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Some warnings and FYIs for things ahead:

This story is a roleplay (with my fellow Nakama member TeslaTempest) and so it is written in roleplay format. In other words, the POVs switch back and forth between the two main characters and the very occasional secondary character. Hopefully I dispelled confusion with this A/N.

As far as the rating goes, it is rated T at the moment but it will be changed to M later on for M/M slash because this is an M/M story, so if you're not into that PLEASE don't read on or flame us. If you're like us and you love M/M or even if you're not really sure about it, read on!

There is also a bit of a violence warning for this story, because it is about fighting monsters and therefore it has a high amount of monster death and character injury.

So now that all the outsiders have closed out this tab, the rest of you please read on!

Installment One: Exposition and Introductions
I slid under the rotating gears of the clock tower, facing a dark-robed figure that stood within, the reek of blood and greed emanating from him.
My katana slid from her sheath with a decisive ring, and I could see that he was as thirsty for the fight as I was. I launched myself at the creature without a sound of warning.
The Monster spun, red eyes peering from beneath the tattered hood. My sword sliced the air as it threw up a claw in defense, and the strange, metallic-like substance rang harshly against steel. My grip remained steady as my blade was forcefully met.
I thrust forward, the razor's edge almost catching the creature as it dodged and spun, the black robe spinning out like a cloud. It must have fed recently to be this grip tightened on Shumizometsuki-a sleek name for a deadly weapon-twirling the blade in my hand and baring my teeth.
The steel flashed in the air, flying straight and true in my hands as I lunged at the shifter, ready to finish it off...
I jumped halfway out of my skin as I was jerked forcibly from my sleep. Monica sat on the side of my bed, Ash and Ezekiel standing by the door warily. They knew better than to enter my room without my permission. I grit my teeth, now irritated. My gloved hands curled into fists as I yanked my covers up to my chin.
"What do you want?"
Monica grinned sweetly, her brown eyes innocent enough to make the devil fall for her. Even I couldn't stay angry at her for too long.
"You'll miss breakfast if you sleep any longer!"
I rolled my eyes, thankful that I had on my long sleeved shirt and pants with my gloves. I had almost slept in a sleeveless shirt.
"Monica..." I said softly in my most dangerous tone of voice. That tone had sent grown men fleeing on occasion.
Ash chuckled slightly from the doorway. "We tried to stop her, if it's any consolation."
I glared at him as well as he held his hands up innocently, blond hair still an absolute mess. He didn't seem to have gotten much sleep the night before. I wondered if he and Monica were on or off right now...I always forgot with how often they 'broke up' and 'made up'. Seeing as how she was ignoring him, I decided they were probably off.
Ezekiel cleared his throat. "Either way, you might want to get up, the seer is getting here today."
I cursed under my breath-that was today, wasn't it. "Great. Another newbie."
Ash rolled his eyes. "Don't be too excited. But you know we can use the extra help."
I shrugged. "We've never needed help before."
Ezekiel pushed his glasses up his nose as he cleared his throat. "The command came from up high, so we've got him whether you want him or not. He's arriving just after noon by train, so please try to be nice by then."
I snorted. I was never nice. I gestured towards the door irritably. "Now, would you all please be so kind as to leave so that I can get dressed in peace?" I stressed the last part, shooting daggers with my eyes. They all got the message and exited hastily.
I sighed and got out of bed, grabbed a pair of gray pants and a black turtleneck, followed by a black jacket with hidden pockets for daggers, and my steel-soled shoes. Without looking at the mirror, I grabbed a small brush, combing the two long pieces of hair that framed my face. The rest of my hair was like a helmet, dark and close to my head. Two strands framing my face always remained longer for convenience's sake. For now, I tied them back, out of my way.
Finally, I looked in the mirror for a brief instant. Dark, steely eyes, emphasized by my pale skin, glared back at me with hollow anger. I grabbed my sheathed blade, trying to prepare myself for the day ahead and adjusting to a new, frustrating, noisy, pushy member of Monster Hunter HQ London.



Installment Two: Starting Today, You are a Hunter
I took my first step off the train, breathing in nervously-I was starting a new job today, after all. I looked around at the bustling cityscape before me, noticing I rather stood out from the other people scuttling about. They all had dark clothing, dark eyes, dark faces-not dark in skin color, but mistrustful, nervous, closed-off. I probably looked lost to them, standing there in my white coat and white pants, with my bright eyes and ever-present ghost of a smile-not to mention my hair. Curly and shock white, stark against my dusty brown skin. I was getting the strangest looks, which kind of made me want to laugh. This was definitely different from Zerox!
"Aha. This conspicuous looking fellow must be Shylar Arangarti."
I turned to see a tall, blonde haired man coming towards me, dressed in a black coat that nearly reached his combat boot clad feet. His green eyes sparkled at me without the furtiveness of the other city dwellers, and he held out a hand.
"Ash Woods. I'm here to pick you up-you are Shylar Arangarti, right?"
I grinned and shook his hand enthusiastically, nodding. "I am! Are you a Field Hunter then?" I asked, and he winked, holding a finger to his lips.
"Try to keep a low profile when you're out of uniform. Come with me, kid, and you'll learn all you need to know."
I nodded and grabbed my bag, following after the black clad figure into the city full of black clad figures.
I was on my way to becoming a Monster Hunter.

"Well, comrades, may I present our newest member...Shylar Arangarti." Ash motioned me into a room where I assumed a group of fellow Hunters were chatting, and I came into the doorway hesitantly, trying my best to exude confidence.
"Um...he's really bright." A female voice said, and I looked out to see only a handful of other people in the room besides Ash and myself. The one who had spoken was a petite young woman with short, curly brown hair and sparkling chocolate brown eyes. Her skin was also a warm brown, and she was sitting elegantly in a kitchen chair. Her words had a Spanish lilt to them, and I figured she was probably Gispadean.
"So you're a seer?" Another voice said, and I glanced over at the second occupant of the room. His hair was brown-blonde, and he was holding a book open in his lap. Wire rim glasses perched on his nose in front of yellow-green eyes that were almost frighteningly intelligent as they appraised me.
"Yes, I am- Shylar Arangarti, at your service! So...what are all of your names?" I asked, and the girl grinned at me, standing up and holding out a hand to me.
"Monica Carrero. Welcome to the team, novio." She said, winking at me as I grasped her small but strong hand. After thinking about it for a second I stepped forward and embraced her, and to my surprise she hugged me hard around the waist, practically lifting me off the ground. I laughed and she laughed, and I knew right away that we were going to be friends in the coming months.
"Well, that was so sweet it was sickening." An unfamiliar voice said, and I looked up to see the final occupant of the room sitting against the wall. He was like a shadow, with dark clothes covering almost every inch of stark ivory skin, a dark sleek haircut and dark blue-grey eyes that were almost black.
"Lighten up, Kier, he's one of us!" Monica said, and Ezekiel shook my hand as Ash gave me another firm handshake. The shadowy man - Kier - rolled his eyes, turning back to what he had been doing before-which was polishing a wicked looking sword.
"It's good to meet you!" I said, advancing and reaching a hand out. Suddenly everyone jumped at this and held me back or got in between me and Kier, careful not to actually touch him. I was startled by their extreme reactions and dropped my hand in confusion. He didn't even look up, and Ash kept me back.
"Listen...Kier has issues with touching. Try to stay out of his space if you like your hand attached to your wrist." He said, and Monica nodded, looking relieved that they had pulled me away in time.
I looked back at the man and felt a twinge of sadness-he looked so lonesome. But he refused to even acknowledge me, still stroking his steel indifferently.
What I didn't know then was that I was in for the adventure of a lifetime.



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