Perhaps his life was not just continuing but going on a different turn. John, who went along with whatever happened to him, was now the coordinator of how things were going to work from now on. His intelligence had increased and he came with special abilities that surpassed even the strangest of aliens. John had learned how to adapt when situations arose and despite the fact that he was still overweight, he was stronger mentally and physically. Looking back at Suzie, who demanded more answers that even he didn't know, he went back toward her. He had to show how much he cared about her. 'She's helped me a lot.' he thought.

John then walked back toward her and embraced Suzie in a big hug. Suzie was amazed at how soft and tender his bulky body was. Before she even asked what John was doing, she felt a weird warmth running through her own body and she knew it wasn't any kind of body warmth.

"What are you doing?" Suzie asked him. 'This isn't the right time for this...we're in the fight of our lives!' she thought. It was a nice gesture but it was time consuming and unnecessary. He finally broke the embrace.

"Just trust me." he said again and ran off.

To Suzie, everything seemed to happen so fast, she didn't even know where to start. She couldn't make heads or tails about John's actions. First, he appeared to be confused as if he didn't know where he was, now he's leading a full on assault on Laterus and her army. 'How did he pull of such a feat as punching Laterus like that?' she asked herself. That was one out of a million questions she wanted to ask John. She was that frantic and when he said that he had a plan to make it back to the ship but didn't offer any more detail. Instead, he motioned for her to trust him before he sluggishly ran off. His huge belly jiggling as usual. 'John's a good person deep down but he can be very clumsy, I hope I can trust him. I want to trust him.'

In the meantime, before she could find out more about what John had in mind, Suzie was on the defensive. She grew a bit annoyed when her glasses on the ground turned out to be smashed. She had looked back at the floor where they landed. One of the lens had been cracked. She felt a surge of anger flooding through her veins. 'Those glasses were my only pair…' Seeing was not an issue, replacing a personal heirloom was impossible now. With no weapon, Suzie had to resort to hand-to-hand combat. Leaping from behind the boulder, she finally landed in front of a soldier, blocked her rifle from being pointed at her and gave her opponent a jab in the neck and a cross punch with her other hand.

Suzie had confidence issues but fighting aggressively at the moment, gave her a sense of purpose and for that she felt a bit satisfied. Never before did Suzie feel free to do something she truly enjoyed. 'Apparently fighting has a way of alleviating my insecurities.' She soon did a series of moves to each one of Laterus' people that eventually she had to stop for a while and say. "What's happened to me?" she then chuckled and continued on fighting.

Vesuvia had always adapted to every possible outcome. If a situation became even worse, she knew how to defend herself and she always had a solution. Today, she felt like an underdog. She felt completely out of her element. Add that, to the disappointment she was also feeling at having realized that John Thomson was now the only one harnessing the great power's energy. She could feel it inside him like an incredible, radiant warmth. 'How was it possible that he was the only one able to receive such power?' she asked herself.

Frustrated beyond measure, she took out her rage and confusion out on Laterus' forces. Using all her magical abilities into one major shockwave, Vesuvia was a force to be reckoned with now. Because her trip had been a total waste of time, she felt it was time to leave. As soon as she dispelled the soldiers, she had to make a run for it to the shuttle that the human women Jen and Suzie arrived in. She knew it was futile to make John come with her. He had all the power now and he could soon take it upon himself to exert his wrath on others as well as herself.

Knowing what Vesuvia might do, John had studied her as she fought and once she was alone, she ran to a random corridor. John, with his huge belly hanging went as fast as he normally would. John eventually found himself outside where he was on top of a rock overhang. Looking down from the rocky platform, John saw the ground two hundred feet below. Apparently Vesuvia still had some tricks up her sleeve. John tried to use his newfound powers immediately as his instinct told him that he could in fact, make it down.

As soon as he touched down, John looked amazed at his feat and looked above where he had jumped, then to his forward view and looked at the cavern entrance that he and Leela had came in before. Everything seemed to be a swirly haze outside, the sky was indeed beautiful with its unique color. But John had no time to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the soon to be destroyed planet. Running along a thick mountain ridge, John tried to go after Vesuvia as best as he could.

Arriving at a plateau, John's stern expression tightened as the shuttle began powering up. A few feet away, the shuttle was preparing to take off. He could not let Vesuvia go or else he was never going to get off the planet. John was about to head towards it when a thick gun was pointed at his head, John slowly turned around and saw Laterus. Her suit had been damaged due to him having hit her moments ago.

"For a God-like being, you sure are a big one, indeed." Laterus said as she surveyed him.

Regaining his confidence, John spoke weirdly again. "I am displeased with your current actions, m'lady." John continued to talk in a commanding voice. 'I have to know how is it that I can talk like that...' he thought.

"Of course you are, but it all implies as to how the universe should be run now that men are not at functioning level. There are rules to be kept." she stated.

Ahead, John could hear the shuttle's engines roaring, he had to press on however. "Dictatorship only spells disaster, in time. While a revolution hasn't happened once you took command of the galaxies, it is to be expected. I rather imply..." John closed in until he was face-to-face with Laterus. Her hand tightened on her blaster as he came close. "that you should have had a better angle."

"I'm willing to die here than let someone ridiculous and fat as you take the throne." Laterus growled and for that, she had fired her weapon. Not at John but at the shuttle. The blast hit the left side of the ship and went spiriling a few inches off the ground before it crashed and flipped over. One thing John knew for certain, he was now stuck on the planet.