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The Dream

In his dream, Kyle was on an island, on top of the mountain that made up the island. The island was huge, covered in forests. In the distance on the shore, there was a large, silver building. In the middle of the forest to his left, there was a smaller and lower building like the first, except this one looked like it was made out of mud and leaves, but it looked stable and perfect.

It was daytime there, the beaches had white sand, and the water was a bright auqa color, the sky cloudless. Kyle turned around, and was surprised to see a huge golden building dominating the rest of the mountain top. It was hard to look at, but from what Kyle could see, it was made like the others, and Kyle could see strange details, like the carvings of ancient people and flaming torches. It looked like an ancient golden temple.

The huge golden doors swung open silently, and a figure stepped out of the temple. He could just barely tell it was a person, since the person was surrounded in a halo of harsh, golden light, making it nearly impossible to tell what or who it was.

As Kyle's eyes adjusted, he could make out the shape of a tall man in flowing robes, holding a tall staff.

The glowing man made his way carefully down the steps of the temple, apparently in pain, towards Kyle. Kyle tried to move, but discovered he couldn't.

Then when the man was about four feet away from Kyle, it stopped, and the light encasing them suddenly faded, leaving behind a bearded, really old man with silver hair and golden eyes that glowed like the temple. In his right hand was the staff, which was topped with a glowing golden globe, like the sun. His robes were golden as well, and shimmered like water.

In all, he was a pretty imposing figure, despite the fact that he looked about a million years old.

The man looked Kyle over and nodded approvingly. "Yes, you are the one. Finally, I may be able to rest in peace. I was beginning to lose hope."

Kyle tried to ask who the heck this old dude was, but his voice didn't work.

"Who am I?" The man asked, thinking hard. "I am the First Light. You will learn soon enough who I am, and who you are, and what role you have to play in the fate of the world, but for now, you must beware the darkness." The man looked directly at Kyle, and Kyle's dream faded into darkness.

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