Once, when I looked back, after years of growing up

I saw the way things used to be

The only thing we didn't know

Was what we'd do the next day

There was never any stress or pain

Except when we fell down and scraped our knees

Still, the only thing you needed then to heal that kind of pain

Was a kiss from Mom and a bright blue bandage

And then you'd be back outside, making the same mistake again

But remembering to wear the pads

What happened to those simple days, when the only pain you came across

Was temporary and left on its own

The only thing you worried about was knowing when the ice cream came

So you'd know how much to ask for

Things today are so much worse

Than a simple cut or scrape

You can't be protected by special pads

Or expect a band aid to heal your wounds

You can still wait for the ice cream truck, but you'd look weird standing with the crowd

You can still expect a kiss from Mom whenever you get hurt

And next time you'd remember that, before you fall

Make sure there's someone there to catch you

Always believe that dreams come true

Never forget to smile

Especially when you just want to cry

When Mom says she knows how you feel, listen to her

But don't take her too seriously

She may have been through the same thing as you

But you're not her; the way she dealt with it worked for her

But it might not work for you

It's still always good to have someone to lean on

Someone to go to when the world might end

Because when someone breaks you and walks away

Don't try to deal with it alone or push it away

It only makes the pain worse

And when you know you have that one special person

Who's always going to be there for you

It makes each day a little easier to live through