Made: Monday, December 26, 2011

Time: 12:55a

I'm crying

I'm dying

From what I am hiding

Please don't leave me

Please stay and protect me

Please don't-

Me, myself, and I

How did it come to this?

Why? Why? Why?

Were you ever

Or were you never

Ever, forever, can't be better

Are you speaking?

Are you beating?

Am I bleeding?

Am I breathing?

I'm not gonna make...

Catch me before I take...

I'll fall for you

Any day

Any way

We're over

Life's over

Ghosts in the mirror

My face coming nearer

Nobody can hear her

I'm dreaming

I'm screaming

Am I breathing?

No one can help me

No one can catch me

I will hold me

I'll never leave me...

Don't cry

Don't lie

This is why

I love you