Dedicated to my grandfather who suffered and died from Colon Cancer.

When You Lose Someone:

There is nothing in this world

That can compare to the hurt

You feel after you

Loose someone.

There are no words to explain

The empty whole in your heart

Or the way the sky

Looks as dark as night

When the sun is shining bright.

There are not enough numbers

For how many tears you shed.

There are too many feelings

To many things left unsaid

To many moments forgotten

Because you dwell on how many

You had left ahead.

There is no way to tell them

That you don't want their

"I'm sorry"


"I understands"

Because they don't always

Know what it's like

To watch someone suffer

And die before their very eyes.

But if they do

That doesn't always man

That they felt the hurt

Like you do.