I don't think about it, nor do I care, but I wrap my arms around her tiny waist and kiss her. She holds onto my jersey and returns it with just as much feeling.

A couple of the guys holler and I smile, "Whom do I owe this pleasure to?"

She gives my bottom lip a little nip before pulling away, "Your lovely brother William."

"Is that so." I kiss the side of her face and wait for her to elaborate.

"He needed to get something from his locker. Thought I'd visit you."

Only Will would leave something at school and come back for it on the weekend.

"I'll definitely have to thank him."

I give her another nice sweet kiss.

"You're sweaty." She wrinkles her nose. God that's so adorable.

"Thanks for stating the obvious."

"You smell sweaty."

"Again very obvious."

"I'm not sure if I like it or not."

"You sure don't mind it after our nice little romps."

"Oh," She laughs, "Well that's different. And quite frankly you smell like the boys locker room."

"Of course you know what that smells like." Because she's definitely had sex in there once or twice.

"All thanks to your friend Vince."

"Ouch," I dramatically roll my eyes even if I do have some underlying hurt. I forgot she went out with him. They definitely did some things that I'd rather not think of. "Let's not bring that up."

"Jealous are we?" She teases me.

"A little bit," I smile knowing that's she getting back at me for the whole Leila thing, "But I don't mind that much."

And I don't at least not really. I know that I'm not her only guy and I don't expect it, I used to be able to talk to her about her conquests in open detail. But if Vince brings it up I just might have to deck him.

"That much," She scoffs, "If that's the case then I'll need to try harder to make you jealous Colton." She's taunting me.

"You don't want to play this game." I warn her.

"Oh really? Because you'll win?"

"No you'll win hands down because I won't be trying to get you jealous. That's was a once in a lifetime opportunity which I'm sure will never happen again. But you'll make me jealous and I'll be damned pretty woman if you think I won't fight you on that."

"You fight me on everything."

"Well someone has to."

She rolls her eyes and turns toward the door. I hold her hand, but only loosely through our fingers. We make our way out of the currently empty gym.

Kirk opens the door, "There you are. Thought you two might be…mhm." He makes a face and a disgruntled noise.

Rooney gives him a judgmental look.

"Well I didn't know how to finish that sentence so I just made a noise instead…"

Rooney looks amused and accepts it. The three of us head out and find Will waiting for us.

"There you guys are." My little brother touches his hair in a way similar to me.

"You know you could've just asked me to get what you needed." I say.

"Yeah but I wanted to go to lunch with them."

"Val's in the car." Roone informs me, "We're going to see a movie too."

"What? Why am I not invited?" I pout. Rooney has always been like a big sister to Will. He likes to talk to her and I figure he sees this whole other side to her. The big sister side.

"Yeah! Or me." Kirk grins. I nudge him with my elbow and he just shrugs, "See you guys later." He heads to his car and I wave.

"But seriously can I come?"

"Nope." Will and Rooney say simultaneously.

"Bye Colt," Rooney ends the conversation and lets go of my hand. She waves as they to head to her car.

I drop my bag and run after her just so I can give her a kiss before leaving. For the next two weeks I almost never saw Rooney. Even though we had AP Bio and English together along with lunch she was void from my life. During lunch I'd have practice or see a teacher. Then if I was there then Rooney would have dance or just wouldn't show up. For some reason Rooney wouldn't be in English or bio and then then she shows up I end up sick the next class. I took a few days off but I'm still sick. Of course rumors have been flying around. Rooney even made Miley cry as I heard. Apparently Miley was spreading things and being an all-around bitch. Naturally though Miles got her ass handed to her and is officially frightened of Roo.

My nose is red and I'm just sniffling away. My eyes are heavy and I just want to crawl up in my sheets with Rooney.

I ruffle my hair. It's already super messy and I haven't really combed it in a while.

I sigh and head into the field house late again. I'm pretty sure I looked like hell-or maybe a hobo. I had on this really wrinkled white shirt, some basketball shorts and black mid-calves. I realized that I only had on one pair of slides while I was driving over so I just left my one shoe in the car. I was currently just in my socks. I'm pretty sure I had black circles under my eyes and I looked nearly dead.

I grimace when I see Rooney and Max flirting as well as kissing. I stalk on over in a slightly jealous rage.

"Don't even fucking dare. Just get the fuck away Max." I snap at him. He's on the swim team and just-just a prat.

"What?" He looks confused and annoyed.

"Colton," Rooney warns.

"Just back off now Max," I glare, "Or I will break that skinny little body of yours."

He's seriously all skin and bone. Sure I'm not some bulked up muscle man or anything but regardless I'm damn strong.

Max glares at me but backs off. Probably only because he knows he can't take me and thinks he'll get with her behind my back anyway. I mean she's not my girlfriend but still.

Rooney frowns at me.


"Nothing." She says in the tone. It's a bit of a sneer and it reveals underlying things.

"What?" I ask again in an even harsher tone.

"Nothing!" She snaps.

"I know it's not nothing."

"Well you sure have a lot of nerve bitching at him considering that you've barely spoken to me in two weeks."

I know where she's getting at, "You think I've been avoiding you?"

"Pretty much." She makes this cute angry face.

"I thought you were avoiding me."

"No I haven't."

I give her a look.

She sighs, "Maybe a little. I was seeing this guy last week," She shrugs, "I didn't even see you much anyway so it wasn't much work on my part. But you were avoiding me the week before."

I clench and unclench my jaw.


"You know Sam from Westwood? Varsity basketball."

Of course I know him. He's my friend and pretty good at basketball. I'm glad Westwood isn't in our district though or I'd me even more unhappy.

"It was just physical-I ended it two days ago." She adds as if that makes it better.

"I know you're not my girlfriend or anything Rooney, but I can't help but get pissed off." I admit touching my hair again.

She doesn't say anything, but she reaches up to fix my hair, "You're burning up."

"I've been sick."

"Come home with me." She asks.

"I've got practice Roone."

"You're sick. Come on please?"

"Of course." I cave in. Because I can't resist her and then when she adds the please I just melt.

I tell coach that I'm too sick for practice and he lets me go. I follow Rooney to her place and she attempts to make me food. But she can't really cook. Regardless though I eat it anyway. I swear I just feel in love with her even more. She actually made me something.

I just lay in Rooney's bed exhausted. Her bed smells like heaven-hell it practically is heaven-and it feels great to be here. Rooney climbs into bed with me and I roll over to look at her. I drape an arm over her waist and rub my forehead against hers.

I can barely keep my eyes open.


"Yeah love?"

"Do you still love me?"

I pull her body closer to mine, "I can't imagine the day I won't be in love with you."

As I drift into sleep swore I heard her say 'I might be in love with you too'. But maybe I just dreamt it.

I'd have to ask her about that later.

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