Gabrielle: This is the last chappie of my story. Yeah, I know the ending was a bit rushed but I got last minute inspiration from a story about how my English teacher's parents met. I tried to make it work but it ended… well, not the best. Anyway, I promise the next one will be better!

P.S: I will not be giving Jerry's fiancee's name away. His story will be one of the next two.

Epilogue:{Alexander's p.o.v}{9 years later}

"You really shouldn't be out here in the cold." I murmured, wrapping my arms around my wife's shivering form, "Don't forget that you're pregnant."

Macey turned her face up to glare slightly at me, before cocking her head to our three-year-old son, Jenson who was laughing as he danced in the snow, "He isn't cold, yet. So I can last a bit longer. Plus, they should be here, any time, now."

"I still don't get why you and the other girls insist on all of us going on a cross country trip." I snorted, "Especially in the middle of winter. Usually people wait til summer to do that."

"But in the summer, I'll be way out here." Macey stretched her arms way out in front of her and made her eyes bulge, "Plus," she smiled, stuffing her hands under her armpits, "Everyone waits til summer. Let's not be like everyone else."

"But honey, I don't know if the bumpy ride will be good for our little boy." I argued.

Macey rolled her eyes, "Jenson will be fine. Stop being such a worry wart."

"It's not Jenson I'm worried about." I smirked slightly down at her.

"We're not having another boy!" Macey shrieked, slapping my arm, "This one is going to be a girl! I can feel it!"

"Mommy! Daddy!" Jenson cried, cutting me off before I could answer. Macey and I looked up to see our little brown haired boy jumping up and down and pointing down the street, "They're here! They're here!"

Sure enough, a huge RV came pulling up shortly after he said that. In the front, I could see Jerry at the wheel, along with his fiancee in the passengers seat.

The door burst open to reveal Misty and Rane's kids, Ross and Julia running out. They were shortly followed by their parents, along with Hay-Lin and Trevor who was holding their two-year-old daughter, Jeanne.

"Hello, Alexander!" Misty smiled, as she glided over to us. "How are you this fine day?"

"Miserable." I groaned, staring at the RV, "I thought we were going to be staying in hotels?" I asked, turning towards her.

"We are." Hay-Lin chuckled, "But there's no way we can have our little Pregnant Macey stuck in a crowded car all day everyday for the next two weeks."

I groaned at the thought. Don't get me wrong, I loved my wife, and my friends, but still, the thought of being stuck in the same car as them for the next two weeks sort of pissed me off. Because let's face it, no matter how much I loved them, they were still crazy.

"We feel the same way, buddy." Rane patted my shoulder, shaking his head, "If only Misty weren't holding all my movies hostage, I wouldn't go."

I chuckled at that. The tension between me and Rane had disappeared over the past few years, and now he seemed almost as close a friend as Trevor.

"Hey, Julia?" Jenson asked loudly, causing everyone to glance down at the kids, "Why is Jerry's girlfriend yelling at him?" he pointed up to where sure enough Misty's little brother was getting yelled at.

Julia shrugged, "Mommy says it's because Jerry is an idiot."

"He forgot today was Valentine's day." Hay-Lin explained, smiling, "So he didn't get her a present."

"Ah." Macey and I murmured in sync, before glancing back up at the poor boy.

"Well," Hay-Lin laughed, clapping her hands together, "Shall we get going? The country isn't going to see itself."

"Yeah!" the kids cried.

"Rane, Alexander, Trevor, grab their stuff!" Misty cried back as the three girls ushered the kids into the RV.

Trevor sighed, shaking his head, before turning to me and Rane, as the three of us each picked up a suitcase, "We're so whipped, huh?"

"Yeah," Rane sighed.

"Totally," I agreed, before smiling, "But you know what? It's more fun this way."

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