History of the Houses

Long ago the ancients of a hidden island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean discovered some of their children had been blessed with different abilities; fierceness in battle, shape shifting, and healing. These children were revered above all the rest. Soon the people of the island started sacrificing to and honoring the gods whom they believed were responsible for these gifts. They were Fiermest of the Sun, Hollaywa of the Earth, and Somnetria of the Moon.

When these children with the gifts grew up, they started going around the world with their abilities and finding others like them, and training them to make the world a more peaceful place.

Soon though, that changed.

The gifted of Fiermest were in a major disagreement with the gifted of Hollaywa and Somnetria. The gifted of Fiermest wanted to make peace by ruling and fighting. The other two groups refused, and so started the war.

It raged on for 13 years, unstopping, unwavering. Even though the gifted of Hollaywa and Somnetria were working against the gifted of Fiermest, they were no match for their strength of battle.

Then, a young man by the name of Term valiantly stepped between the two armies and yelled with a tremendous voice, "Stop this fighting!" The two armies came to a halt in the middle of their charge, mesmerized by Term's strong voice. "You are acting like young children fighting over a meaningless trinket! Separate the three until the time comes to reunite them; the world is not better off with your squabbling over a disagreement!"

After that, he vanished, never to be seen again. But the three groups listened, and agreed to separate until the time was right, splitting into the three houses of the Sun, Moon, and Earth.

This is the beginning of the unity, with the House of the Sun, the world's fiercest and strongest warriors.