For You

For you alone, I will give, my whole heart to you,
And be sure I will never let the pain of loss sink through,
If you are hurt and not with joy I will not ever be,
Happy anymore as you must be forever happy.

I love you more than you will ever see or know,
Everything I have done for you is part of a big show,
For seeing you smile there alone is all that my heart needs,
And for you alone, that's right, for you alone it bleeds.

You were the one I would have loved to spend my life with here,
But I moved to slow for you, and messed up and now we're
Not together, not moving, at a big stand still,
For you I tried, for you I failed and now I lost my will.

I would love to spend my time and be eternally,
Happy in bliss and not without you I hope that you may see,
For you I have done these things that make no sense for now,
As I will show to you the things to express how.

You just lay there never moving never making sound,
I only wish that I came sooner but now you are bound,
To the earth forever more and for now I cannot do,
The things you love, the things you hate, right here now with you.

The things I did and said, may very well be,
Nothing more but hopes and dreams for my whole life, we'll see,
But for you I designate the things I do and say,
I hope that you will rest in peace and never suffer dismay.

I only wish that I had, more time to spend with you,
Now all the bad has happened, and all that we've been through,
I cannot speak to you for now as you can't to me speak,
For there is a line of earth that prevents us a wall that's thick but meek.

This wall that separates us, will only hold for now,
But one day we'll be together again, that is my solemn vow,
We both messed up we both knew what should have happened then,
And now it has been said and done but I'll see you around the bend.

I am sorry again, for the pain, that I've put you through,
One tragedy after another, is all I can seem to do,
As you look down on top of me to the rock that causes your strife,
And has said and will forever "For you I gave my life."