and trembling in sadness, Leela sank to the ground.

"You!" Vesuvia cried as she saw Leela.

Leela did not know what to say.

"What did you do?" Vesuvia seethed with anger.

"I didn't do anything." Leela shook her head.

Just then another group of individuals entered the chamber. Both out of breath, it was Jen, Suzie and another newcomer Leela didn't recognize. But Leela agreed with the new individual when she said: "We're too late."