A/N: I wanted to write more to get it started but, well, that will take to long and I really wanted to upload it now . Please ignore minor spelling and grammar mistakes, this is my first story and it's a bit….unplanned… I really hope you guys enjoy it though! Well without further ado:

Pre- excerpt

-Nicholai's P.O.V

Violence is never the answer. That's what my parents told me, it's what I tell my brothers. Yet, when I heard what Marcus had said, and I saw Amber, pale-faced and helpless, something inside of me clicked, and I just took off. Now, I'd never been in trouble- not even a little bit, but when it comes to the people you care about, emotions seem to win over sensibility in every sense. And when I felt my fist connect with Marcus's face and heard the sweet, sweet crack of his nose breaking I realized I would probably be in a lot of trouble. But I didn't care- not even a little bit.