"My sweet child!" Maya cooed at her daughter. It wasn't exactly her baby at all. You see, Maya is a fairy. She saw the baby at the hospital and smiled delightfully. She knew who she wanted to Mark.

Maya ran her glittered fingers over the child, forming beautiful patterns of tattoos She made swoops and swirls all along the baby's face, down her neck and shoulders, over her back, wrapping like ribbons over her arms and legs, and formed a different kind of flower on her palms and the bottom of her feet. She was so exquisite. The baby was gifted. Blessed in every way.

Maya kissed the baby's forehead, spreading the magic further, so it stayed permanently with her for her entire life. She spread her pink wings and walked to the window. She took one look at her child and a tear rolled down her cheek. "I love you, Rae."

She opened one window and shot off into the night, leaving a breeze flowing into the room.

The baby's parents walked into the room, hearing the baby cry, and her mother picked her up. "Shh... Go back to sleep, sweetheart"

She froze in her spot, stopping the swaying and bouncing she was doing to calm the baby. A smile spread over her lips. She looked at her daughter, seeing the amazing tattoos colored in orange. She couldn't believe it. "Dylan, come here."

He rushed over to his wife and looked at the baby. "O-oh... my."

Helena looked up at her husband and smiled brilliantly, crying tears of joy. "We'll name her Rae."

Dylan kissed Rae softly where, just moments before, her other mother had. "I love it."