Eli lifted his head, suddenly. There was something on the breeze. He smelled coffee, pastries, the two people walking in front of him, and something else . . . His heart seized as the breeze picked up, blowing more of it into his nostrils. It was sweet, and feminine, with an underlying scent of something spicy—nutmeg and cinnamon. It was strong, pulling him. With another throb of his heart and a wrench of his gut, Eli realized he'd finally found her.

A sudden buzz came from his pocket. He pulled out his phone. Two new messages. The first was from Cole Wainwright, his older brother. It read: Check in. ASAP. The second message was from his younger sister Ellie. Call Mom. That was it. With pain he remembered Ellie's twin. But before he could reminisce on the past any longer, the scent hit him again.

Grinning, he spat, "Screw them." And headed down the sidewalk, following the intoxicating smell.

A/N: This is something I'm playing with! It's a sequel to Chasing the Moon. If you were confused by this (I doubt you were) then you should read Chasing the Moon first! I'm excited about this, but the updates probably won't be super fast because I plan on finishing Chasing the Moon by the end of January at the latest! Sorry if there are spoilers in here, but I will try and keep those on the minimum.