Rooney has more ex-boyfriends than Seth Farland has pokemon cards. And that kid has almost one of every monster card ever made.

I'm pretty sure she has jars of boy's hearts sitting on shelves in her room.

But then again that's too morbid for such a girl like Rooney Constance.

I'm pretty sure her outfits cost more than a cheap car. Her hair looks like strands of light gold, her eyes are like sparkling emeralds and damn god took his time making her body. Rooney Constance is a damn knockout that could win over anyone.

I've known her for years-ever since my family moved here from Ireland. Naturally our families hit it off. And I say naturally because we're rich. The Constances have a chain of restaurants and a vineyard that makes them billions. While my family is in the beer business that also makes us billions.

Okay first thing though we're Irish and in the beer business but we're definitely not gingers. All of the Connolly men are tall, lightly tanned, have dark brown hair with green-blue eyes.

We're nothing short of beautiful I must admit and I'm definitely the most attractive.

So naturally our parents played around with the idea of us being together.

"So Roone when are we getting married?" I wink at her as I sit down at our lunch table. It's not entirely intentional but our table consists of all the rich kids.

"Well let's see…how about…" She bites her lip for a brief moment, "How about when that accent of yours goes away." She gives me a mega-watt smile.

"I'm deeply hurt that you don't like it."

She feigns a sympathetic look, "I'm sure you're deeply hurt Colton."

"I am. I'm just going to cry myself to sleep now."

"I was wondering why Pence wasn't here." Jack notes.

Rooney makes a face, "How exactly does Colton crying relate to Pence's absence?"

"Because I'm sure that Pence is away crying right now." Jack gives her a pointed look.

She scoffs and takes a sip of her soda water, "Since when did you become Pence's lap dog?"

"Wait Rooney could you repeat that? I couldn't hear over how much of a bitch you are." Jack holds a hand to his ear.

"Jack I really think it's about time you got laid by a girl our age who doesn't have the clap."

Rooney nonchalantly gets up and Winnie follows her. You can literally feel the knife Roone just shoved into his chest. I chuckle and ruffle my hair.

Classic Rooney-she can be the biggest bitch.

And Jack? Well Jack he's just a cocky idiot. He slept around sophomore year but then decided that he should get with older women. Among them was this hooker who gave him the clap. Naturally though we all gave him hell for it. The only person who ever brings it up is Rooney and when she does it hits hard.

"A little cold there Roone." I whisper to her as our AP Bio teacher continues his lecture.

"What?" She asks sounding a bit distracted. I run a hand up her thigh so casually.


"Oh well Jack always thinks he's all high and mighty serves him right."

"Maybe but for the record Pence did cry."

She waves her hand, "Whatever I got tired of him."

I shake my head and look away from her. I click my pen a few times and feel a tingle when Rooney rubs my leg.

"I've got a new boyfriend anyway."

"And who is your next victim?"

"You know him actually. It's Carson." Rooney gives me a still perfect but very evil smile.

"Carson, my best friend Carson."

"The very same," She gives me a fake pouty look, "He's actually the one who convinced me to end it with Pence."

"You've got to be fucking with me."

Carson Curtis has been my best friend ever since I moved in next door to him in the fourth grade. He's rich but probably the last so out of the group. He's probably one of the nicest guys I've met and genuinely so. Although Rooney and I have been 'friend's or something of the sort since the fourth grade I never knew that the two were close. He barely even spoke to her.

I'm sure that Rooney is going to break his heart and eat him alive.

"He said and I quote ' Rooney I think you could do much better than Pence Gentry and I may not be the best but I'm a lot closer than he is' which I have to admit is true."

"If you break his heart-"

"Colton has there ever been a heart that I haven't broken? Although I'm surprised that you never knew about his crush on me." She tosses her hair over her shoulder.

"You're not the only one…"

"Don't worry honey you can keep an eye on me," She touches my arm and gives me a look, "Aw I guess you'll be the third wheel on our vacation this time."

The bell rings and Rooney stands up. She closes her binder and grabs her bag. I watch as she leaves. Her legs look killer even from behind and her ass is to die for.

God she's going to ruin Carson.

I shake my head leaving for my car.

After dinner, a long hot shower and packing up the rest of my bags I sigh and plop down into my office chair. My crisp white Calvin Klein shirt smelled like Rooney. She always had a habit of borrowing my clothes even when we were little.

Frustrated I run my fingers though my hair.

Why didn't Carson ever mention his feelings for her? Why did he have to like Rooney of all people? This will kill me. My nice guy best friend was going to get his heart broken by my bitch of a childhood family friend. Carson always said that he doesn't date, that relationships are meaningless unless you really are in love with the person. And here he is dating Rooney. The girl that destroys all meaning in relationships.

Fucking hell this means that Carson is in love with her.

What am I supposed to do after she crushes his heart? I could bitch at her and probably get into a fight with her but it's not like I didn't expect her to do it. She even knows and admits to it.

God this is all so stupid. Why do you have to be so damn beautiful and gorgeous and sexy Rooney? And Carson you idiot why did you go and fall in love with her?

I resist my urge to walk next door and punch some sense into Carson. I climb into bed and hope that this is just some sort of nightmare.

"You look like you could use a drink." Rooney notes. She's toying with her phone and has her purse in the crook of her arm. Of course she looks beautiful as always. She has minimal makeup on, a pair of my swim sweatpants and a tight fitting maroon t-shirt that I'm sure costs just as much as her phone.

"Yeah well it's nearly three and not all of us can look as fabulous as you." I give one of my eyes a rub.

"It's a burden I must bear. But if you must know Colton I didn't get any sleep. I just cover it up with makeup." She shrugs.

And this is the side of Rooney that no one else gets to see. She tells it like it is all the time. But then she gives subtle hints about how vulnerable she really can be. Because she'd never admit to anyone that she isn't as perfect as she lets on.

"Yeah but I've seen you without makeup Rooney and you're still more beautiful than anyone out there."

Rooney gives me a genuine smile reserved for a select few and pinches my cheek, "That's why you're my favorite."

I chuckle and put an arm around her shoulders.

Usually she has a pair of heels on but she's wearing her absolute favorite pair of shoes-her Rainbow flip flops. Now she's around five-six but when she's dawning those six inch heels she's around six foot. But then I'm always six-five. Of course I'm not the tallest, my oldest brother Matt is at nearly seven foot. We're all giants except my mother and first sister Penny.

"Wasn't Carson with you?" She asks.

"Yeah well he's too slow. He got left behind." I get impatient when it comes to airports.

"What an impatient man."

"Says the girl who screams at people who take too long to get her coffee."

"It was early and the bitch couldn't do shit."

"Good thing you decided to walk with me or you'd bitch at me for not coming back fast enough."

She looks up at me and gives me this look that says 'you're so not going there'.

"You're annoying." Is all she manages at this hour.

I kiss the top of her head as we walk into one of the few stores open.

There are times when Rooney is single handed the most difficult person to be around, and then there are times when she's so easy to be with it blows my mind. Except all the guys she dates never sees the easy to be around Rooney. Which makes me wonder how they all fall in love with her.

And that makes me wonder how Carson fell in love with her.

Halfway through the flight Rooney was sleep next to my youngest sister a few rows back. I was next to Carson who had his headphones in and was slowly dozing off.

"Hey," I nudge his side.

He snaps awake, "Yeah?"

Carson is a much darker blond than Rooney and a bit shorter and more wiry than I. He's attractive in his own right I'll admit but he isn't notably attractive.

"Since when did you like Rooney?"

He looks nervous and shits up straight, "Oh well I mean to tell you-"

"But you didn't. Now when did you like Rooney?"

"Since the eighth grade…" He admits.

"All that time and you couldn't tell me?"

"Because it's Rooney. I never thought I'd have a chance with her…and I thought that I'd get over it. Plus you and Rooney-" I shoot him a skeptical look, "-You two are close. I didn't know how you'd handle it."

"It's not like I'm some protective possessive freak about Rooney. Sure we're friends but-"

"But you'd spew out all these things about her that you know to convince me to not like her. Colt I really like her and despite her history I want to be with her."

I sigh and run my fingers through my hair, "I'm not going to stop you. I mean well fuck you already went and asked her out. Just-just don't expect too much."

He pats my shoulder, "I'll try not to."

"I'm serious it's Rooney we're talking about here."

"Maybe I'll be the exception." He says hopefully.


God why do I have a feeling that this'll end up worse than all the other times?

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