Chapter 3: The Battle Within

Melon was completely immobilized by the demon's shortcoming. Never in her life did she ever see a living creature-or monster, as horrifying as this one before.

The demon was hideous-terrifying even, it's dark figure hovering over her friend with its dreadful claws gradually sticking out. Though as much as she wanted to warn Yokuso about what was coming from behind her, she found that she couldn't say it. The words wouldn't come out. She was too frightened, too confused to say anything.

However, just as the last moment was approaching, Melon somehow managed to muster up some courage to yell out something right before something else unexpectedly happened shortly afterwards.

"Look out-!" She cried, instinctively closing her eyes shut.

As if on queue, a sudden new voice spoke up, chanting some kind of foreign spell Melon was not able to comprehend out of.

"Ack, Mo, Shin, Sen, Shimoru!"

Taken aback by the sudden new voice, Melon's eyes impulsively shot back open again.

Almost immediately when she opened her eyes did she find a sudden new white laser coming in, specifically heading towards the demon as if light rays can hurt. Which definitely shouldn't. Right?

However, to melon's surprise, simultaneously did the demon suddenly stop, as if unable to move by the certain beam of light raying upon it.

Quickly turning around to see where the light laser was coming from, Melon gaped as her eyes widened as if never before.


She couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing right then and there. Matarou, the new transfer student in her school, can not only freeze time with a certain strange card, but he can also cast and shoot out lazer beams? What is this, a superpower or horror movie? For crying out loud, has the world gone mad?

Not being able to process anymore crazy information than she had already, her eyes then focused back to the real situation at hand.

Wait…supposively-and this is just supposively, if those laser beams really do hurt, then isn't Yokuso also in danger…?

Utterly confused and realizing her best friend may get hurt, Melon instinctively ran into Matarou, not knowing how else to stop him from casting anymore of those "laser beams" than he had earlier.

Matarou was then taken aback by her reckless gesture, unconsciously disrupting his spell and immediately falling down to a quick 'thud' onto his back upon this sudden girl's forced weight on him.

Finding his back roughly coming into contact with the cold hard floor shortly afterwards, he quickly grimaced before his mind recovered just as fast.

Tch-! Who the hell-?

Looking up to see who had interrupted his spell, his mind abruptly stopped when his eyes finally met with a certain green-eyed girl.

She was obviously confused and nervous. Her body was clearly writing the word "anxious", yet somehow her bright luminous green eyes told elsewhere.


Almost spontaneously did he suddenly recognize who this girl was. She was the same girl he had spoken to earlier. The one whom he suspected might've been the same of his kind.

But why on earth was she still moving? Time should have stopped for ordinarily people unless-

"Look, I don't know what's going on…"

Slightly flinching by her sudden strong voice, he saw her gradually lifting herself back up, her bangs unusually shadowing her face with an unreadable expression for some reason.

"-And I don't know what the hell you're doing but-

Suddenly, Matarou's eyes widened. All of a sudden, he felt a strong powerful force coming from within this particular girl… And the moment she lifted her fingers up, he knew something was coming. Definitely.

This strong magical presence coming from her, and that familiar hand sign-

Normally, time should have already stopped for ordinarily people unless…!

"-But don't hurt Yokuso like that baka-!"

-She was a spell caster.

Little did he know he was indeed going to hit the mark.

For Melon on the other hand, she wasn't entirely sure what got into her. All she thought of right then and there was saving her best friend, and nothing else really did occur to her mind after that.

Out of nowhere, Melon suddenly heard a strange calling.

A voice of beautiful woman…a goddess, even…and the sound of water droplets…?

Somehow, something inside her was calling to her. The voice was very soft, but mellow and echoic, like the sound of water droplets. If everything wasn't so crazy right now, she might've mistaken the voice as a hallucination even.

"Call…out…to me. If you want to use mine and your own inner powers, activate the magical words…"

Though Melon wasn't sure why this woman's voice was helping and saying strange things to her, she somehow didn't hesitate on responding back.


If…there is some kind of power in me…!

Just then, Melon suddenly felt a great surge of energy coming into her, and instinctively she lifted her hand up, hoping as if something would happen shortly afterwards.

"Help me use it to protect Yokuso-!"

Suddenly, her eyes widened upon seeing her fingers glowing, her hand somehow summoning a large tsunami twister and eventually shooting it towards the demon in response.

Seeing the demon had taken hit from it, it surprisingly dispersed, having to leave a white shine of light before it's entire figure was eventually disappearing after the sudden…water she somehow cast out.

Realizing what she had done right then and there, she didn't know whether she should have been happy or afraid at that moment. Did she just…summon out water with her bare hands? Similar to what Matarou did earlier…? And did she just use that water to make the demon disappear? Who was that voice that was helping her just now…?

More confused than she had ever been in her life, her running thoughts abruptly paused when she heard a gentle 'thud' coming from behind her.

Turning around and realizing it was Yokuso, her train of thought quickly switched back to that of her best friend.

Seeing Yokuso already falling unconscious, Melon then began panicking.

"Yokuso-? Yokuso! Are you alright-?"

"Because you interrupted my spell earlier, the side effects ended up making her fall unconscious. But since your friend here is also one of us, she's going to be fine after an hour or so."

Melon flinched in response; slightly forgetting the fact that Matarou was still around here. She then glanced back at the brunette; unconsciously furrowing her eyebrows as questions ran through her. Spell? Side effects? One of us? Just why were we the only ones still moving right now anyways…?

"What do you mean…?" Was all she could say in response. The green-eyed girl seriously needed a really good explanation right now…and honestly, she was too exhausted from all the crazy things that have been going on so far. Everything just went by so fast…she could hardly recall what she was doing in the first place before this whole entire occurrence happened.

After an awkward moment of silence, Matarou finally spoke up again.

"I'll explain later. But right now, we'll need to get your friend placed at the nurse's office so no one gets suspicious later on… Since I'll need to unfreeze back time sooner or later, I'll carry her there."

Melon merely nodded before she saw Matarou picking up her friend. Together, they headed towards the nurse's office in mostly silence throughout the whole walkway.

She was going to need a real explanation on all of this. And whether she'll be able to face it or not, Matarou was going to tell her.

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