Under a tree in the rain

She waits for prince charming

On a horse so white

To save this damsel in distress

From a broken heart

Crying for him to come

But days became week

And weeks became months

But he still didn't come

Her heart has gone vacant

She became an empty shell

Her soul has gone black

The devil is by her side

Her eyes are empty without shine

And she keeps an absent gaze

Once she is frozen in time

He finally comes

He travels an endless staircase

Until he reaches the final door

Without a single movement

The door creaks open

She sits there beautifully as she has been

Since that first day

She does not move nor does she speak

He is amaze by her beauty

He has fallen deep in love

He approaches to her

And plants a single peck on her cheek

But there is no response

His fingers brushes through her silken hair

Still no response

At last he couldn't hold it in anymore

He kisses her with all of his love

Her eyes shine once more

Her soul is enlighten

She is overjoyed and kisses him in return

Their love has finally reached one another

And they lived together forever in each other's arms