I'm pretty sure I'm partially insane because that's the only explanation as to why I chose to wear five inch heels on an eight hour flight.

I wasn't even at the airport and I was already feeling the pain.

Of course these booties were adorable so it helped lessen my lapse of judgment. Because honestly who wouldn't be jealous of these shoes? They not only look good, but make my legs and ass look good.

"You're ridiculous Courtney." I sigh and think of how stupid it was of me to pick up my phone without checking the caller ID.

"What Alex?" I whine.

"Your attire is not fitting for this plane trip."

"How do you even know what I'm wearing?" I ask.

"You tweeted a picture of your 'totes adorbs' outfit." He mocks me.

I frown even though I know he can't see it, "Oh…"

"It's okay C. Although I couldn't tell if you were seriously using the term 'totes adorbs' or if you were mocking it, it still suited the tweet."

I roll my eyes, "Thanks."

"No problem," I can hear the smile in his voice, "So how long till you're at the airport?"

"Um…" I check the time on my phone, "Fifteen minutes maybe more. Depends on traffic of course even if it's two in the morning."

"Well you should hurry up because I'm getting awfully tired of waiting for you."

I make a confused face and listen as the cab driver signals to change lanes, "I'm sorry what?"

"I'm at the airport stupid."

"I thought you weren't in town…?"

"I lied."

"Why?" I ask like it's the most obvious thing. Because really why does he need to give me as little information about things as possible?

"Well I debated if I should say goodbye to you or not. I decided I might as well." Alex sighs dramatically and I can hear the slight sarcasm.

I frown again. Although Alex Louis has a very beautiful, gorgeous face I often find myself wanting to punch him in said face. Except I probably wouldn't be able to reach or awkwardly miss due to the height difference.

"If you keep on say thing Alex I might just punch you in the face when I see you."

"If you can reach."

I scoff even though I just had the same though, "Jackass."

"Sorry but I'm not sorry."

"I'm wearing heels that greatly increase my height FYI."

"Right well you're easy to knock over while you're in your stripper heels."

"I swear you should just leave the airport right now Alexander Joseph Louis." I warn.

"Right sorry Courtney. I promise I'll be good."

I roll my eyes, "You better. I'm pulling up to the airport now. Talk to you in a bit."


I hang up and drop my phone into my Louie bag. I dig for my pocketbook and pay the cab driver. I reach for the door but it's opened for me.

"Hey there." Alex smiles down at me with his most gorgeous smile ever. His real smile and not the fake one he plasters on for other girls and the people he works with.

I shake my head and smile at him anyway despite my previous issue with him.

Alex takes my hand, pulls me out of the cab and holds me tight. Naturally he gives my ass a feel and lifts me off my feet.

"Alex!" I squeak. My feet dangle slightly above the ground. Alex chuckles and sets me down. The cab driver already unloaded some of my bags. Alex rushes over and helps the man as I stand there.

I dig through my purse and Alex thanks the man and gives my cheek a kiss.

"Come on princess let's get your bags checked."

I grab a suitcase as Alex takes a duffle, a Louie hat box sort of suitcase and another suitcase. I admire even in this lighting, Alex's subtle lean swimmer's muscles.

For as long as I've known Alex he's been an avid swimmer and dabbles in rugby. He's definitely an athletic type of guy but I feel like it's because he can be so ADD sometimes that he just has to be up and doing something.

Maybe that's why he decided to help me at three in the morning.

Alex and I wait in the seemingly forever still line. An Asian family waits in front of us and this Hispanic couple is behind.

I tiredly lean against Alex as he has an arm around me. I'm practically drooling in his flannel shirt. How attractive am I?

"You sure you're ready for this life?" Alex asks.

"What?" I reply half asleep.

"Court are you sure you want to do this? This whole travelling constantly and working for that snobby woman."

"That snobby woman that thinks you're a fine piece of ass?" I smirk.

Without looking I can tell that he rolled his eyes, "Yeah the woman who's old enough to be my mother."

I shrug, "Yeah. I'll be travelling the world with her and albeit I'll be her assistant I still get to get the ins and outs of the fashion world. It's my ticket in Alex."

He sighs and rubs my arm, "Yeah I know."

The line finally moves and we shift barely a foot forward.

"Why're you here anyway?" I ask.

"To help you of course princess." He says honestly.

"You didn't have to. I never asked-"

"I know. I wanted to. I won't be able to help you when you're in other countries now can I."


"Remember when you needed help moving into your old apartment? Or when that guy wouldn't leave you alone? Or when you and Alice had a fight?"

I snuggle closer to him, "Yeah I remember. You helped me move in and even got your friends to aid me. And you beat that guy up for me. Then you let me cry on you all night and brought me food when Alice and I fought."

"Exactly. I'm your knight in shining armor-but you're gonna have to fend for yourself now." He admits more to himself than to me.

"Growing up sucks."

"You're telling me."

And before we know it we're at the front of the line. I use the touch screen device to get my ticket printed while Alex gets my bags checked.

With just my Louie purse in tow Alex walks me to the security check.

Of course the line is packed and just as slow as the last one. Alex waits with me in line but we both know that we'll have to depart when I reach the front.

In all the movies and shows they show people saying goodbye at the terminal, but with all this security nowadays all the romanticism is dead.

Alex holds my hand as I lean into him.

I hate to admit it but I'm scared.

I never really left this city and I've always had someone taking care of me. My dad, my older brother, Alice, Alex-I never had to rely on just myself.

It's sad to say but I am a princess.

So what was I going to do without my knight in shining armor?


I snap out of my daze as I go through security. The man allows Alex to pass just for us to say goodbye.

We step off to the side as I slip my shoes back on and grab my purse.

Alex runs his fingers through my dark dirty blond hair and I reach up to fix his lighter blond surfer locks. His eyes a much darker blue look into my hazel ones. He gives me a sad half smile.

"So," I say.

"So," he repeats.

I start to say something but decide against it.

"You know I couldn't let you leave without saying goodbye. You mean the world to me babydoll." Alex admits.

My heart is frowning-if it could frown-and my eyes go big. Did he really just say that? He never says sentimental things like that.

"I'm in love with you Courtney but I've gotta let you go." He runs a thumb over my jawline and I'm speechless.

Alex leans down planting his soft lips against mine. I melt against his touch. I grab onto his shirt and he wraps his arms around my waist. Without hesitation I slide my tongue into his mouth and we play around for a bit. He pulls away for a quick breath but I capture his lips again. We kiss and kiss and it seems like a perfect never ending game of lips and tongue.

Alex pulls away though for good this time. He gives my hand a squeeze as he gently kisses the tip of my nose.

My eyes follow his swollen lips.

"I love you." He says and leaves me without waiting for my reply.

I just stand there flabbergasted. I look around and notice that a few people are staring. My cheeks heat up even more than they were and I head deeper into the airport.

I wasn't just going to follow him out. I had to go. I have a whole new life and a career.

Even if he'd never admit it Alex Louis has been my best friend since tenth grade. We're both twenty-three now and closer than ever. Except Alex always had the upper hand in the relationship because he saw me at my best and worst. He got all of me and he somehow kept me a bit at bay. I didn't get to know everything and he'd never admit to things. But somehow I always knew the real truth. Somehow I always knew that Alex needed me just as much as I needed him.

Except now he was letting me go. He's in love with me and he's letting me go.

The logic I don't see at all. I wouldn't be surprised if he never spoke to me again out of pride.

So again what did this all mean?

He told me he loved me and left leaving me more confused than ever.

Alex's mother was born and raised on a farm. She was a southern girl while Alex's father was raised to be a corporate powerhouse. The two couldn't be more different. They had Alex who embodied both of them. Of course Alex was always a beautiful boy and the envy of many. Not to mention he was the eye of too many girl's affection. I grew up in his presence.

It wasn't until tenth grade when we became best friends.

I needed his help with something- I couldn't remember exactly what it was but it was something random-and he helped me.

Our friendship of course was founded on the fact that I needed him and he was willing to provide me with help.

So for years Alex ended up doing things for me and dropping everything just to help me.

But it turns out that somewhere along the way he fell in love with me.

It's sad because I fell in love with him too.

I shut my phone off and put it into my purse. I pout to myself and cross a leg over the other. Some little boy and his mother were seated next to me. He was whining to his mum about how he didn't want to leave and the woman was clearly exhausted.

I glance at them and take out a book.

By the time I had reached Wales, Glasgow, Dublin, and Melbourne nearly two years had passed. When a little more than two years had passed I spent time in Greece and I was currently in Italy.

I put my hair into a messy bun and half of my shirt slides off my shoulder. It was damn hot. I glance at my reflection and notice my cheeks are a bit rosier than usual. My air conditioning was broken and I was anxious for the man to come and fix it. Not only because he's hot but because air conditioning would be great about now.

My roommate was currently on her honeymoon. It felt really empty considering that her fiancé, now husband, pretty much lived with us too.

Although I haven't had a boyfriend in ages I did sleep around more than I cared to admit. Most nights I avoid bringing someone back because I knew my roommate and her man would give me hell for it.

I slightly jump when someone knocks.

"Courtney you better fucking be home because if you aren't and that crazy lady that lives across from you is wrong then I swear-"The voice mumbles as they continue to bang on my door.

I make a face and open the door.

My heart bottoms out.

Alex lets out a big sigh and envelopes me in a tight hug. My feet are lifted off the ground and I'm instantly surrounded by Alex's typical scent of apples and Old Spice-except now I get a smoky hint.

Alex kisses me all over and I wrinkle my nose.

"God Courtney I've missed you," he gives my lips a quick peck, "The crazy bat across the hall said that you were on your honeymoon except she didn't know if it was you or your roommate. And if you got married without me knowing then I'd have to murder someone."

I give Alex's chest a punch and he rubs the spot that came on contact with my hand, "What was that for?"

I frown, "Alex we haven't spoken in two years. The last time we saw each other you kissed me and told me you loved me-"

"Speaking of which," He interrupts and kisses me. His hands travel up and down my body until he decides to wrap my waist in his arms. He pretty much knocks the breath out of me. His too soft and perfect lips just fit mine so nicely. His tongue grazes mine and we both break free for air.

Alex's vivid baby blues lock with mine and my heart stops for a moment again.

"I've missed you." He presses his forehead against mine.

I close my mouth and remember why I was mad, "You're not allowed to do that! You can't tell me you love me and then leave me breaking contact with me for two years. That isn't allowed."

"I'm sorry." He pouts causing me to frown.

"You're an awful person Alexander."

"So you're not going to call me Alex?" He frowns childishly.

I don't reply and give him a dirty look. I wiggle out of his grasp and land on the ground. I attempt to close the door but he stops me.

"Princess please don't do this to me."

I scoff, "Oh because you have every right to make that request."

"Of course I do."

I roll my eyes, "You know you also can't go around kissing people like that. Especially me-what if I have a boyfriend?"

"I don't care. If you do or don't have a boyfriend I still consider you mine and I'd punch that son of a bitch."

"Now you're just getting cocky."

Alex touches my neck, "You know it's true."

"I know you're a cocky mother fucker."

"Well I'm confident about my love for you."

"It's been two years Alex."

"And I thought I could get over you. I thought that after two years I could detach myself. I also thought that it'd get easier. Somehow I also thought that maybe this was all in my head but then I saw you and I knew right away that it wasn't. I was prepared to come here and not feel anything for you. Which it didn't work out that way."

I sigh and put my hands on my hips, "Well then Alex if you haven't noticed this isn't just about you. I'm also involved in this if you didn't know. You should also remember that I never told you that I loved you back."

"But you do and did. Right?" He touches my chin so gently and he looks like a puppy, "Because I don't think I could live if I just imaged all the feelings I thought you reciprocated. Even though I guess I did but I could really feel the love you know." He smiles at me and I melt again. He's perfect.

"Aren't you just a charmer…"

Alex touches his hair, "I'm serious though Courtney. I love you, I really do and mean it."

I open my mouth and close it.

"You started smoking." I point out.

He smiles and touches his chin, "Yeah. It helped me cope."

"You're slowly killing yourself."

"I was slowly killing myself without you. Didn't seem like much of a difference."

"I like the smell…and taste." I put a hand on his belt and go for a kiss. Alex catches on and leans down. We share the most gentle and loving kiss in the world and I swear the universe would explode from how perfect it is.

He tangles a hand in my hair and I pull away. Our noses are touching. Our lips are so close too.

"But that doesn't mean I encourage it."

"Of course princess." Alex gives me another kiss.

"So what now? Are you going to leave me again?" I ask.

"I'll never leave you."

"Aren't you sweet."

Alex smiles, "Yeah. But well as you know I'm filthy rich so I think I can afford to take some time off. And I heard that you have a new job where you hold quite a bit of power."

"Where'd you hear that from?" I ask even though I know the answer.

"I have my sources. So can I come in now?"

I shrug and finally let him in.

"So care to tell me how many men I have to kill-er-how many men you've slept with while we've been apart?"

I roll my eyes, "Wouldn't you like to know."

"That's why I asked princess." He had a smug grin.

"How many girls have you slept with then?"

"Wouldn't you like to know." He mocks.

I give him a good shove.

"It's hot in here Court. Looks like we definitely need to take our clothes off and have passionate sex to cool down."

I shove him again even though it doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

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