The Elemental Warriors

Chapter 19

Coming Together

Roy choked, grabbing the other-Roy's arms, trying to get him to let go of his neck. "Stop, it's fruitless," the other-Roy said, having a large, maniacal grin on his face. "You can't beat me. I am you."

Roy drew his fist back and punched the other-Roy in the face, causing him to fal back. "You're not me," he managed to say, trying to catch his breath. He feel to the ground, coughing. He suddenly found himself back in the hospital hallway, the nurse was kneeling on the floor, black smoke surrounding her before disappearing. "Oh, man. Are you all right?!" The nurse appeared to be unconscious, but breathing.

Roy looked around, seeing no one around. What should he do? Is it all right to leave her here?

Tony looked around the corner, seeing no one enter the side door. He slowly limped over and entered, looking around. He had to be careful and not get caught by anyone. He looked around, seeing no one in the hallway, letting out a sigh or relief as he limped forward. He turned a corner and saw a flash of red and black suddenly go into an air vent. His eyes widened, the grate wasn't even open. Whatever that thing was, it didn't appear to even have a shape. He heard footsteps and voices and ran into a bathroom, wincing as he hid inside a stall. "All right, I need to think of a plan," he said to himself before reaching out and get out an old flip-phone. "Glad I grabbed this before I left."

He dialed Roy's number and hoped that he would answer. He was probably safe if he had just encountered the monster, right?

Roy's cell phone began to ring. "At a time like this?!" He angrily hissed, but then saw it was Tony who called him. "Hello?"

"Roy, are you all right?!" He heard Tony exclaimed, worry in his voice.

"I'm going to assume that you know about the monster here," he said flatly.

"I-If you know about it, why didn't you call me or Piper?!" Roy didn't say anything for a moment.

"I didn't really much of a chance, I've been dragged along by my mom and nearly got choked to death," he said, scratching the back of his head and laughing.


"Never mind, but how did you know about the monster?"

"T-There's an elemental power here, and the book told us about the monster."

"Wow, that's convenient."

"I-I'm in the stall in the first floor, where are you?"

"I'm on the third floor, I'm on my way," he hung up and began to search for a staircase, but the unconscious nurse was still fresh in his mind, making him guilty. "Sorry..." he whispered to himself, not wanting to look back.

Piper crossed her arms. "I guess we'll have to go with my plan," she said, walking over to the garage, Nina following right behind her. She went inside through a side door and came back out with a bike, and a small skateboard. "We don't have to bikes, so..." she couldn't help but grin as she walked back in.

Nina couldn't help but feel confused. The next thing she knew, she was desperately holding on to rope tied around Piper as she rode her bike while Nina tried to balance herself on the skateboard. "THIS IS THE WORST IDEA EVER!" She shrieked as Piper laughed.

"Come on, where's your sense of adventure?" She called back.

Nina screamed in response. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!" Piper chose not to respond.

"We're going downhill!" She warned, and Nina screamed even louder.

"This is insane!"

"So is fighting monsters!" The insane pink haired girl shouted back, grinning madly as they went downhill, enjoying the the speed. She savored the wind going past her ears. Nina screamed in terror, stopping shortly to cough as she swallowed a bug.

A passing by man with a business suit and a top-hat watched as the two girls went downhill, screaming all the way. "Just a regular day in this town," he muttered, walking along the sidewalk, shaking his head.

As they rode down the road, Piper began a slow brake as she glanced back at Nina. "Hey, are you all right?" Nina stepped off the skateboard, shivering.

"N-Never...again..." she uttered, looking down.

"Hehe, sorry," she said, smiling but still embarrassed. "But we're, like, half-way there!" She gestured to the road ahead of them. "We just need to ride a bit more," Nina looked torn. "I'll even slow down!" Piper insisted.

Nina left out a frustrated sigh. She could only imagine what Roy and Tony could be going through, as well as all of those people in the hospital. "Let's go, and you don't have to slow down."

Piper grinned. "Get on, and let's ride!"

Nina could only face-palm. "What have I gotten myself into?"

Tony peeked his head out the door, looking around, seeing only two doctors walk into a room. "Hey Tony!" He turned to see Roy getting out of an elevator and running over to him.

"Hey," Tony greeted.

"Oh man, look at you!"

Tony shook his head. "It's nothing, I'll be fine. Piper can heal me later," he insisted, giving a reassuring smile.

Roy crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow. "You're trying to make up for what happened before, aren't you?" Tony let out a sigh.

"Now's not the time for that."

"Come on, we forgave you for that, you saved our lives!"

"And if we don't hurry, we might now save everyone else!" Tony yelled back.

"Fine, but we'll talk about this later," Tony nodded and began walking, or in Tony's case limping, towards the elevator. "So where's the monster?"

"I saw go up from an air vent, so there's a chance it's not in this floor, but it might have just traveled to another part of it..." he began muttering to himself, thinking of all of the possibilities.

"This hospital's five stories tall and we're just two kids," Roy complained, rolling his eyes as they stepped inside. Tony pushed the button for the seconds floor.

"Should we split up?"

"No way. You're injured and my power's useless here. There's barely anything more than a small plant in a pot in this place! We'll just get picked off one by one," he grinned, confident emanating off of him. "We're smarter than that. We've watched movies and read books that we can use now. What do you think the hero would do at a time like this?" Tony shrugged. "We lure the monster out using bait. You're injured right? Well, I've got a plan."

Tony couldn't help but feel that the plan was going to crash and burn before exploding and finally all trace of its existence disappearing completely as...he shook his head, feeling that the analogy was now lost to the depths of the human mind. "All right, what's the plan?"

Several minutes later, Nina leaned against a building, trying to catch her breath. "Hey, you didn't scream as loudly this time," Piper noted, het tone suggesting that it was a good thing. Nina glared at her in response. "Sorry, I only had one bike."

Nina shook her head. "It's all right. Are we almost there?"

Piper didn't want to answer. "Not close enough. We're making progress, but it's still a ways away."

"Oh, come on!"

"You're a bit frustrated, aren't you?" Nina glared at her in response. " you think Tony and Roy are all right?" Nina sighed.

"If Tony arrived there and warned Roy, then they should be all right."

"What about all the patients?"

Nina didn't reply at first. "I think we would hear panicking by now, so they should be all right. Don't worry," she said. "Let's keep on moving."

"You sure?" Nina nodded.

"All right, let's go for it!"

Screams were heard throughout the town once more.

"Excuse me," the receptionist put down her magazine. "Have you seen an injured, black-haired boy run around here? He may be with a red-haired boy," said Margaret. The receptionist, a young woman with too much makeup, shook her head. She mumbled a 'sorry' before getting back to her magazine. Margaret looked around, feeling nervous. "Where could he be...?"

She walked into an elevator, fumbling with a pen she grabbed from the receptionist's desk.

Tony and Roy ducked into a closet, seeing a mother and her little sister walking to a room. "It's going to take forever if we keep hiding like this," Roy mumbled. "Don't apologize," he said as Tony opened his mouth. "All right, let's put my plan into action," he whispered.

Tony sighed. "F-Fine, l-let's do this," he said, limping out. "Let's split up!"

"Good idea," said Roy, running one direction while Tony limped to another, looking around nervously. He heard a cry. "Roy!" He cried, seeing black slime coming out of an open air vent above him, the black slime in front of him. He backed away, breathing heavily. "It's here!"

"Stop yelling!" Tony heard a voice shout from inside a closed room. He heard frantic footsteps approaching, but the slime had stopped dropping and was now forming a shape. Tony lifted his hand as a jet of fire came out, hitting the black slime. However, the slime didn't seem to be affected, it then tackled Tony, taking shape as it did.

Tony felt the air being knocked out of it as he found himself face to face to a jawless human-like creature with blades for arms. Its tongue hung from its face and was much longer than necessary. It seemed to drool. Tony winced, his eyes widening as it stood up and raised one of its arms. Tony was about to scream before a cry from Roy. "Get out of here!" He cried, running towards the monster, sword in hand. He slashed at the monster as it backed away before roaring at him.

"What's going on?!" Someone yelled, the two boys heard footsteps. They looked towards the monster, but saw it was back to slime and was sneaking into the vents again.

"Hide!" Roy hissed, and the two ran into different, random rooms. Roy closed the door behind him, breathing heavily.

"Hello," someone greeted him. Roy turned to see a young girl, about his age, on a bed, drawing on a piece of paper. "Who are you? Why are you in my room?" She didn't seem to be hostile. She had blond hair that reached to her shoulders and blue eyes, but it looked faded, like an old photograph. She also had sickly pale skin.

"Oh, sorry, my name's Roy, I'm hiding from...something," he explained, feeling embarrassed. "My bad."

"It's all right, I could use the company," she looked out the window of her room. "Why are you in the hospital?"

"Oh, well I'm visiting my cousin, but he's a jerk."

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to talk," she said. "My name is Mary." Roy nodded.

"But, not yet, I have something to take care of first, so, I'll see you later," she looked a bit disappointed. "I'll be back!" He assured her, smiling. Mary nodded, and he walked out the door.

Piper and Nina breathed heavily as they arrived. "Finally," Piper said. "This is it!" Nina reached into the bike's basket and withdrew the book and flipped through the pages.

"I found out about our enemy," she said, getting Piper's attention. She looked at the book as words appeared again. "It says that it's a shape shifter, its natural form black slime, but it has a 'heart', if its destroyed, then the monster shall be killed," she closed the book. "We have the advantage now," she said, smirking. "Now let's find Roy and Tony."

Piper nodded, and the two ran inside, determination in their eyes.

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