Chapter 1: The Girl With A Kind Heart

The girl was excited to go to school today. She couldn't wait to meet and make new friends at her new school, so she hurriedly walked through the hallways to find her classroom number. She had a light shade of brown medium-length hair that was also tied in 2 mini pigtails, and her eyes showed a very light color of yellow green.

Overly rejoiced when she had finally found her classroom number, she then slid the door open before she was late for class.

Hello, my name is Melon, and I'm in 6th grade.

"Yes! I made it!"

I love melon bread, and-

Melon's mind had paused when her eyes widened as she finally got a good look at the classroom.

Surprisingly, the results were very astonishing.

…Is this really a proper classroom?

Up ahead, the classroom was a mess. The teacher looked as if he hadn't eaten for weeks, his facial expression matching of that of a zombie. The students in there too, were all either sleeping in the middle of class, or they were fooling around.

In response, the only expression that lay on Melon's face was her mouth wide open and a sweat drop somewhere around her head.

It can't be right?

I mean, I might be thinking too much but…

What kind of class is that?

Overwhelmed by the scene she had saw, Melon was caught off guard when someone had bumped into her, resulting in her carelessly bumping the side of her head to the wall.

"Ow!" she cried out as she grimaced for a quick second at the contact of her particular injured spot.

Great, just how much of a ditz can I be?

However, Melon was surprised when she had heard another voice speaking from behind her.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! Are you ok?"

Looking to see who was behind her, she came across a girl who looked slightly taller than most 6th grade girls. She had an orangey brown hair color of the sort, and her eyes shown many shades of bright amber. Her hair was tied into 2 low pigtails with curvy waves at the ends of it, and she was fairly pretty.

Melon had blinked several times at the girl before she realized she was supposed to respond back.

"O-Oh! It's alright, I'm ok-

Before Melon could finish her sentence though, she was then cut off by this amber-eyed girl.

"EH? No way! You're in room 165?"

Melon then paused for a quick second to verify what this girl had just asked her.

Wait, room 165?

But my room is suppose to be 155…!

That means I really was in the wrong classroom-!

Realizing that all this time she had been at the wrong classroom, she sweat dropped at her embarrassing situation, although she did feel a whole lot better to know that the classroom right beside her wasn't the one she was going to spend for the whole school year.

"No, I accidentally went to the wrong classroom…" melon replied back rather awkwardly.

"Oh really? What room are you in then?" The amber-eyed girl asked her with a curious expression on her face.

"Ummm…Room 155…"

In response, surprisingly the amber-eyed girl had her eyes widened.

"Seriously? Wow, good timing! I was just about to go to room 155 as well! If you're lost, we should go together then!"

Melon was thankful to hear that coming from this nice girl.

"Really? Thanks! That'll help a lot!"

When they had both finally reached their destination, the bell had rang and shortly afterwards, lunchtime had started.

"Yay! Its lunchtime!"

Melon, who was waiting for lunchtime to come all this time, decided to stay in the classroom as she unfolded her bento box, but had not found the one thing she had loved to eat most-

Her melon bread.

As she realized she had forgotten to bring her melon bread today, her thoughts were then cut off again by a familiar voice of someone by the doorway.

"Hey, it's you again! Do you want to eat outside with me?"

When Melon looked by the doorway, she had found it was the amber-eyed girl again who was talking to her, as she showed a cheerful smile on her face.

In response, melon was more than happy to eat with her first acquaintance.

"Sure!" she replied back with the same cheerful smile the other girl had given.

When they had reached outside, they both sat by the school benches where their spot was at its shadiest.

Deciding it was needed to both introduce themselves, the amber-eyed girl had started the conversation first.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you my name back there. It's Yokuso, tell me when you need anything ok?"

"Me too! My name's Melon."

After exchanging smiles, yokuso then went through her backpack before she had grabbed out a melon bread and had passed it towards melon.

"Sorry about before, this is a little apology for it. Here!"

Seeing what yokuso had given her, melons eyes were literally sparkling by then, as she gave in the temptation and gladly took it.

"Ah, thank you so much! I just happened to be in need of these! You're a great friend Yokuso-chan!"

Taken aback by melon's response, yokuso was surprised at her remark, but she then smiled as she was happy to hear that the 2 of them were already good friends.

However, yokuso then gets distracted when she suddenly senses a strange presence, but fails to pinpoint what exactly it was when melon unintentionally interrupts her concentration.

"…Yokuso? Yokuso! You there?" melon asked curiously while finishing her melon bread.

"Oh yes? Sorry about that. Was there something you wanted to talk about?" Yokuso answered back, now deciding to set aside the bothersome aura matter for a while.

"Actually there was. I need help on today's homework, could you help me?"

"Sure! Do you want me to help you right now?"

"How about after school? You can come to my house to teach me there!"

"Ok then! I'll meet you by the school gate after school!"

It was then shortly after their conversation that the first day of school had finally ended, and after the 2 had met by the school gate, both of them started heading towards melon's house.

When they had reached her house, melon was the first one to greet yokuso to come in.

"We're here! Feel free to take a look around!"


As yokuso said these words, her mind began to be filled with different thoughts about melon's house.

I wonder how her room looks like…?

As melon led the way towards her room, her room was fairly neat and tidied. There was a table at the center of the room, where 2 cushions laid at both sides of the table. On the left was her bed, and on her right was a TV that had fit perfectly inside the room. In front there was also a bookshelf that looked like it had been used quite often, and the purple rug mat on the floor went along nicely with her room.

Yokuso, amazed how tidy her place was, had her eyes opened wide.

"Whoa melon-chan, you clean all this stuff by yourself?"

"Yea, but its only because I have nothing better to do at home. Lets get down to homework now!"


After several hours of studying and teaching together, it was then yokuso's time to finally leave melon's house.

"Thanks for letting me come to your house today. I had lots of fun studying with you!"

"Same here! You're more than welcome to come to my place anytime!"

When they had both parted ways, it was then that day that melon felt she had made a really good friend on her first day of middle school.

I hope we get to see each other again tomorrow.

It was later that after a whole month befriending each other since that day, they had soon both officially became the best of friends.

As melon entered her classroom, she was glad to find yokuso was already in the classroom greeting her.

"Good morning Melon-chan! You're lucky you came in right before the bell rang!"

"Morning Yokuso-chan! Of course I wouldn't want a tardy on my first school year here!"

When the teacher came in, everyone filed back to their seats as they all got ready to take their school supplies out for their first lesson.

The teacher then began speaking when the classroom had finally calmed down.

"Before we start our lesson today, we have a new transfer student. I hope you will all be nice to him and welcome him to our school."

Registering what the teacher had said, melon then wondered what kind of student this person would be like.

I wonder who it is…!

"You can come in now."

It was then from that point on was this one student only just the beginning to start the trigger that was going to change melon's ordinary life forever.

A/N: Done with the first chapter! Chapter 1 is mainly giving a bit of a background on how melon befriends her first best friend and how her life is like before all the other characters are introduced and complicated stuff starts coming along. This story is going to be formatted in third person, however most of it is going to revolve around melon. By the way, the original piece of this continuing story has actually been long collaborated by me and my sister, except all of the chapters that are going to be published here have all been corrected with better grammar/use of words by me. Now, what will happen to melon's life from here on out? Who is this transfer student? And how exactly is melon's best friend somehow related to all of this? Hope you look forward to the next chapter! (Review if you can! Thanks for reading! ^^)