Some Trust, Some Love

I'm over sixteen
and I'm here
tearing over loneliness
that you'll never know

You say you're my parents,
but it feels so far
I love you so much (so much),
but you don't seem to see

Always trying to hurt me,
always making me angry
almost never trying
to understand me

I wish to get
my first pay check
and to give you a share
to let you rely on me
to let you know
you've brought me up well
Do you know how much
I year to make you proud?

But you don't know my heart
you don't give a damn
about all these piling hopes

It's only for you
my greatest dream
is to make you genuinely proud
but do you see it?
But do you see it~?

I've lived sixteen years
under your care
I hope that you will see
through my eyes
give me a little more
of your belief
and let me know
the real world out there...
Know my true heart's
desire and feel my love to you...

Yet you think
I'm just a young tendril
trying to battle through
the scorching drought
pushing aside all your rings
of dried up leaves
But you don't seem to see...
All the effort I put in
but you don't seem bothered...
about my holistic development...
Do you know how much
I yearn to make you proud?

Because I love you so
I have hurt my soul
I'm at my life's new low.

It's only for you
my number one dream
is to make you genuinely proud...
But why do you deny it?
But why do you deny me so~?