We are all snowflakes, we are all one,
Created by God, the Holy One,
Created together made in unity,
Working together in harmony.

Made special with care,
Not one was a spare,
Together as one,
With Father, Ghost, and Son.

Each with our talents, so great and so grand,
We are to share them, to all others and,
We are all made with Him the Master,
Working together we will see Him faster.

We are all snowflakes, so mysterious and strange,
Brought here together not as pocket change,
But to make a difference in the world where we live,
To show others how to be kind and to give.

We are all made with diversity,
But it is strange such simplicity,
To love and to care and not to be rough,
But by being together we're so great and so tough.

Together as one snowman we will last,
But alone and apart we will melt fast,
Life will go on but what impressions we leave,
Can help others start a new day from this eve.

See, we are all snowflakes together as one,
Made together by God the Holy One,
I have nothing to say for now there is none,
My story is said and now I am done.