"Good job getting the silver in the long jump, sweetie." said high schooler Suzie Superb's mom, as the family ate dinner.

"Can I be excused?" asked Suzie's 7-year-old little brother, Spencie Superb.

"Not yet, son." said Suzie's dad. "Let's hear your sister try and defend herself."

"Eh, the only reason I got it is because Melissa Jackson was sick... Everybody knows she's my school's REAL second best long jumper." said Suzie. "Wait a second, defend myself? Mom, was that sarcasm?"

"Wow, you really couldn't tell?" asked Suzie's mom.

"In the sarcasm-detect-a-thon, you must have gotten a participant ribbon!" joked Spencie.

They all laughed at her.

"I mean, silver? Christ, at least a participant ribbon means you tried!" laughed her dad.

"I hate you all!" cried Suzie, running up to her room. She jumped onto her bed and started crying into her pillow. "Boo hoo! Boo hoo!"

Suddenly, there was an incredibly bright light, shinin' like a beacon through Suzie's window!

"Wh... what?" she stammered, confused. "Where the heck is this light coming from?"

The light narrowed itself into a solid beam, and like magic, three mysterious figgers materialized in Suzie's room.

"Aaagh! Mom! Dad!" she screamed. "Help!"

The light disappeared, and as her eyes adjusted, she saw that the three figgers were bodacious humanoid females. The one standing to the left was a tainted yellow color, with shiny black stripes and shiny black hair. Instead of fingers, her hands had five large, polished black claws. Her teeth were sharp fangs, and she wore a black bikini made of some sort of animal fur.

The one in the center was blue, with white hair and wings. Her eyes were a solid white. She wore a white, gold-trimmed breastplate made of some kind of sturdy, ivory-like material, and a white pleated skirt that fell halfway down her thigh. She carried a bow, and on her back was a quiver of arrows.

And finally, the one on the right was a pale green, with dark (nearly black) green hair and two large, curved horns sprouting from her temples. She wore a shiny metal scalemail bikini, accompanied by an small dagger strapped to her left thigh.

"Help! Somebody help!" screamed Suzie. "Monsters!"

"Please remain silent, Suzie Superb." said the green one. "We mean you no harm."

"H... How do you know my name?" moaned Suzie, scared.

"We have been observing you for quite some time." said the blue one. "I am Soria, of the Aurigae Union." said the blue one. She indicated the yellow one. "That's Vessex.Z of Spica," then the green one, "And she is of Saiph. Saiphids do not have names."

"Hello!" said the Saiphid.

"You're... aliens?" gasped Suzie.

"To you, yes." said Vessex.Z.

"What do a bunch of scantily clad alien girls want with me?" asked Suzie.

"Allow me to explain." said Soria. "There are many classifications of intelligent races throughout the galaxy. Walking upright on two legs, not having a tail, being mammalian, possession of a mental capacity for the arts; these are all traits shared by Aurigoid races. Your-"

"Hey! I thought we agreed it was Spicoid!" said Vessex.Z.

"Shut the hell up!" said Soria. "We were doing the whole wise, intellectual alien thing! Why can't you keep your fucking mouth shut for two seconds?"

"Guys, relax. This isn't worth squabbling over." said the Saiphid reasonably. "Besides, it's obviously Saiphoid."

"I always thought it was humanoid." said Suzie.

"You don't get to talk." said Vessex.Z coldly. Suzie whimpered.

"Anyways, your race, the humans, bear these characteristics, as do we." said Soria. "Our three races have formed an amazing political alliance, and we've come to invite you to join us as the official ambassawarrior representing your race."

"Why me?" asked Suzie.

"An ambassawarrior must be the strongest being in his or her entire race." said the Vessex.Z. "Not just physically, but also... uh... hmm..." She looked at her comrades. "Hey, it's not entirely physical, is it?"

"Yeah, it is." said Soria.

"Oh." said Vessex.Z.

"Okay, so why me?" repeated Suzie. "I'm definitely not the strongest human there is."

"That's not what we saw at your school field day!" raved the Saiphid. "You were awesome at the long jump!"

"Yeah, but it's not like I got the gold..." said Suzie.

"On all our planets, coincidentally, silver is a rarer element than gold." explained Soria. "So we view getting silver as a much more prestigious honor."

"So, let's go!" said the Saiphid cheerfully, taking Suzie's hand.

"W-wait! I'm not going anywhere!" said Suzie, pulling her hand away. "I've got friends and stuff here!"

"I see." said Vessex.Z. "Well then, as official ambassawarriors of the Spicoid Alliance, it's our responsibility to remain on Earth until we can convince you to come with us!"

"Ask your mom if we can stay here." said Soria.

"What? No!" said Suzie. "I don't want you guys around here!"

"Fine, then we'll ask." said the Saiphid. They left Suzie's room and started walking downstairs.

"Hey! No! Come back!" said Suzie, getting up and running after them. "Don't let my parents see you-"

"Holy crap!" said Suzie's mom. "Beautiful, multicolored young women!"

"Rrrowr!" said Suzie's dad sexily.

"Is it just me, or did girls stop seeming gross?" asked Spencie, confused. "Anyone else feel that?"

"Hi there." said Soria. "We are Suzie's friends, from human internet. We decided to come visit her, and she was wondering if we could stay here for a while."

"Absolutely!" said Suzie's dad, hypnotized by their beauty.

"No way!" said Suzie's mom. "I don't want any random internet strangers living in my house!"

"Let's put it to a vote, shall we?" asked the Saiphid. "All in favor?" The three alien girls, plus Spencie and dad, raised their hands.

"All opposed?" asked the Saiphid. Suzie and her mom raised their hands.

"Very well! It is decided!" said Soria. "We're staying!"

"We'll try not to be a burden." said Vessex.Z., using one of their easy chairs as a scratching post.

"They can stay in our bed." said Suzie's dad. He looked at her mom. "Sorry honey, but it looks like you'll have to sleep on the couch."

"Fuck you." said Suzie's mom.

"They can stay in my room!" said Spencie. "Do you guys like Nintendo? Suzie never wants to play Nintendo with me!"

"What is... Nin-TEN-do?" asked the Saiphid, pronouncing the word slowly and alienly.

"Yeah, does he mean the original one or what?" asked Vessex.Z.

"He means he has a Wii." said Suzie.

"Oh." said the Saiphid. "Call it a Wii, kid."

"Okay." said Spencie sadly.

"We shall stay in Suzie's room." said Soria. "If that is adequate."

"I'll get the extra sleeping bags down from the attic." sighed Suzie's mom, grabbing a flashlight.

"No, we couldn't impose!" said Vessex.Z., taking it from her. "Suzie will show us where they are."

"This sucks." said Suzie Superb.


"Alright, let's see. I think we keep the blankets and stuff over here." said Suzie, shining the flashlight toward a corner as she and the three amazons poked around her attic.

"Whoa!" said Vessex.Z., opening a trunk and finding a bunch of teddy bears and dollies and stuff. "Whose are these?"

"Aww, those are mine from when I was really little." said Suzie, getting reminiscent. She walked over and picked up a teddy bear. "This was Mr. Snuggly. Aw, this takes me back."

She squeezed his paw, and electronic voice said: "I wuv you!"

"IT SPEAKS!" shouted Soria, firing an arrow at it. As she launched the arrow it turned into a beam of otherworldly light that stabbed into the teddy bear and lit it on fire.

"Nooo! What are you doing?" cried Suzie. "It was just a toy!"

"Oh!" said Soria. "Sorry, I thought it was a Gramaul cub from Equ 4!"

"Whatever, no you didn't." chuckled the Saiphid. "You just did that to be an asshole."

Soria laughed. "Yeah, you got me."

"Shut up and put it out!" said Suzie, as the fire spread to it's surrounding teddy bears and dollies.

"On it!" shouted the Saiphid. She opened her mouth and breathed fire on the fire. "Take that, fire!"

"Arrgh!" shouted Suzie, as the fire grew and grew.

"Good job, Saiphid! I'll take it from here!" shouted Vessex.Z. "Rrrah!" She started tearing down the roof of Suzie's house with her bare hands and throwing the lumber on the fire.

"Oh my god! What are you doing?" moaned Suzie.

"Trust me! I know what I'm doing!" replied Vessex.Z. She continued to throw wood on the fire until eventually the blaze was finally suffocated.

"Great work, team." said Soria.


"Ah, squeaky clean." said Vessex.Z., drying her hair with a towel and stepping out of Suzie's bathroom after finishing her shower.

"Yeah, that was great." said Soria. "It's too bad you don't have a group shower, but it will do."

"A group shower? Are you serious?" asked Suzie.

"Of course she is!" said the Saiphid. "Ambassawarriors stick together, Suzie ole pal!"

"Yeah, well, whatever, here you go." said Suzie, as she finished rolling out their sleeping bags. "Goodnight."

"Huh? But it's only human 10:30!" complained the Saiphid.

"Yeah, I'm wired!" said Vessex.Z., jumping on Suzie's bed. "I'll never be-" she yawned, "-able to fall asleep now."

Soria yawned too. "Oh man, that's contagious."

"Okay, fine. What do you want to do?" asked Suzie.

The three alien girls thought about it for a moment.

"Let's make POPCORN!" cheered Vessex.Z.

"Yay!" said the other two with a sleepovery giggle.

"No way." said Suzie. "My mom's already mad at us for tearing the roof off the house, even though she didn't say so."

"Oh c'mon, your mom won't care if we make a teensy bit of popcorn, right?" pleaded the Saiphid, giving her a hug of persuasion from behind.

"No, she will." said Suzie. "The whole family's already asleep by now. We're not supposed to be noisy. Also, your skin is really hot, do you have a fever or something?"

"I'm heated from the inside." said the green girl. "Don't I feel snuggly? Don't you just wanna go down to your primitive human kitchen and make popcorn now?"

"Not really..." said Suzie. "And it actually kinda burns after a while, ouch."

"We won't be noisy!" insisted Soria. "Ambassawarriors are masters of stealth!"

"Huh? What'd you say? I couldn't hear you." said Vessex.Z., cupping her claws around her ear.

Soria raised her voice to a shout. "I SAID, AMBASSAWARRIORS ARE MASTERS OF-"

"Okay! Okay! We'll go! Jeez!" said Suzie regretfully.


"So? Do my clothes fit you guys?" asked Suzie. It was the next morning, after she got in big trouble for making popcorn. They were getting ready for skewl.

"You're short." noted Soria, pulling down one of Suzie's shirts. She had to cut big holes in the back for her wings. "Oh well, the bare midriff thing works fine."

"I'm not that short. I'm on the better side of 4'10"." said Suzie.

"Yeah, well, we're on the best side." said the Saiphid. "Why can't we wear our normal battle garb?"

"You have to blend in as best you can." said Suzie. "Plus, you're not allowed to wear stuff that revealing at my school."

"Lame." said the Saiphid.

"Oh yeah, sorry I burned a hole in my sleeping bag." said Vessex.Z. "You see, as a defense mechanism, when I feel restrained by something, I secrete corrosive acid from my stripes, which-"

"I don't really need to know this." said Suzie.

"You girls hurry up!" called Suzie's mom. "You're gonna miss the bus!"

"You got it, Ms. Superb!" said Soria cheerfully, grabbing her backpack. She and the other three headed downstairs. "So what's human school like? Do you need three years of Interrogation Endurance to graduate or just two?"

"At my school it was two." said the Saiphid. "I went for Advanced IE my senior year anyway though cuz I was thinking of majoring in that in college, but it didn't end up happening."

"IE was my best subject." said Vessex.Z. "I didn't graduate with the rest of my class though because I didn't have enough Long Jump credits... I had to take summer classes, it sucked."

"You probably have an A in Long Jump, huh?" Soria asked Suzie, nudging her.

"We don't have a Long Jump class..." said Suzie. "And why are you guys even coming to school with me if you already-" But it was too late, the alien girls were already getting on the school bus. Guy and girl alike gaped at them as they walked down the aisle in slow motion while "Hair of the Dog" played.

"Whoa." said a guy.

"Lookin' good." said another guy.

"GO! JUST GO! GET OUTTA HERE!" shouted another guy, trying to shove his girlfriend out his window.

"Hey!" she cried.

"Oh my god, this is so embarrassing..." murmured Suzie, sitting down in an empty seat. The Saiphid sat down next to her, while Vessex.Z. and Soria took the seat behind her.

"Suzie?" said a guy in Suzie's geometry class. "Who are these... these GODDESSES?"

"They're alie-"

"We're her friends from human internet." interrupted the Saiphid. "Hi. I'm, uh..." She thought back to Suzie's earlier words, about the importance of blending in. "I'm Sophie."

"And I'm Soria."

"And I'm Vessex.Z."

"Oh my god." said Suzie, putting her face in her hands.

"Why do you have wings?" asked a girl skeptically, a cheerleader and former most popular girl in school. "And why do you have horns? And why do you all have multicolored skin?"

"Ooh, look, somebody's jealous." said a guy. Everyone on the bus laughed at her.

"It's true. I am." she said sadly. "Can I touch one of you? Please allow me to bask in the glow of your coolness, even if it's just for a second."

"You can touch me if you want." said Vessex.Z.

The cheerleader's eyes lit up as though it was Christmas morning. "Can I? Can I REALLY?"

Vessex.Z. nodded. "Hurry up and do it before I change my mind."

The cheerleader reached out a trembling hand, and rested it on Vessex.Z.'s shoulder. She let it sit there for a moment, then withdrew it, speechless.

"How was it?" asked a girl excitedly.

"I think..." said the cheerleader, starting to cry tears of joy. "I think I just touched the coolest person I've ever touched." There was silent awe at this statement.

"Wow." said a guy finally. "Wow."


"Have we all finished my favorite book, Johnny Tremain?" asked the English teacher, Mr. Sadist.

"YES." said the class desperately.

"Oh good. Then we can finally move on." said Mr. Sadist. "To reading it AGAIN! HAHA!"

The class groaned. Many students burst into tears, and one boy tried to hang himself.

"Oh goody! This'll give us a chance to catch up with the rest of our classmates!" said the Saiphid. She cracked open her new copy of Johnny Tremain and started to read. "I'm looking forward to sampling some of the sophisticated human literature I've heard so much abou-" She stopped and reread a line, unable to believe what she was seeing. Suddenly she let out a bloodcurdling scream, and breathed fire on the book before throwing it out the open window.

"Everyone's reaction to Johnny Tremain is the same." said Suzie.

"Holy crap, did you just breathe fire?" asked some nerd.

"Um. No?" said the Saiphid. That was all it took to convince him.

Suddenly a cool guy with a leather jacket sunglasses walked into the room in slow motion, while "Hair of the Dog" played.

"What, is that the only song we could license?" asked Suzie with a sigh.

Some girls in the classroom squealed, and he looked over the top of his sunglasses at them, all cool-like.

"Ronald Fegwort, you're late for my class again." said Mr. Sadist. "You just earned yourself a detention, mister!"

"Ooh, a detention. I'm sooo scared." said Ronald sarcastically. "Sorry I can't keep up with all your fascist regulations. A bad boy like me doesn't play by the rules. Also, I specifically requested that you call me The Ron-agade."

"Request denied." said Mr. Sadist. "Take your seat, Ronald."

"And what if I don't?" he asked. "Gonna put me in a concentration camp, KAIZER?"

"No... But I will put you in a..." He held up a copy of Johnny Tremain. "JOHNcentration camp. Do I make myself clear?"

"C-crystal, sir." said Ronald, trembling as he took his seat.

He suddenly noticed he was sitting right next to Soria. "Well hello there, baby." he said, wiping some drool off his mouth. "Interested?"

"Yeah, no." scoffed Soria.

"Then how about you, stripes?" asked Ronald, nodding to Vessex.Z., who was currently gnawing playfully on her desk. "You ready to ride the Ron-Taun?"

"I'm afraid to ask, but what's a Ron-Taun?" asked Suzie.

"You know... like a Taun-Taun? From Star Wars? Those things they ride?" asked Ron. "Never mind."

"Ha!" said Vessex.Z., ending her gnawing. "As if a mere human could ever satisfy a warrior of Spica! Get lost, pervo!"

"Nice." said Soria, high fiving her.

"Class, stop hitting on the cool and bodacious new girls." said Mr. Sadist. "I realize you all have hobbies and interests and lives of your own, but Johnny Tremain comes first. Johnny Tremain always comes first."

"Even if it means death?" asked some kid who thought he was making a joke.

"Yes, I fully expect you to all to jump at the chance to sacrifice your lives for Johnny Tremain, should the situation arise." replied Mr. Sadist. "Now then, please put your books away and get out a blank piece of paper. We're going to have a pop quiz on last night's reading."

"Awwwww." said all the kids.

"Do the new kids to take it?" asked the Saiphid, raising her hand.

"Oh, I see how it is. Just because you're new and bodacious you think you're exempt from my test, huh? Huh?" demanded Mr. Sadist, being totally unreasonable.

"Yes." said the Saiphid.

"Well guess what? All three of you have until the end of the day to be caught up with the rest of your classmates' reading, or you're expelled!" said Mr. Sadist.

"But this book is like a thousand human pages long!" said Vessex.Z.

"Then I guess you better get started." said Mr. Sadist intensely.


"I see! So this is what you humans call 'lockers'." said the Saiphid, fiddling with her lock.

"Hahaha!" laughed Soria.

"What?" asked Suzie, putting her English stuff away and getting her History textbook.

"Nothing." said Soria. "It's just... in Aurigaean, the word 'locker' means something extremely funny."

"Really?" asked Vessex.Z. "What's it mean?"

Soria lowered her voice to a whisper. "It means... boner."

"That's not funny, that's juvenile." said the Saiphid.

"Yeah, seriously." said Vessex.Z. She was having a hard time gripping her lock with her claws. "Let's see, 6 right... 28 left... argh! How do I start over?"

"Want me to help you with that?" asked Suzie.

"No way! I can do it!" said Vessex.Z. "6... 6... GRRR!" She punched the lock as hard as she could, breaking it and bending the her locker door. She tried to open it but it wouldn't go, presumably because she broke it so bad, so she punched it again and that time it worked.

"Hah!" she laughed. "Nothing stands in the way of Vessex.Z.!"

"I hope you know that's damaging school property, young lady." said a cold, sinister voice behind her. She whirled around, and was face to face with a being of pure evil.

"V-vice principal Killstudent!" said Suzie, scared out of her wits.

"So what?" asked Vessex.Z. coolly. "Not like I pay taxes."

"It could cost you something much more valuable." said Vice principal Killstudent threateningly. He looked over at Soria and the Saiphid, whose lockers were open.

He gasped and shoved them aside as he stepped forward, and picked up Soria's bow and arrows from her locker. "These are WEAPONS!" he said, shocked.

"Uh, why yes. Yes they are." said Soria slowly, looking at him like he was an idiot. "Good job?"

He took the sword out of the Saiphid's locker. "And a sword? I don't know how things are done on human internet, but at my school weapons are NOT allowed on campus!"

"That's interesting. Can I have my sword back now?" asked the Saiphid, in a tone of voice that indicated she wasn't gonna put up with any bullshit.

"And my bow and arrows?" asked Soria.

"Nope." said Vice principal Killstudent. "I'm confiscating these and calling your parents. Also, keep in mind that I've got my eye on all four of you. I don't need any troublemakers in my school, understand?"

"Yes sir." said Suzie. She expected Vessex.Z., Soria, and the Saiphid to keep arguing with him, but surprisingly they looked scared stiff. They didn't snap out of it until after Vice principal Killstudent left.

"What's the matter with you guys?" asked Suzie.

"He... he said he'd call our parents." said Soria, mortified. "Oh my god, no..."

"I made all these jokes about humans being pathetic on the spaceship ride over here..." said Vessex.Z., trembling. "Now I see the truth. You are a cold, merciless breed."

"Hold me." said the Saiphid, hugging Suzie. Suzie awkwardly patted the taller girl on the back, not really sure what was going on.

"Why are you guys scared of something like that?" asked Suzie. "You're rough and tough alien warriors, aren't you?"

"Yes, but getting our parents called is too much for even a warrior to handle!" said Vessex.Z.

"You see Suzie, in galactic law, if somebody gets in big trouble, like serious trouble, it's their parents' legal responsibility to make amends for raising such a rotten and unlawful child... by killing the accursed offspring!" explained Soria. "But that is usually only reserved for the most serious of crimes, like the destruction of a solar system or something! That this Killstudent character would call our parents over something so trivial is..."

"Uh... I don't think it's technologically possible for humans to make phone calls to outer space." said Suzie. "He doesn't even know you're aliens, remember? He'll probably just call my mom and-"

"There's no question!" said the Saiphid, clenching her green fist as she valiantly ignored her. "We have to get our weapons back, and we have to stop him from calling our parents!"

"And we also have to read Johnny Tremain by the end of the day!" groaned Vessex.Z.

"If only there were a way... to do both at once!" said Soria thoughtfully.

"I HAVE IT!" said the Saiphid. "I'll sneak into Vice principal Killstudent's office to take back our weapons and disable his phone, while you guys each read a part of Johnny Tremain, then tell me what it's about later!"

"Why do you never get the dangerous missions?" asked Vessex.Z. sadly, eyeing her copy of the book.

"Maybe Suzie should be the one to sneak in." said Soria. "She's the smallest."

"Yeah, I'm not doing that." said Suzie.

"She may be the smallest, but she can't do... THIS!" shouted the Saiphid. She stood against the lockers, then turned her skin a metallic grey color so she blended in with them.

"Now now, you don't know that for sure." said Vessex.Z. "Suzie, can you do that?"

"No, I'm pretty sure I cannot." said Suzie.

"Very well, you can use your Oorkor power to sneak in." said Soria.

"Let me explain." said the Saiphid. "On Cygnus 7, there is a creature called the Oorkor, which can change it's color to hide from predator. This power my race evolved with is similar, so we call-"

"Look, just call it a chameleon power while you're on Earth, okay?" asked Suzie.

"Whatever floats your boat." said the Saiphid.

"Your clothes didn't change this time." said Vessez.Z.

"Yeah, it's only my specially designed battle armor that can do that." said the Saiphid, starting to take her shirt off. "We don't have a choice, it's nude from here on out."

"Oh god, please don't do that." moaned Suzie.

"What's the big deal? Nobody can see me, remember?" said the Saiphid.

"You just changed colors. You're not invisible." Suzie replied.

"I sure could go for seeing a naked girl right now." said a guy to his friend as they passed by.

"I hear you, brah." said his friend. He pointed directly at where the Saiphid was standing. "Right over there would be a prime location."

"Oh yeah, we'd have a really clear view there." nodded the first guy. He sighed. "Unfortunately, though, it's just lockers."

"God, don't remind me!" groaned the second guy, shaking his head. They continued walking until they were out of earshot.

"Haha, they're still saying funny stuff." said Soria, who had superior alien hearing.

"Can you guys stop forcing explanations of your powers into our conversations?" asked Suzie. "Just let it happen naturally."

"Ha! Oh man, I can't believe they just said that!" laughed Vessex.Z.

"Hahahaha!" laughed the Saiphid, falling to the ground and clutching her sides, while changing her skin color to look like linoleum.

"Holy shit! The floor is laughing!" shouted some girl.

"I wish I was dead." said Suzie.


"I'm in." whispered the Saiphid, talking into her two way communication watch.

"I know you are, I just watched you walk in his office door." replied Suzie.

"Ambassawarrior Suzie, since you worked in here as an office aide for a half-credit last semester, you know this room better than any of us." said the Saiphid. "I'm counting on you to be my eyes."

"It's one room." said Suzie. "You can probably see the weapons from where you're standing."

"Tell her I said hi." said Soria.

"Soria says hi."

"Well yeah, they're on his desk, but I need you to tell me how to turn off the laser guard system." said the Saiphid.

Suzie sighed. "Pretty sure there isn't one."

"What, seriously?" asked Vessex.Z., disgusted. "Pathetic. Nitro turrets, then?"

"I seriously doubt it." said Suzie.

"Well, okay then." said the Saiphid, reaching out to take the sword and bow & arrows. However, as soon as she did a loud alarm sounded. "Uh oh!"

"Bail! Bail!" shouted Soria. The Saiphid heard them running away in the hall, but just as she was hurriedly making for the door, she heard the Vice-principal Killstudent's angry footsteps drawing nearer. She instinctively pressed her back to the wall, and changed her skin color to match the wallpaper.

Killstudent exploded into the room, looking pissed off. "Little brats sneakin' into my office! A lot of parents are gonna be called if I catch who it was!" The Saiphid gulped.

The vice principal stalked around the office angrily, looking behind file cabinets, under desks, and upending his wastepaper basket. "Already gone... I bet it was those bodacious new girls... Pack of troublemakers, they!"

"Psst! Saiphid, come in!" came Soria's whispering voice from the watch.

"I'm here!" the Saiphid whispered back. "But keep it down, Killstudent's right here in front of me!"

"We've got a plan." said Soria. "Vessex.Z. is gonna create a diversion to distract Killstudent, and when the moment is right, you need to open the window and jump out!"

"But I'm on the third floor!" said the Saiphid.

"Trust me on this." said Soria.

"Trust! The most important part of being an ambassawarrior." said the Saiphid determinedly, eyes watering as she clenched her fist.

"Hmm, well, even though the lasers were set off, the nitro turrets weren't." said Killstudent thoughtfully. "Maybe it was just a-"

"Help!" shouted a guy outside. "One of the bodacious new girls is eating the gerbil I brought in for show and tell!"

"Serves you right for bringing something to show and tell in high school." said another kid.

"That's true." said the first kid. "Plus, she looks great!"

"What on earth?" demanded Killstudent, poking his head out the door. "Quiet in the halls!"

'Now!' thought the Saiphid. She grabbed the weapons, opened the window, and jumped out, all in one lighting quick movement. She experienced the sensation of freefall for only a moment though, because Soria, wings flapping majestically, caught her in her arms. They were safely by the buses before Killstudent had even finished turning around. Suzie was waiting for them there.

"Jeez, that actually worked?" she said in disbelief.

"Mission accomplished!" said the Saiphid happily, tossing Soria her bow and arrows.

"I missed you guys." said Soria, kissing them.

"Hey guys." said Vessex.Z., walking over and wiping her mouth on her sleeve. "Sorry I forgot to create a diversion."

"Haha, yeah right!" said the Saiphid.

"Nah, I remembered." teased Vessex.Z.

"Oh, you!" laughed Soria.

"I had you going there, huh?" laughed Vessex.Z.

"Did not!" said the Saiphid, shoving her playfully.

"You guys are so silly!" said Soria, giving them both noogies.

"Hey Suzie, we're having an end-of-story buddy moment over here, you should get in on this." said Vessex.Z.

"No thanks." said Suzie.