Free Verse


If this were real, I'd be ecstatic

to have you here beside me

holding hands and cuddling

with such actions performed

it would be only too soon

before they started talking

an official couple, they would say

we look so good together

if this were real, I'd be excited

to finally go on a first date with you

you came up to me and asked me out

I didn't even know what to say

so I just nodded and you said "cool"

and now we're an item

but none of that matters

'cause I'm with you and you're with me

and no one else can have you

if this were real, it'd be amazing

to always be with you

no more competition

no more wishing for it

you're the one and I can't deny it

so I'll love you forever more

but this isn't real, it's just a dream

a dream I wish were true

a dream to live for, a dream to love

a dream i never want to end