The Elemental Warriors

Chapter 9

Makin' a Splash

"I have a question," said Tony, "what if it's just a normal animal?"

"We'll find out soon, won't we?" Piper said, her eyes still focused on the bushed as something jumped out. It looked like a larger than usual lion, with a mane, completely black fur, and red eyes. It roared at the children, trying to intimidate them.

"Take this you freak of nature!" Piper cried, slashing at the monster, unfortunately, it had ducked at the last second, causing Piper to miss and the weight of her sword caused her to lose her balance. She fell. "Damn it," she cursed, as the lion approached her; only to get hit by a fireball from Tony and was hit by an arrow on its side.

"Piper, get up!" Tony exclaimed, charging another fireball.

Piper tried to, but found herself not being able to move or stand. She could do nothing... "Get out of there!" Tony exclaimed again, throwing another fireball. The lion roared at Tony. Roy picked up his sword and ran towards Piper, standing protective over her.

"Tony, we have to protect Piper, it's her powers, they're going to manifest," warned Nina, getting another arrow.

"I'm trying," he muttered, putting his palms out as a jet of fire shot out of them. The monster roared at the flames before it hit them. Its mane was now on fire. It roared again in pain before it was struck by an arrow Nina launched, hitting in the side of its head. The lion fell to the ground on it side, no longer moving.

"'s dead, isn't it, right?" Roy asked.

The monster then began to fade away into a black mist before completely disappearing, almost like it didn't exist at all.

"Does that confirm it?" Nina asked the red-head dryly.

"I guess," Roy said, with a laugh before realizing Piper was still face-down on the floor, not really moving. He ran to her only to be intercepted by another lion-like monster suddenly jumping right in front of him. "Woah!" He exclaimed, jumping back and falling to the ground.

Tony gasped before getting putting his palms out, ready to let out another jet of fire. "Tony!" Nina cried, grabbing him and pulling him aside. Where he was not just five seconds ago, there was now another lion-like monster.

"Where do these things keep coming from?!" Tony yelled in exasperation.

Piper opened her eyes to see herself standing on a spotlight. She looked around, there was nothing but darkness everywhere else. "Hello?" She meekly called out. "Where am I?" She muttered.

"You are here because you need to be tested," a voice suddenly replied. It didn't sound like it came from a specific place, almost like it was everywhere at once.

"Tested for what? Who are you?" Piper asked, looking around, seeing nothing but the everlasting darkness. She began to feel nervous.

"I'm the Elemental Goddess of Water, Oceana. You will inherit my powers of water, but only you pass my test."

"What test? What am I going to have to do?"

"Just answer a few questions."

"That's it?"

"That's it, nothing more, nothing less."

"That easy," said Piper, not believing her luck.

"Why do you fight?"

"What?" Piper asked, thinking she'd misheard.

"Why do you fight?"

Piper didn't say anything for a while, not sure how to respond the question; nevertheless, she tried a few moments later. "I fight for everyone else."

"Interesting. Do you want these powers?"

"Yes," she replied quickly.

"Do you understand the responsibility you'll have to be faced with."

"Yes, I'm not going into this blind."

"Do you like feeling powerful?"

"...yes," she replied after a moment's pause.

"Why don't you talk to your friends about yourself, and your problems?"

"What problems?" she demanded.

"You don't talk to any of your family members, even when they try to reach out to you."

"T-That had nothing to do with this!" yelled the now irate girl.

"...Very well, I will allow you to use the power of water, but Piper, I must warn you," the goddess said after a moment's pause. Then, something stepped onto the spotlight. It was a female figure wearing a black cloak and a dark blue mask that had a face that was crying. "Try to reach out..."

"But why, and how do you know anything about me?!" Piper demanded, but she didn't receive an answer, instead, the spotlight went off and she was in the dark, alone.

'Should...should I try to...?'

Piper opened her eyes and stood up.

"Piper!" Roy exclaimed in relief before being tackled by the monster he was trying to fight, he fell to the ground.

Tony and Nina were fighting two others monsters, unfortunately, Nina's limp and Tony's inexperience didn't give them much of a chance. One of them tried to pounce on Nina, but the girl jumped out of the; yet, she landed on her bad leg. She winced and tried not to cry out in pain before being headbutted by the monster.

Tony's eyes widened as he managed to duck in time to dodge a swipe from the monster's paw. He glanced at its large claws before gulping. He raised his hands, palms out, and shot out a jet of fire. The fire hit the monster, it fell, but it wasn't finished just yet. Tony ran towards where he dropped his sword. He raised the blade up, with a bit of difficulty, and with a grunt, brought it down, stabbing the creature's side. The monster roared before turning into black mist and disappearing. He let out quick sigh of relief.

But Roy and Nina were still in danger. The lion stood above him, opening his mouth, ready to bite the red-head. Roy cried out in fear, putting his hands up in a pointless attempt of self-defense. Nina in the meantime, tried to crawl away before being bitten, her bad leg to be precise. She screamed in pain.

Piper's eyes widened. "No..." she whispered before shaking her head. She looked around, finding a river behind her. She raised her hand, trying to move the water. "Come on, please..." she mutter, hearing Nina's attempts to save herself and Tony's screams of panic as he ran towards the lion who had pinned Roy down. "I need to use it...come on!" She yelled in frustration as water began to rise up. She stared at it before pointing at the lion pinning Roy down. "Tony, get out of the way!" She yelled as a powerful jet of water we right past her and rushed at the monster.

Tony's eyes widened at the jet of water heading their way, the jumped down and tried to make himself as flat as possible. The fast stream of water hit the lion, making it fly back several feet. It crashed into a tree and fell to the ground, seemingly unconscious. Tony stood up and grabbed the blade he had dropped and sprinted towards the downed monster before he stabbed it. The lion woke up, roared in pain, and disappeared.

Piper raised both of her arms as the water rose as well,she grinned before gesturing it towards the monster attacking Nina. The water rushed at the lion just as before, pushing it off of her and knocking it down. "Tony, finish it!" The dark-haired boy nodded and fire another jet of fire at the lion.

Soon after, it was reduced to nothing. Piper let out a breath of relief she didn't know she took. She ran over to Roy. "Hey, you okay?" She asked him, kneeling down next to him. The boy sat up.

"I'm...just a bit sore," he said. "I'll be all right," he gave Piper a grin. "You got your powers.

Piper couldn't help to grin too, she stood up and raised her left arm, water in the lake began to rise. "Piper, congratulatioons, that was a good fight for your first battle," Nina said as limped over, Tony right behind her. "Yet, it was a close call for just a few monsters, but, let's enjoy this victory."

Piper wasn't paying attention, instead she focused on the small stream of water she was making move left and right over and over again.

"Piper," Nina said sternly. She grabbed her shoulder and shook lightly.

"Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening," the eleven year-old girl apologized, giving Nina a sheepish smile. Nina nodded before walking right past her before turning around and facing the three kids. "As you know, we have a limited time to prepare for the battle and to find the remaining Elemental powers."

"There are more of them?" Roy asked, a look of excitement on his face, like Christmas came early.

"That's right."

"Why couldn't we just get all of them at once?" asked Piper, skeptical and feeling a bit ripped-off. "Wouldn't that be better so we could defend ourselves better?"

"You could, in theory, but if you were to be given all of the powers you were meant to have," she grimaced "your soul would burn up."

The three tensed up.

"A fate worse than death, you would cease to exist, there would be no afterlife for you, just...nothing." She shook her head. "But, that's not important; what is important is your training. Let's us begin."

Roy: What a rip-off, how come I didn't get my powers yet?

Piper: Because this chapter is about me, so deal with it.

Roy: But I'm just as important as you are!

Piper: Oh be quiet, you'll get your turn in the spotlight...literally.

Roy: What do you mean?

Piper: Nothing.

Tony: Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get your powers of nature in the next chapter!

Roy: I better...

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